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Here are some most important things about Twilight Wars: Declassified. Classes, Gameplay, the Plot, etc.

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Comrade Bear Games welcomes you to the Twilight Wars: Declassified!

Twilight Wars: Declassified is a free Prologue of the Twilight Wars game. It consists of one mission called «Signal from the Past». After this mission you will know the world of the game better. You should find out who is transmitting the signal. Ally? Or is it an ingenious ploy of the enemy? A difficult path awaits you, which you can go through in different ways, using the individual abilities of agents.


SHi optymized

I believe you've already met SHi, haven't you?

Shi - artificial intelligence. You’ll interact with ... them very often on the Triple-A base. You should try to maintain good relations with them, otherwise ... it is better not to know what will happen otherwise (:

–°reation of the artificial intelligence Shi

Shi plays a key role in Twilight Wars - they are constantly in touch with the player, help him with advice, and in turn wait for advice from the player. A lot depends on what behaviour pattern you choose in dealing with Shi.

Shi early concept

Shi is not a stereotyped artificial intelligence - it is an identity with its own interests, questions to the world and to people, patterns and way of thinking. For example, they chose the pronoun “we” for themselves, since they have no gender and do not want to attach themselves to the common notion.

Shi is able to coordinate thousands of operations, and at all levels - from setting tasks and briefing to preparing equipment and directly attaining objectives, to support the Agency's employees physically and provide them with psychological assistance, has access to a huge number data and the ability to instantly analyze them.

With all of the above, the Shi is not a soulless machine. Its identity matrix has been created on the basis of several people whose names I cannot name, but believe me - these people gave Shi their best qualities. At the same time, it doesn’t suffer from a plurality of identity - Shi is a complete full individual. In addition, we have laid in its basic program a set of ethical norms that will actually humanize it a lot.


There are 8 unique agent specializations in the game. Each agent is an individual: monitor the level of stress and loyalty, take into account their fears and quirks, as well as the relationships in the squad.

Some of agents will be available in the Prologue. Very briefly, let's look at some of them:

1) Kunoichi

Independent fighters of Tokyo sreet gangs. They've developed the most dangerous poison, which they use along with their powerful weapons in battle


2) Handler

Specialists pairing with a Faithful dog companion; The human discovers weak points, deals damage; The dog heals the squad, takes over the weak-minded opponents to the power of its cutieness.


3) Hacker

Former programmers or cybersecurity professionals; know the score of the Cybernet virtual space; influence the real world from there.

Hacker optm

You will meet more agents at 31 May - The Planned Release Date.

Don't miss it and join the Agency.


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