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Our charming graphic adventure is prepped for testing and almost ready to be released! Read more about our progress in this image-filled update!

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Update - NAIRI Is Almost Done!
Hi, there!
Welcome to a new NAIRI - Tower of Shirin update!

What Have We Been Up To?

-The asset polishing phase has been finished!
- In-game backer reward characters/puzzles have been implemented.
-The game is being tested for bugs and improvements.

Now that NAIRI: Tower of Shirin looks and plays to our satisfaction, it is finally time to have other people the game.
There have already been tons of fixes and changes implemented into the game, and this is bound to continue for a few weeks.

Now, let’s show you a bit more of the polishing we’ve been working on for the game!

In some of the backgrounds, like the one above, we changed the shading a little and added animated characters versus the old static ones – this makes the scene come alive.

In others, though, the artist has added quite a lot of extra detail!

Some interiors have had a bit of extra clutter added to make everything feel a bit more lived-in.

And… there are now some brand new characters to find as well!

Some backgrounds weren’t just edited for visual interest,
but also to make it more clear where the player can go.

We’re also working on implementing a super special room!
This secret club will be available somewhere in the middle portion of the game.
It will include pieces of concept art and portraits... if you've got the coin for it!

So, be sure to look out for coins across Shirin.
If you want to unlock all the concept pieces, you'll need to find them all!

Well, that’s it, for now.
Thank you for reading about what we’ve been up to - we hope the game is shaping up to everyone’s liking!
We're getting closer and closer to having NAIRI: Tower of Shirin ready for all of you to enjoy!

See you on the next update!

-Joshua (HomeBearStudio)


Love the artstyle :D
Amazing job

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HomeBearStudio Author

Thank you! :)

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Agreed. Looks great!

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