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Here we present you an official unit list. You can also download it from our team page called Clone Wars Season 1&2 episodes.

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Unit list announced with the day of 28th of June.


  • Clonetrooper engineering scuad [x4(comes single)]
  • Clonetrooper squad [6 clonetroopers(comes single)]
  • Clonetrooper platoon [12 clonetroopers(comes single with 1 sergeant)]
  • Clonetrooper company [22 clonetroopers(comes single with 2 sergeants)]
  • Clonetrooper battalion [32 clones(comes single with 2 sergeants and 1 commander)]
  • Clonetrooper corpus [40 clones(comes single with 3 sergeants, 1commander and 1 captain)]
  • Galactic marines
  • BARC [x3]
  • ARC commander [x1]
  • AT-RT [x4]
  • Senate guardians squad [6 soldiers(comes single)]
  • Senate guardian’s captain [1(comes single with 2 special senate guardians]
  • AT-AP [x3]
  • AT-TE [x2]
  • A6 Juggernaut [x1]
  • LAAT/I [x2]
  • Av-7 [x1]
  • R-special scout team [x3]
  • RX-200 Falchion-class assault tank [x2]
  • TX-130 Saber-class tank [x2]


  • Delta 7 starfighter squadron [5 per squadron]
  • Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter
  • V-19 torrent squadron [9 per squadron]
  • Wings bomber squadron [5 per squadron]
  • KDY light cruiser [x2]
  • Arquitens cruiser [x1]
  • Pelta-class cruiser [x2]
  • Acclamatror-class cruiser [x1]
  • The Invisible corvette [x1]
  • Venator class star destroyer [x1]
  • Jedi cruiser [x1]
  • Jedi attack-fleet [2 Venators+1 Jedi cruiser]


  • General Skywalker [+Ashoka+Rex+R2]
  • Luminara Unduli [+Barris+Gree]
  • Kit Fisto
  • Mace Windu [+Ponds]
  • Obi Wan [+Cody]
  • Chancellor Palpatine [+4 guardians]
  • Ayala Secura [+Bly]
  • Master Yoda [+Thire]
  • Admiral Wullf Yularen
  • Admiral Shoan Killian

Special units

  • 501st legion [30 ‘blues’]
  • 41st Elite Corps [20 ‘greens’]
  • Ghost Company [Cody, Boil, Waxer, Wooley]
  • Coruscant guard company
  • Bravo squad [5 cadets]
  • Domino squad [Echo,Fives,Hevy+2 cadets]
  • Ancient force warrior [Good]
  • Proto-ion bombardment [land only]
  • Shadow squadron Ashoka’s ‘five’ squadron
  • Plo’s fleet [+Plo]
  • Yularen’s fleet [Resolute +2 Venators]
  • Killian’s fleet [Endurance 2 Venators]
  • Golden squadron

Separatist Alliance

  • Engineering droids [x5(comes single)]
  • B1 battledroid squad [20 in-squad]
  • B1 battledroid company [2 squads]
  • B1 battledroid battalion [4 squads]
  • Droid marine [x3 (comes single)]
  • B2 battledroid squad [8 in-squad]
  • B3 ultra battledroid [x3 (comes single)]
  • Commando droid squad [2+4]
  • Tactical droid [x1 +2 B1s]
  • Destroyer droid [x4]
  • Chameleon droid [x4]
  • STAP [x4]
  • Crab droid [x3]
  • DSD [x3]
  • AAT [x2]
  • AAT cologne [x4]
  • NR-99 droid [x1]
  • Proton heavy cannon [x1]
  • Vulture droid [x1(transformable)]
  • Octoptuarra droid [x1]


  • Vulture droid squadron [12 per squadron]
  • Hyena bomber squadron [5 per squadron]
  • Tri droid [5 per squadron]
  • Nantex star fighter [3 per squadron]
  • Bullab starfighter squadron [5 per squadron]
  • Magnaguard squadron [3 per squadron]
  • Munificent frigate [x2]
  • Recusant cruiser [x1]
  • Droid Control Sip [x1]
  • Providence special battlecruiser [x1(can be only 2 in battle]
  • Neimoidian captain [x1]
  • Tactical droid-commander [in special Providence]
  • Pirate cruiser [x1]


  • Count Dooku [+2 magnaquards]
  • General Grievous [+4 magnaquards]
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Hondo [armed with an Electrostaff]
  • Lott Dod
  • Kul Teska
  • Cad Bane [+Aurra+IG-88]
  • Mar Tuuk
  • Admiral Trench
  • Governor Wizsla [+4 Death-Warriors]
  • Lok Durd [in special tank]

Special units

  • Geonosian special tank [x1]
  • IG-team [3 different IGs x2]
  • Separatist light blockade [2x Munificent+Neimoidian captain]
  • Separatist heavy blockade [4x Munificent, 2xDCS, Tactical droid-commander]
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very interesting how are the geonosian tanks going to be dont remember seeing any

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Alex_L Author

Season 2 episode 2-3

Reply Good karma+1 vote

is a jedi crusier a venator with a jedi?

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Alex_L Author

Jedi cruiser has different captain's bridge, is bigger, stronger and has bigger hangar.

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looking good but im missing the Delta squad

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nice except the clone trooper ''formations''. a squad has a sergent, a platoon a lnt, a company a captain and a battalion i think had a major and a corpus im gussin a commander

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what??? chancellor palpatine will be able to fight??? cool!!!

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it will be a nics mod:P

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