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Learn more about the true power behind the throne of Elegos. Aether makes the world go round.

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History of Aether

In Greek mythology, Aether was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals.

All creatures have Aether flowing through them, but those in power have spread a belief that the only way to obtain Aether is to extract it from the various species of Mytha. In their pursuit of harvesting this power, humans soon discovered that once all Aether has been drained from the Mytha they become soulless and soon after, quickly perish.

The process of harvesting Aether doesn't come without risks to the perpetrators either, for long exposure to raw Aether often leads to substantial deformity and even death.

It is widely believed that it was the god Aether; Son of Erebus (Darkness)and Nyx (Night), whose breath exhaled the magic into the Mytha. This is reinforced in the Zeitgeist by Aether's potency being at its peak during a full moon.

Aether's place in Society

There are many humans who are regarded as Aether users. Often, members of the higher end of society. They have learned to store Aether on their bodies and dissolve and absorb it through their skin as and when required so that the effects go mostly unnoticed to those around them.

This has bled into the lower classes of Elegos society with some members of the lower classes emulating the style in their own fashions, wearing similar gloves to try and emulate status; whether they are a user or not.

What is Aether used for?

Aether has been harnessed by the human species to achieve new heights in everything from art & music to architecture and warfare, you name it, it's likely been enhanced with Aether.

Arguably one of the greatest architectural achievements in Elegos is that of Alexander's palace, a colossal structure atop the Island of Phacos.

An early prototype of Alexander's Villa

The construction of which was only possible through a guild of architects and builders who harnessed aether to create true wonders of the ancient world.

The Economy of Aether

The demand for Aether and Aether related items produces an economy of its own. A substance that can provide superhuman abilities? You best believe that carries value. This demand combined with the upper end of society wanting to keep Aether for themselves results in some nefarious figures to cash in on the black market. Such traders can often be found under the veil of the night on the docks of Phacos and Pella.

Gameplay Effects

Collecting and absorbing Aether gives the player a temporary boost in a chosen Attribute, think of it as a buff. The amount the player has absorbed however is proportional to a penalty in that Attribute. So don't become an Ather Junkie now…. or maybe do, your choice. 🤷

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