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NProject Mod version 2.5 change list. there is a lot of changes, I will list them here.

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Sorry, I always forgot to add this change list from the demo release. Now I will list the change list of NProject Mod version 2.5

(copy-pasted from the readme)


2.0 Global Faction Changes
- The production speed when low power are now constant at 80% of normal speed
- All infantry now use the right death voices
- All infantry use exploded animation when killed by suicide weapons
- All infantry spill bloods when hitted by bullet and melee weapons!
- All factions' Cargo Planes standardized to the American one
- Standardized unit transport size. Like an Overlord that needs more transport slot than a Technical.
- Standardized weapon firing angle. So the artillery weapons can attacks even in the top of the mountains
- Attackable toxic infantry and burning infantry issue fixed
- Now you can build multiple superweapons when the superweapon restriction turned on, but only ONE for each type.
For example, if you build a Particle Cannon you still can build a SCUD Storm or a Nuclear Missile, OR another
subfaction's Particle Cannon, or capture enemy superweapons. Use this advantage to dominate the game
- All heroes get improved armor. Heroes more resist special weapon attacks than infantry, and heroes more immune to sniper
attacks. So there is no more "Pathfinders Own Heroes" again.
- Improved object animations, particles, and effects. Also, using the most unused animation for some units
- Improved scoring system (i.e angry Mobs counted as one unit build PER SQUAD in the scoreboard, not PER MEMBER)
- Better stealth system. Low-tech stealth units (i.e camouflaged Rebels) reveal themself when taking damage. To know the
low-tech/hi-tech stealth units, in the unit description low-tech are signed as 'camouflaged' and hi-tech are 'stealthed'
- Tank armor resistance against infantry missile (Missile Defender, Tank Hunter, RPG Trooper) increased to 125%
- USA Dozer, Chinese Dozer, and GLA Worker can detect Demo Traps again like in original Generals (in Zero Hour they can
disarm Demo Traps, but cannot detect them)
- Dozers clear mines faster. Clearing delay reduced to 50%
- Eternally flying dead aircraft bug (like in 'How To Make A Chinook Bug' video at YouTube) FIXED! You will never encounter
this funny bug that may reduce the frame rate in online games

2.1 USA Changes
General Balances and Fixes:
- Only one Colonel Burton allowed for one player. For example, if you build Airforce's Colonel Burton you cannot build
another Colonel Burton from the other subfactions
- Colonel Burton health increased to 110%
- Fix the Missile Defender Laser Attack ability animation
- Missile Defender Laser Attack target lock time reduced to 80%
- Pilot will not reduce movement speed when in heroic veterancy
- You need an USA Barracks to build Ambulances
- Hellfire Drone spawn right debris when destroyed
- Fixing double Crusader hulk issues
- Fixing Sentry Drone that sometimes not responding to player orders
- Sentry Drone stealth detection range increased to 120%
- Sentry Drone no longer immune to poisons
- Gun upgraded Sentry Drone attack speed increased to 160%
- All Avengers need Strtegy Center to be built
- Avenger now use their own armor
- All Avenger can't have Composite Armor upgrade
- Avenger Point Defense Laser can be used against infantry
- Avenger move speed increased to 120%
- Avenger build cost reduced to 1600 from 2000
- Now B3 Bomber (used to MOAB and AirForce Carpet Bomb) are stealthed
- Spectre Gunship health increased to 133%
- Chinook can have Countermeasures upgrade
- Destroyed USA buildings now spawn the corresponding subfaction's Rangers
- Paradrop now drop the corresponding subfaction's Rangers
- Now you cannot build multiple Strategy Centers from different subfactions that allowing you to deploy multiple
battleplans at one time, and Strategy Center are no longer capturable. Another USA disadvantage
- SupplyDropZone Cargo Plane are no longer attackable, prevent the annoying "unit lost" report from EVA
- No more SupplyDropZone exploit cheat!, however SupplyDropZones can't be disabled when under construction
- All kind of Patriots (except the Boss' Patriot) can assist each other
- Fix all Patriot Missile weapon that sometimes only fires less missiles after not firing for a long time
- You require an USA Barracks instead the Cold Fusion Reactor to build Firebase
- Ambulance now resist radiations as well as toxins
- Ambulance never heal vehicles again to prevent healing stack exploit (repairbay+propaganda+junkrepair+ambulance=??)
- Battle Drone will more often repairing than attacking. Balancing the removed Ambulance vehicle repair.
- Pathfinder attack speed reduced to 67%
- Rebalanced Chemical Suits armor bonus (now chemsuit infantry is more vulnerable to toxins and radiations than tanks)
- Comanche unupgraded missile weapon launch at right position
- Improved Humvee TOW Missiles. Effectiveness against aircraft increased.
- Reduce Particle Cannon area size, so Particle Cannon requires less area when placed for build
- USA Dozer animation improved. Now Dozers animated when building structures (like when clearing mines). Clearing mines
animation also fixed (fixing the strange dirt effects)

New Stuff:
- Biohazard Tech
Clean up radiation and toxins, heal nearby infantry. Build at Barracks. Requires War Factory
- Mortar
America's artillery infantry unit. Build at Barracks. Requires Strategy Center
- Crate Drop Generals Power
Drops money crates by plane. The only resource power for the USA (if there are no Supply Drop Zones).
Available in Rank-3 in three levels. Some subfactions only have one level.

2.1.1 AirForce General
Balances and Fixes:
- AirForce General aircrafts health increased to 110%
- AirForce General aircrafts only get weaker Countermeasures (Countermeasure+PDL = invincible = WTF!?)
- Rebalanced aircraft Point Defense Laser:
Fix the Point Defense Laser issue that sometimes not responding (that sometime reload faster, sometime slower)
Point Defense Laser reload time increased to 300% (prevent chinook defense laser sheild and invincible aircraft)
Only King Raptor that have faster Point Defense Laser reload time
Remove Point Defense Laser ability from AirForce General standard Chinook
- Improved AirForce Carpet Bomb efficiency
- AirForce Carpet Bomb can be used in another Strategy Center
- Chinook build cost reduced to 900 from 950
- AirForce General Supply Center refund value changed to 550 from 400
- Combat Chinook bug FIXED! Now vehicles can't attack from the inside of Combat Chinook whatever the conditions. Including
the infantry inside any assault transport (like Humvee) that loaded into Combat Chinook that makes you can garrison more
infantry into Combat Chinook for attacking
- Combat Chinook can be build when you have a War Factory or an Airfield
- Combat Chinook health reduced to 90%
- Now you can build Combat Chinook from the Airfield
- King Raptor damage per missile reduced to 80% to match normal Raptor missile damage (is additional ammo not enough?)
- King Raptor will use the yellow missile trail only when reached heroic veterancy
- King Raptor weapon reload time at Airfield increased to 300%
- AirForce General A-10 Strike Generals Power reload faster. Reload time reduced to 3:30 from 4:00

New Stuff:
- Hypersonic Aurora
Stealthed Aurora Bomber. Use the black Aurora skin (used to Aurora Alpha before)

2.1.2 Laser General
Balances and Fixes:
- No more Aurora and Tomahawk for Laser General
- No Mortar infantry for Laser General
- Laser Tank will never drain powers again, but still turned off if you ran out of power
- Laser General Humvee never get TOW missile upgrade, but will upgrade the weapon when Laser Capasitors upgrade purchased,
since Laser General can build Avenger early as anti-air unit
- Rebalanced Laser Turret weapon, so it's not overpowered again:
No more multiple laser shots that makes Laser Turret can attack multiple units in one shot
Reload time reduced to 60%
Weapon damage reduced to 70%
Even it's looks weaker than normal Patriot in the game, but it actually still stronger than normal Patriot.
- Laser General Avenger build cost increased to 1600 from 1500

New Stuff:
- Laser Paladin
Replaces Paladin Tank. Fires a stream of laser beam. Equipped with Point Defense Laser. Disabled when low power
- Laser Capasitors upgrade
This upgrade replaces several units weapon with laser weapons. Purchased at Strategy Center. Effects:
> Col. Burton : Replace the chain gun with highly concentrated laser turret
> Ranger : Replace the assault rifle with a light laser gun
> Humvee : Grant concentrated laser turret to attack air, like TOW Missile
> Sentry Drone : Replace the machine gun with a light laser turret, only after Sentry Drone Gun upgrade purchased

2.1.3 SuperWeapon General
Balances and Fixes:
- Aurora Alpha now use the white skin with gray patterns (like in early version of Zero Hour)
- Aurora Alpha weapon damage sightly reduced, but still damage more than normal Aurora
- SuperWeapon General Comanche build cost reduced to 1500 from 1800
- SuperWeapon General Sentry Drone build cost reduced to 850 from 1000
- EMP Patriot build cost increased to 1000 from 900
- Rebalanced EMP Patriot weapon:
Attack range reduced to 80% matching the normal Patriot Missile attack range
Attack speed reduced to 80% matching the normal Patriot Missile attack speed
Disable duration caused by EMP reduced to 70%
Will never one-hit-kill aircraft again!
Only disable buildings in a short time

New Stuff:
- Point Defense Drone
Replaces Battle Drone. Repairs parent vehicle. Equipped with machinegun and Point Defense Laser
- Advanced Particle Cannon
Fires pink laser instead the blue one. Smaller size, lower build cost, damages more longer

2.2 China Changes
General Balances and Fixes:
- Red Guard and Minigunner vision and shroud clearing range increased to 200%
- Only one Black Lotus allowed for one player
- Black Lotus health increased to 110%
- Uranium Shells upgrade now only increases Battlemaster and Overlord weapon damage
- All Chinese factions' Battlemaster and Overlord can have Isotope Stability upgrade
- Fix the Overlord weapon that sometimes only fires one shell when the Overlord is not firing for a long time
- Overlord armor increased to 120%
- Overlord can target air units when upgraded with Gattling/Bunker upgrade
- Overlord debris no longer attackable
- Overlord and Helix Gattling Cannon air weapon range reduced to 75%
- You need a Chinese Barracks to build Troop Crawlers and Listening Outposts
- Better Troop Crawler and Listening Outpost stealth detection animations
- Nuke Cannon barrel recoils when attacking with Nuclear Shells
- Supply Truck will never kicked-out-to-the-outer-space-and-return-to-the-earth-with-no-damages again with shockwave
- Helix Gattling Gannon now can attack air.
- Helix can target air units when upgraded with Gattling/Bunker upgrade
- Helix Napalm Bomb now do flame damage, not explosive damage
- Fixing Propaganda Center that disappeared from the radar
- Propaganda Center equipped with a Speaker Tower and can build units
- Propaganda Center health increased to 200%
- You require a Propaganda Center instead War Factory to build the Internet Center
- Internet Center now counted as normal base structure, not base defense (sometimes it attacked automatically by AI before)
- Satellite Hack I now provides Internet Center a radar
- Satellite Hack II reveal interval increased to 5 minutes
- Now you cannot build multiple Internet Centers from different subfactions
- Artillery Barrage shells no longer shown on radar
- MiG napalm missiles never creates firestorm again if used againts aircrafts
- Gattling weapons now show the muzzle flash when attacking ground units
- Improved Carpet Bomb special power efficiency
- Fix Speaker Tower model that show wrong green, cyan, and orange house color in snow conditions.
- Infreno Cannon attacks now do flame damage, not explosive damage
- New EMP Pulse bomb model
- Chinese Dozer animation improved. Now Dozers animated when building structures (like when clearing mines). Clearing mines
animation also fixed (fixing the strange dirt effects)
- Rebalanced Nuclear Missile superweapon. Now it may destroy GLA structures and their holes! Total damage delivered are
not changed however, so it's not overpowered.

New Stuff:
- Red Guard and Minigunner Bayonet ability
Attack single infantry unit with bayonet. Useful to prevent Terrorist attacking you.
- Support Van
Mini Internet Center, can load 4 Hackers. Equipped with a Speaker Tower. Use it as additional Internet Center or as
a support for your attack force since it's cheaper than any units that have Speaker Tower. Build at Propaganda Center.
Requires War Factory and Internet Center
- Flamethrower
Infantry version of the Dragon Tank. But unlike the Dragon Tank, they can't make a fire wall. Requires War Factory
- Firestorm Generals Power
A MiG squadron strafle target area with napalms to create a firestorm. Available at Rank-5. Upgradable with
Black Napalm
- Neutron Cluster Mines Upgrade
Upgrade Cluster Mines generals power to drop EMP Mines instead the normal one. Purchase at Propaganda Center
- Neutron Pulse Upgrade
Upgrade EMP Pulse kills vehicle pilots and infantry inside the buildings. Also disables buildings and vehicles.
Purchase at Propaganda Center
- Spy Plane ability
Call a Spy Plane to scout a target area. Spot hidden enemies. Deployed from Internet Center and requires Satellite
Hack I upgrade. Countdown Timer: 2 minutes

2.2.1 Infantry General
Balances and Fixes:
- Infantry Paradrop can be used in another Chinese factions' Command Center but drops Red Guards rather than Minigunners
- Gattling Tank available for Infantry General
- Minigunner build in pairs like Red Guard
- Minigunner weapon damage sightly reduced (no more single Minigunner rushes)
- Now Minigunner can be squished/crushed by vehicles
- Assault Troop Crawler build cost reduced to 2000 from 2400
- Attack Outpost build cost increased to 1500 from 1000
- Now Attack Outpost only can load 6 infantry
- Assault Troop Crawler and Attack Outpost speakers also affect self
- Assault Helix build cost increased to 1800 from 1500

New Stuff:
- Super Lotus
Replaces Black Lotus. Stronger and hacks faster. Can capture buildings, steal cashes, disable vehicles AND BUILDINGS
- Assault Helix (improved version)
Replace the old Assault Helix. Starts with Bunker upgrade. Can be upgraded again with Napalm Bomb, and either
Gattling Cannon or Speaker Tower. Can load up to 6 units (infantry and vehicles).

2.2.2 Nuke General
Balances and Fixes:
- Nuke General Red Guard build time reduced to 83%
- Nuke General Black Lotus build cost reduced to 1500 from 1600
- Nuke General Troop Crawler build cost increased to 1600 from 1400
- Nuke General Nuke Cannon build cost reduced to 1500 from 1600
- New Nuke Helix skin
- Improved Nuclear Battlemaster and Overlord shells radiation field
- All Chinese factions' Battlemaster and Overlord can have Weapon Grade Uranium Shells upgrade to make the shells loaded
with a small tactical nukes

New Stuff:
- Nuke Hunter
Missiles carry a small tactical nukes
- Weapon Grade Uranium Shells upgrade
Additional weapon damage bonus for Nuclear Battlemaster and Overlord, also loads standard Battlemaster and Overlord
shells with small tactical nukes
- Fusion Reactor upgrade
More additional movement speed for Nuclear Battlemaster and Overlord. If you purchased this upgrade without purchased
the Isotope Stability upgrade, when the tanks destroyed, they do more damage than the normal Nuclear Tanks

2.2.3 Tank General
Balances and Fixes:
- Tank General Black Lotus build cost reduced to 1600 from 1875
- Tank General Tank Hunter build cost reduced to 350 from 375
- Tank General Hacker build cost reduced to 700 from 780
- Emperor Overlord speaker compatible with Subliminal Messaging upgrade
- Tank General Troop Crawler build cost increased to 1600 from 1400
- Tank General ECM Tank build cost reduced to 700 from 800
- Tank General Listening Outpost build cost reduced to 900 from 950
- Tank General Helix build cost reduced to 1800 from 2000
- Tank General MiG build cost reduced to 1500 from 1600
- Increase Tank Drop effectiveness and amount of dropped tanks:
Level 1: 2 Battlemasters
Level 2: 4 Battlemasters
Level 3: 6 Battlemasters
- Tank Drop use larger parachutes
- Rebalanced Autoloader. Now upgraded Battlemaster rate of fire constant at 200% from normal attack speed

New Stuff:
- Emperor Overlord Bunker upgrade
Now Emperor Overlord can be upgraded with bunker like standard Overlord

2.3 GLA Changes
General Balances and Fixes:
- Only one Jarmen Kell allowed for one player
- Jarmen Kell health increased to 110%
- Jarmen Kell attack range increased to 130% , makes Jarmen Kell better than Pathfinders
- RPG Trooper can have Camouflage upgrade
- Terrorist now use correct death animations (including exploded and burned animations)
- Now you can manually detonate the Terrorist
- Better Angry Mobs - from my Angry Mods mini-mod:
Angry Mobs member capasity increased to 12 members from 5 members per squad
Angry Mobs armed with pistols and rocks, when upgraded with Arm The Mobs the weapons changed to AK-47 and Molotovs
Rebalanced Angry Mobs weapons, flying Molotov speed increased
Molotov inflicts fire damage
Mob's rock bounces when hit the ground/target
Build cost increased to 1000 from 800
So far no running mobs bug (that the mobs move closer into the target when attacks)
- Now Hijacker cannot hijack Combat Bikes
- Now Hijacker cannot hijack Sentry Drones. How could you drive a drone?
- Saboteur now steal $2000 from supply centers
- Scorpion grant a free rocket at the second salvage pickup, even not upgraded with Scorpion Rocket
- Scorpion barrel recoils at the right position
- Scorpion destroyed animation fixed
- Combat Bike build time increased to 133%
- You need a GLA Barracks to build Combat Bikes
- Fixing Terrorist Combat Bike animation when dropped at Reinforcement Pad
- Now you can manually detonate the Terrorist Combat Bike
- SCUD Launcher can have AP Rockets upgrade
- Marauder can turn its turret
- Marauder second-salvage-upgraded weapon firing speed reduced to 70%
- GLA Holes now spawn the corresponding subfaction's Worker
- GLA Holes use new models for snow condition and/or when upgraded with Fortified upgrade
- Stinger Site and Tunnel Network GLA Holes now counted as base defenses. Fixing the bug that makes a player still not
defeated when only having living base defenses holes, but when the hole is finished rebuilt the player will surely
- Anthrax Bomb generals power starts with green toxin field instead the blue one, and it can be upgraded with Anthrax
Beta/Gamma upgrade
- Anthrax Bomb poison damage per second rebalanced and do poison damage from the start
- Tunnel Network, Stinger Site, and SCUD Storm can have Fortified upgrade
- Stinger Site build time reduced to 60%
- SCUD Storm's SCUD-bug fixed!
- SCUD Storm spawn corresponding poison field level when destroyed
- Tunnel Network and Demo Trap can create salvage crate from enemy kills
- Tunnel Network build time increased to 300%
- Sneak Attack Tunnel Network no longer detect stealth
- Fix the Sneak Attack deploying animation when damaged, snow, and night condition
- Balances on all Fake Structures:
Fake Structures use right selected sound rather than the real structure's selected sound
Prerequisites from Fake Command Center, Fake Barracks, and Fake Supply Stash removed
You'll harder to see differences between the fake and real structures from the enemy side
Detonation weapon AoE depends on the building. Fake Command Center blasts larger area than Fake Barracks
Build time fixed at 50% of the corresponding real structure build time
Build cost fixed at 25% of the corresponding real structure build cost
Upgrade time fixed at 50% of the corresponding real structure build time
Upgrade cost fixed at 75% of the corresponding real structure build cost
Health points fixed at 25% of the corresponding real structure health points
- Toxin Tractor no longer immune to radiations
- Radar Van's radar tower hidden until the Radar Van Scan upgrade purchased
- Quad Cannon grant damage bonus instead firing speed for each salvage upgrade
- Quad Cannon now show the muzzle flash when attacking ground units
- Small poison field (created by toxin shells) area of effect will not reduced after Anthrax upgrade purchased

New Stuff:
- Demo Drop Generals Power
Drops several Demo Trap from air by planes. Can be used to parabombing enemies like Carpet Bombs, or used for
defensive trap like Cluster Mines. Available at Rank-3 in three levels. You cannot sell the dropped Demo Traps.

2.3.1 Toxin General
Balances and Fixes:
- Toxin General SCUD Storm build cost reduced to 4500 from 5000
- Rebel, RPG Trooper, Terrorist, Worker, and Stinger Soldier more resistant to toxin attack
- Toxin Rebel mounted Combat Bike can attack with either machineguns or toxin sprayer
- Toxin Tractor build cost reduced to 600 from 650
- Toxin Tractor health increased to 120%
- Toxin Tractor Gamma weapon damage reduced to 73%
- No Camouflage upgrade for Toxin Rebel and Toxin RPG Trooper
- Toxin Rebel build time increased to 120%
- Demo Trap detonate at normal speed like its cousins
- Toxin Terrorist detonation damage at Beta level reduced to match the Gamma level detonation damage
- Toxin Terrorist spawn larger poison field. Damage radius increased to 125%

New Stuff:
- Toxin RPG Trooper
RPG rockets carry small amount of toxin. Resistant to toxins

2.3.2 Demolition General
Balances and Fixes:
- Improved Demolition ability
- Fixing Demo General infantry and vehicles suicide death animations
- Demolition upgraded infantry only exploded when they're detonate themselves, exploded, crushed, or burned
- Demo General SCUD Storm no longer spawn poison field when destroyed
- No Camouflage upgrade for Rebel and RPG Trooper
- Hijacker and Saboteur available for Demo General
- Combat Bike now can use Demolition suicide ability
- Demo General Toxin Tractor cannot upgrade its weapon with Anthrax Beta upgrade, but still can get Beta weapon when
reached heroic veterancy
- Fix the wrong model of Advanced Demo Trap when constructing.
- Demo General Rocket Buggy will not lose the RED weapon after Rocket Buggy Ammo upgrade purchased

2.3.3 Stealth General
Balances and Fixes:
- Stealth General GPS Scrambler now in three levels. Area of effects increase over the level
- Stealth General light vehicles health increased
- Tunnel Network and Stinger Site no longer stealthed if still under construction. Prevent base defenses spam that allow
you to book places by placing stealthed under construction base defenses
- Stealth General Terrorist can have Camouflage upgrade
- Camouflage upgrade available for Stealth General. Rebel, RPG Trooper, Terrorist, and Worker are affected by this upgrade.
This makes the Stealth General can hide almost all of his army
- Rebel no longer stealthed if the Camouflage upgrade is not purchased
- Worker produced from Supply Stash no longer stealthed if the Camouflage upgrade is not purchased
- Booby Trap upgrade available for Stealth General
- Rebel build cost reduced to 150 from 200
- Stealth General Jarmen Kell can detects stealth
- Now you need a Palace to build Stealth General Hijacker
- Stealth General Saboteur steal more cashes and disable buildings longer
- Stealth General Combat Bike build cost reduced to 500 from 550

New Stuff:
- Quad Cannon Sniper Rounds upgrade
Increases Quad Cannon attack range and weapon damage against infantry. Purchased at Palace

2.4.1 NEW FACTION - Boss General
This new general was taken over the Leang's position as the rogue Boss General (not in this version. in this version Leang
is still Boss General). He/She uses the best of the best from all available factions army and combine them to defeat the
enemies. Advanced upgrades, buildings, stikeforces, and generals powers combinations is the Boss General main power. But
the Boss General also have disadvantages, Boss General cannot fully access the stolen faction units technologies, some
ability are not available makes Boss units cannot show their best performance.

Boss General is hard to play. He/she doesn't have any Strategy Center/Propaganda Center/Palace as the advanced technology
holder. To build advanced technologies and upgrades he/she must build the superweapons, and build superweapons will provoke
another players to attack you while you haven't teched up yet. A lack of inteligence power is also the Boss disadvantage,
you must send recon teams to scout the enemies.

Boss General is playable, but the AI cannot play it.

Balances and Fixes (based on Generals Challenge Boss):
- Some original Boss General upgrades may not available in this mod, like no Nationalism for Boss General
- Advanced units now requires corresponding faction's superweapon. For example, you cannot build Overlord without a Nuclear
Missile Silo
- Boss Dozer use USA Dozer voices, not the Chinese one
- Boss General have a new faction logo at his/her Command Center
- All Boss General buldings can auto-repair like USA buildings
- All Boss General buldings (except SCUD Storm, Nuclear Missile, and base defenses) spawn Rangers when destroyed
- Boss General superweapons build cost increased to 6000 from 5000
- Boss General only can build one kind of his/her superweapon when superweapon restriction is turned on
- Boss General SCUD Storm requires 10 powers and disabled when low power
- Boss General SCUD Storm and Tunnel Network no longer spawn rebuild holes
- Boss General Tunnel Network build cost increased to 1000 from 800
- Boss General Tunnel Network spawn Tank Hunters, not RPG Troopers
- Boss General Patriot Missile build cost increased to 1200 from 1000
- Boss General Patriot Missile no longer spawn Rangers when destroyed
- No drones and Pilots for Boss General USA vehicles
- Boss General King Raptor build cost increased to 1600 from 1100
- No horde bonuses for Boss General Tank Hunter
- Fixing Boss General Avenger that have double air turret
- Boss General Combat Bike only used to suicide attacks, and cannot change/unload its rider
- Boss General Paladin can have Nuclear Tanks and Uranium Shells upgrades

New Stuff:
- Old Supply Center
Boss General use the good old China Supply Center
- Large Supply Truck
$600 per truck isn't enough? Try this Large Supply Truck with a double capasity

2.4.2 Civilian and Neutrals
Balances and Fixes:
- Improvement on trees/plants/rocks/etc. (thanks to beng for his shrubbery fix):
Now trees can be burned again! like in vanilla Generals
Improved forest fire effects
Falling leaves when a tree damaged!
Added some new shrubberies in the worldbuilder
Small/cluster rocks can be cleared by build, however big (I mean BIG) rocks cannot
- Improvement on Tech Buildings:
All tech buildings now can be disabled by microwaves
Fix the missing tech buildings in night and/or snow maps
Improved Tech Artillery Platform attacking animation
Tech Reinforcement Pad and Tech Repair Bay healthpoint incresed to 200%
Tech Reinforcement Pad and Tech Repair Bay leave their rubbles when destroyed
Remove the auto-repair structure ability from Tech Repair Bay and Tech Reinforcement Pad
Tech Repair Bay can works like War Factory to repair vehicles.
Tech Hospital can works like Barracks to heal soldiers.
Tech Oil Derrick healthpoint reduced to 50%
Rebalanced Tech Oil Derrick cash flow. Now $50/3s from $120/12s.
Tech Oil Derrick explode in flames when destroyed.
- Supply Piles, Supply Docks, and Supply Warehouses now immune to all attacks
- New names/descriptions for some civilian buildings
- For more details see Worldbuilder table below

New Stuff:
- Nuclear Bunker
Now counted as a Tech Building. Produces 10 powers. Explode in nukes when destroyed.
- Chemical Bunker
Now counted as a Tech Building. Produces 5 powers. Spread poisons when destroyed.
- Repair Drone
Fast moving drone. Repairs nearby vehicles and clear mines. Build at Tech Repair Bay

2.5 Other Changes
Here are non-gameplay changes which makes the game cooler

- OPTIONS menu expanded (thanks to DeeZire). Here is the contents:
> Clock display
Don't play computer games too long! This will note you 'what time is it' on the match without return to the desktop
> Anti-Aliasing setting
It already describe much. To set the level of anti-aliasing
> Replay Camera settings
If the replays too annoying because it always follow the camera movement, try to turn it off here ;)
> Scroll Anchor settings
Just show/hide the mouse when scrolling the monitor
> Language Filter setting
Turn on/off the language filter on the online
> Uncapped FPS on Advanced Display settings
Allows frame rates above 30. This may affects game speed, so not recommended for who didn't understand it

- House color fixes on cameos. For example, Scorpion house color is red instead red.
- Improved visual effects. Such as firestorm, toxin explosion, etc. have better appearance, including cameos and models!
- Improved audio effects. Some units get new voices, also new EVA voices that never heared before! You will never hear
the shouting Ranger/Rebel/RedGuard again
- Better commandset order/listing. The build list from factories sorted from the lowest tier units.
- More detailed command button description, especially some units that only have "Strong vs. and Weak vs." description.
- Generals Power shortcut button positions fixed. They are now in the right positions and not pass over the button borders
on the bar

2.5.1 Skirmish
- More choices for starting money. Now there are: 3000, 5000, 7500, 10000 (default), 20000, 35000, 50000, 75000, and 100000
- More choises for house color. Now there are: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Cyan, Purple, Pink, Maroon, and Olive
- 'Armored Fury (6)' and 'Scorched Earth (2)' maps available in Zero Hour version
- 'Brige Busters (2)' and 'Swiss MP (2)' unreleased maps also avilable in Zero Hour version
- Fix the missing new zero hour musics that didn't played on each music tracks in skirmish (they only play the old musics)
- Correction on skirmish house colors that have small differences with campaign house colors (like USA blue house color
that brighter in skirmish and darker in campaign)
- Now you can see all players faction and house color when set to random, not only showing the "Random" text again.
This also fix the replay that didn't show all players faction and house color in diplomacy menu when set to random.

Skirmish AI Changes:
- No more AI handicap! (where Easy AI RoF and HP were reduced and Hard AI were increased)
- "Building: 0%" building construction bug (hopefully) fixed. (At least not so often like before)
- Dozers will more often to repair buildings
- Some AI Generals will build more Dozers/Workers than before
- Laser General Sentry Drone bug issue fixed. Now AI will recognize Laser General Sentry Drone as a threat.
- Technical chassis bug issue fixed. Same as above. Now Technicals are considered as a threat.
- AI will try to rebuild their Command Center if destroyed.
- AI will use more/different units for attacking
- AI will try to purchase upgrades that didn't purchased by the original AI (like Drone Armor, Neutron Mines, etc.)
- Sometimes AI will use different Generals Power as usual
- Some Generals will use the new features of the mod (i.e. Flamethrower, Point Defense Drone, Laser Paladin, etc.)
- Some USA AI will use different Battleplans, ot only 'Hold The Line' like before
- Your USA ally AI will use their CIA Intelligence ability to help you searching your enemies
- Fix the bug that makes the AI didn't purchase MOAB upgrade properly
- Fix the bug that makes AirForce General didn't build thier Strategy Center in Normal AI difficulty
- Fix the bug that makes the Superweapon General didn't upgrade their Cold Fusion Reactor properly
- All China AI will build Land Mines/Neutron Mines. Watch your steps in any Chinese base!
- Some GLA AI will build Demo Traps in their bases. Watch your steps!


  • Change the menu user interface from blue to red, including buttons and unit descriptions
  • Add Brown to the Skirmish and Multiplayer house color selections
  • Fix a major bug that makes Laser Ranger Flashbang didn't unlocked by the proper upgrade. Now the Laser Ranger Flashbang requires the right upgrade (Flashbang upgrade at Barracks), not the Laser Capasitors upgrade.
  • The missing 'Armored Fury' and 'Scorched Earth' map from the classic Generals now can be played in skirmish and online properly
  • Boss General Generals Challenge campaign now included
  • USA, GLA, and China Campaigns temporarily disabled
  • Add some hidden scripts/features from DeeZire World Builder:
    • Integrated Mesh Mold tool, useful to make mountains and volcanoes
    • Add camera shaker at a waypoint feature
    • Enable/Disable 3DS Max camera playback mode
    • Show/Hide weather on the map
  • Add the new "Tech Cave" on several maps to travel forces between two/more caves, not connected to Tunnel Networks
  • Fix the AI problem on 'Brige Busters' and 'Swiss MP' maps that didn't build anything
  • Fix cargo plane error that just turn around after passing a big tall rocks (thanks to AuDaGokil @ ModDB)
  • Balances, plus some "hidden treasures" on some maps. Happy hunting! :)
  • No more salvage crates from destroyed Dozer and Supply Truck for balancing reason
  • Fix the 'Swiss MP' map that have unflat terrain at the north-eastern base
  • Normal SCUD Storm (not the Toxin General's) missiles never get Anthrax Gamma cross-upgrade again from Toxin General
  • No more Flamethrower infantry for Tank General, since his army designed to use more tanks rather infantry
  • Fix the Boss General SCUD Storm that's not counted as building loss when destroyed
  • Add some tweaks on skirmish AI:
    • vUSA AI will upgrade their Cold Fusion Reactor properly after the Particle Cannon built
    • AI now will prior to build Reactors first before they build Barracks
    • Change some object AI priorities (e.g. Avenger is an AA Vehicle, not a Tank)
    • Now the USA AI will use random battleplan
  • Superweapon General Point Defense Drone upgrade cost increased to 400 from 300
  • Now you cannot purchase Bunker Buster upgrade if you haven't unlock the Stealthfighter
  • Now you cannot purchase Neutron Shells upgrade if you haven't unlock the Nuke Cannon
  • Fix a minor error that didn't allow you to purchase several upgrades from Nuclear Missile Silo when low-powered
  • MiG production rebalanced to prevent MiG spamming:
    • Build cost increased to 1300 from 1200
    • Build time increased to 150%
  • Repair the fixed Combat Chinook bug that makes they can't collect supplies. Now they can collect supplies again.
  • Combat Chinook can't load vehicles anymore
  • Stinger Sites and Firebases can be attacked by Ranger Flash Bangs again
  • Fix Palace model that lost some fireports after upgraded with Fortified Structures
  • Increase unupgraded Overlord locomotor initial acceleration speed to 125%
  • Now you cannot build AirForce General Stealth Fighter if you didn't unlock it on the Generals Promotions
  • Now you cannot build Nuke General Nuke Cannon if you didn't unlock it on the Generals Promotions
  • Increase Laser Turret weapon damage that too much reduced in version 2.5
  • No more EVA warning for activated enemy GPS Scrambler and Sneak Attack, make sure to check your base more often
  • Fix the Minigunner animation that standby after rapid-fire mode before finally dying
  • Fix the wrong Dozer death when constructing animation
  • Improve the Nuclear Missile superweapon explosion effect
  • Improved SCUD Storm launching animation. Poison sprayed at the building when launching now match the anthrax upgrades
  • Fix the burned infantry bug when the Firebase destroyed
  • Fix the wrong Superweapon General vehicles Point Defense Drone upgrade cameo
  • Fix the Stealthfighter missile that shake the monitor even the Bunker Buster upgrade haen't purchased yet
  • Fix some missing death voices. Aircraft death voices now can be hear by not only owner player
  • Change the Boss General Avenger hotkey from G, that conflicts with Gattling Tank hotkey, to V
  • Fix GLA Supply Stash Fortified Structure upgrade model that have floating sandbags
  • Quad Cannon recoils better
  • Tech Oil Refinery animation fixed:
    • Fix the double blinking lights issue
    • No more blinking lights on day maps
    • Fix the model issue that have double tech flags on snowy maps
  • Optimize the Nuclear Missile Silo smokes and fire effects that use too much particles
  • New build cursor. You can see it when you want to place buildings
  • Supply boxes covered with snows on snowy maps
  • Change the Laser General ColdFusionReactor into AdvancedColdFusionReactor with purple rods to make it different with the normal ColdFusionReactor
  • Fix Laser General AI that build base in odd angle
  • New Chinook cameo

Holy wow. That's a lot of changes. :D

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airfield for GLA?

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n5p29 Author

hopefully it will available in version 3.0

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In 3.0 must have missions! At least 1 on each side!

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