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Here is the third update about features that will be planned for version 0.1.

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Hey guys. Again, we have made new changes to our list.
This will also change the coming features for 0.1

So here is a list covering the planned features for 0.1

NOTE: Some features have been removed and replaced by other features, but don't worry the features that are removed will probably be added in another version.

  • 10-20 Traits.
  • Building Tweaks.
  • Vanilla traits tweaks.
  • 2-5 New provinces.
  • A new scenario set in 636.
  • 3 new Court positions, all having ONE new ability.
  • Maybe a new intrigue decision. Just maybe.
  • New music tracks.
  • New Loading screen.
  • New Honorable titles; expect 5-10 of them.
  • Maybe a few new titles. Just maybe.
  • New characters for the new scenario.
  • A few new events. Just maybe.

    That's all folks. Hope you are happy about the new changes being made. If not then please tell us about it. And FYI our main goal has not been changed. This will still be focused on expanding the experience and feel of being a king.

    Expect 0.1 to be released somewhere in late January or Mid February.

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