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I have decided to replace Gethzerion with one of the following people.

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Vote below or on the main page for who hsould be the final Imperium hero.

Carnor Jax - Ambitious Imperial Guardsman who desired to rule the Empire himself.

Brakiss - Dark Jedi who was part of the Inquisitorious for the Empire

Sedriss QL - also a Dark Jedi who was with the Inquisitorious for the Empire and a loyal follower of Palpatine

Sariss - one of Jerec's apprentices and the daughter of Lord Cronal, also a Dark Jedi

Joruus C'boath - Near-insane clone of the real C'boath, really a Dark Jedi, who was hiding on Wayland, who could be found by Jerec and persuaded to join the Imperium

Who will it be? You decide.


C'boath definetly - And not just because he's the only one I've ever heard of. :)

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DarthCaesar Author

It's been decided, Sedriss QL is the last hero.

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