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Voinian Ships are a bit of an odd duck. I have tinkered around with them, and not come to a satisfactory scenario. In here is a little more detail about what I like/dislike about them.

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In general, Voinian ships are already presenting a seriously annoying problem in the new game. They are ridiculously big. In the original game (Escape Velocity: Override), they were also ridiculously huge and their room for upgrades was nearly limitless.


For testing, it would help if people would inform me about the settings they used for engines. I can then scale power to match it.

I would also like any reports in regards to overheating. I suspect the huge mass of the ships means they wont need heat sinks, and so I think that I will need Voinian systems to have a huge heat value. I tried a huge crew requirement for each outfit, but that created a very horrifying result when one of my ships blew up, and I saw how much money I owed the families of the deceased. Four hundred dead is a big number.

Voinian Dreadnought

This behemoth IS indestructible. I only lost a dreadnought because I decided to park my ship in orbit of a hostile planet. After some ten or fifteen minutes, I came back to find it had been disabled. How I should try to balance something that is so ridiculously powerful is a complete mystery to me. My current idea, is make even more ridiculously powerful ships.

Voinian Cruiser

The mainstay of the Voinian Navy. It is a powerful carrier, with incredible hull value. I have successfully tested this ship many times. I am pleased with it overall.

Voinian Frigate

The real problem, this is the starting ship for the players progression into the super ships category. It is the only one that is reasonably affordable, but it's value for cost is messed up (hence I haven't implemented any of the Voinian ships accurate values yet). It is powerful, but easily killable. I think I need to give it more speed.

Voinian Fighter

These were crap in the original game too. I did too good of a job translating their value. Slow fighters is a bad idea. Probably want to turn them into something more like a pocket destroyer. A warship CARRIED by the cruiser, into battle.

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