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A run through of how weapons work , demons and other bits of stuff work.

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Weapon list and functions.

1. Chainsaw: Chain saw remains mostly the same. Altho now it has 2 attacks, its standard grind which it cuts through enemies and then Slash attack which down down demons to size.

2. Assault rifle: The assault rifle now has a slightly higher rate of fire and scaled up damage. A 40 round clip keeps it tearing through lesser demons with out a problem but larger demons will need a stronger weapon then this. Max ammo is 400 (1200 with backpack)

3. Combat shotgun: a lot more powerful then the original. This version can bring down larger targets in a few well placed shots some times even bring down a pinky in one blast However the further you are away the less damage it does. A slightly slower rate of fire and a 9 round system. Max ammo is 25 ( 50 with backpack)

4. Double barrel shotgun gun: The DBS has huge up close kick to it. Sending even Hellknights back with 2 blasts. However it lacks at range, far more then the Combat shotgun. Takes slightly longer to reload then the original version. Max ammo is 25 ( 50 with backpack)

5. Minigun: The minigun is a lot more powerful now it can cut through demons with little to no problem even some larger demons fall victim to it. It keeps its same firing modes as standard and sped up. However with out a backpack to up the ammo to 1200 rounds the mini is best used in short bursts and rather leave the assault rifle to it. Once you get the back pack you can sit back and enjoy lead all over the place as you hold down the trigger spraying and praying. Max ammo is 500 (1000 with backpack)

6. Rocket Launcher: The Rocket launcher is stronger then before. Taking like 2-3 rockets to kill a Baron where as in PB it could take up to 6. However to balance it the rate of fire and its ammo count have been lowered. Max ammo is 25 ( 50 with backpack)

7. Plasma Rifle: The Plasma rifle is more powerful as well but as done away with the reload system and instead replaced with a heal scale. The weapon will slowly start up to fire then have a steady rate till it begins reaching its heat threshold then the weapon will speed up till it over heats for a couple of seconds leaving the player vulnerable. You can still keep firing in short bursts to avoid over heating but against greater odds the Minigun is better for laying down constant fire. Its secondary far takes longer to charge but unleashes a powerful blue energy ball capable of wiping out very strong demons. But eats a lot of energy to do so. Max ammo is 400 ( 600 with backpack)

8. BFG9000: The BFG does a lot more damage then its original version. It also has a little longer charge cycle but has a lot of bang for its buck wiping out entire sections of demons and bringing down master minds and cyberdemons in a few direct hits. Its secondary function fires off smaller less damaging bursts of BFG plasma. Max ammo is 400 ( 600 with backpack)

9. Flame cannon / Revenant launcher: Both the flame cannon Revenant launcher act the same as the original the only different here is they do a little more damage.

10. Combat radio: Not a weapon but a very useful tool. The Radio can be used too call in allied marines to help you out in combat situations and may or may not follow you to next levels. They are fairly tough and resilient.

11. Grenades: Large damage hand explosives great for clearing out rooms or lobbing them into enemy fortified positions. Max ammo is 5 ( 10 with backpack)

Melee is changed. Because you just a normal human soldier you can not just punch the crap out of demons with some serious draw backs. While former humans and imps are not much of a problem after a few shots. The much larger demons will tear you apart if you so close with them. In order to perform fatalities players much use weapons to do damage the demons just enough so they can deliver a few punchers or kicks to perform a fatality. Its also never guaranteed that you will perform one. Each demon will give small little bonuses for doing a fatality, where it might be health , armor , ammo or some other kind of bonus. While they will not do amazing things they will get you some stuff that you could use.

Demons: Far more agile , damage dealing and aggressive While your weapons and attacks are powerful so are theirs now.

Berserk pack: gives 100 health and only increases the chance to perform a fatality.

Demon rune: Now grants a different kind of invincibility. When obtained the player will continue to loose health from damage till he is 1 HP after that no more damage is done to the player. this means even tho he can't be killed once the power wears off you better find some health dam quick if you stuck at 1 HP.

Huge sound overhaul to gore , guns, environment, effects, demons and pick ups.

new item random spawn system. Depending what kind of attack you hit former human soldiers with they might or might not drop any items for you. Blowing them away at point blank with a SSG will have less of a chance to spawn a pick up. BFG and rockets have even less of a chance. Its to simulate that some times the weapon may of been damaged in the firefight and is no longer able to be salvaged.

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