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Paradigm Worlds is a unique experience thanks to many features, like this one. When you enter the world, you can decide WHEN you want to be. And feel all the consequences. If this is not enough, you can always turn on special HELL MODE Add-on!

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PARADIGM WORLDS: Eras a.k.a.  Scenarios

Eras, also known as Scenarios, offer specially composed experience. This way player may relive story in different time variations, meet different cultures and face surprising dangers.

Whenever you decide to start a new story, and and enter world of paradigms, you will be offered a choice. WHEN you want to be? This article presents details of given eras, to give you better look in this case.

  • ENTER THE STORY - Scenario eras, dedicated special units, Hell mode
    • When you start a new game you decide WHEN you want to be, you choose era.
    • Each era has it's own character:
      • set of main and minor factions
      • it's own heroes
      • even lord's and center's names
      • center's placement on the world map (!)
      • special faction troops dedicated only to this specific era
      • power balance and geopolitical situation
      • battle play-style, rules, conditions
      • Outlaws and Commoners start with at least one center, there are scenarios when they do start with more than couple towns and castles
      • minor factions designed in respect for theme/setting


    • YEAR 5066 - beginnings of the new creatures civilizations. This era is perfect for player who prefer more Fantasy-like gameplay.
      • Rules: No Auto-fire, ¬95% speed, ¬70% damage, centers in good health
      • Major Factions:
        • Directorate Liberte - morloks inspired french revolution
        • Weimear Reich - heavy armored cavalry knighthood with primitive firearms and small canons
        • Blood Creatures of Tao - clan of 'red ninjas', Rubin Shadow of the Iron Blood
        • Tribes of Gasagash - war confederation of tribal orcs and uruks
        • Hanzet League - classic human PW renaissance
        • Crusaders, Kingdom of Heaven - based on Swadian faction - to honor original Warband - reintegrated to PW world new knight faction.
      • Notes: merchants in town will offer merchandise reduced of high advanced equipment, less firearms etc.

CLASSIC doesn't mean NORMAL

    • YEAR 6077 - 'classic' Paradigm Worlds scenario
      • Rules: Auto-fire: Yes, ¬125% speed, ¬120% damage, centers mildly plagued
      • Major Factions:
        • Creatures' Democratic Republic of Morlok - morloks inspired totalitarian regime
        • NecroCorp - undead, highly technologically advanced, corporation capitalism
        • Alien Shogunate - traditional feudalism, traditional bushido inspired troops with elite highly technologically advanced troops, like predator alien
        • Fantasy Magioucracy - Elves, orcs, uruks organised in theocracy where magic is the religion
        • United States of Renaissance - Human faction resembling XVI-XVII era
        • Sanitarium Conspiracy -Djiniis & humanity augmented by futuristic tech - organised as form of theocracy based on conspiracy theory
      • Notes: global power, politics is balanced so all faction have equal start

NecroCorp Poster

    • YEAR 7022: EIN VOLK, EIN CORP - Asymmetric Paradigm Worlds scenario
      • Rules: Auto-fire: Yes, ¬160% speed, ¬140% damage, centers mildly plagued
      • Major Factions:
        • Mongolistan Republic of Morlok - morloks inspired totalitarian regime
        • NecroCorp - undead, highly technologically advanced, corporation capitalism
        • Shogunate of Predatoria - highly advanced criminal faction of futuristic pirates
        • Miners' Guild - Dwarf Miners faction
        • Totemick Shamanaat of Muto-Pikt - Confederation of Pictish [corrupted elves] and mutant lords, leading tribal pictish army
        • The Borg Territory - mighty nation of secretive Techno-Mages and their cyborgs
      • Notes:
      • This is asymmetric strategy play scenario. That means that there is one powerful faction [NecroCorp] that controls most centers. Rest of factions are in possession of small fraction of the global centers. It is up to a player to decide to join big power, or to try to dismantle empire. Geo-politically comparison to the Late Roman Empire is probably most fitting.
      • Towns and castles are more populated


    • YEAR 10K - futuristic, cyberpunk, sci-fi scenario:
      • Rules: Auto-fire: Yes, ¬180% speed, ¬165% damage, centers severely plagued, low political stability, large outlaws demesne
      • Major Factions:
        • Project Earth - human engineers faction, trying to re-build world to the shape of ancient XXI century human civilizations
        • Sisters of Technocorp - futurristic corporational decadent capitalistic matriarchate (I know how it sounds, but if you cannot imagine that I suggest you watch movie about totalitarian matriarchate regime 'Sexmission') As to the 'Sisters': Imagine Vestal opposite: instead of chastity Sisters praise lust and hedonism. They can afford moral decadence due to still quite efficient capitalistic-mega-corporation economic system).
        • Hacknet Systems - hackers nation, homeland of all sorts of adventurers, wild bands, outlaws and geniuses. Hacknet is all about electronics and danger. Engineers, hackers, but also Zoners - bold adventurers.
        • Mutant Territory - Alas! In the distant future mutants achieved a tremendous success and claimed their share in global politics. They have their dreamed homeland, called Mutant Territory.
        • Hive Six - Swarm-like organized, faction of biotecs. These chimeras of humanoids, robots and insects, established basic civilization and begun diplomatic relations with other factions.
        • Zynthion Empire - for centuries Lost Legion was important, but still minor faction. In 10K a new ambitious leader, vampire lord Uranus Lupius and new vampiric nobility has taken control over Legion and led it to glory of major faction. Lost Legion bases not on numbers, but quality of its army. It is composed of heavy infantry, light range and shock cavalry. Their secret weapon is cutting edge drone technology.
      • Notes:
      • All centers [towns and castles] are overpopulated
      • That means greater profit for center owner, but also no stability, due to huge population potential revolt 'power' compared to garrisons
      • maximum plague means that many center have 100% chance of reaching critical plague level, which triggers dark event of plague explosion
      • plague explosion kills citizens, creates severe financial crisis in center and may cause center to revolt if it's happiness goes below -99
      • revolt may happen if center population power is greater than garrison's military power, which will happen for some center in 100% chance

HELL MODE triggers Ketele Horde that will follow player everywhere

  • HELL MODE Add-on - this is add-on that can be applied to any era. Default is OFF. HELL is absolute hardcore mode, that offers extreme Paradigm Worlds experience and total geopolitics chaos.
    • Rules: Auto-fire: Yes [auto-fire damage 135%], ¬200% speed, ¬200% damage, centers plagued at maximum, none political stability, almost all center are outlaw demesne
    • Doomsday Clock is set to 666 to spawn KETELE HORDE ARMY in the nearest future, Ketele will try to hunt player
    • All walled centers have 100% chance to a plague explosion
    • Major Factions:
      • HELL is Add-on, so faction depend on chosen ERA
      • However, almost all centers become possession of OUTLAW faction, and major factions start with only single town and a castle
    • Notes:
      • HELL mode wasn't designed to be not-playable due to extreme
      • player may expect huge changes at beginning, but after many days situation should stabilize
      • lords and major factions will actively conquer following outlaws centers and new order will forge on player's eyes

REMINDER: Player - during creation process - can also choose beginning for his character, for example you can start as a detective, or secret agent, mercenary, even prince with own fiefs. This option works regardless chosen era, so in general there are multiple combinations, event-beginning horizon for every new game.

    • There is mod-dedicated special menu (in CAMP MENU) that allows player to manually tweak rules to his liking. ERAS rules settings regarding Auto-fire, Causing damage, Speed - they all can be changed, to match desired experience. By tweaking these options player can expect battles ranging from slow tactical chess match to a hardcore slasher action rpg.
    • FACTION EDITOR allows player to manually design any major faction, and may be used in any era
    • So ERAS are not rock solid scenarios, rather a composed meal, that player can spice and prepare to own taste
    • However ERAS specific construction offers some uque rules that cannot be changed so easily:
      • 5066 year era limits automatic machinery in merchants' stocks always
      • Regarding eras, even well-known factions like NecroCorp may have specific troops.
      • For example: Lost Legion in Era: YEAR 10K can recruit Vampire Technopriests, Mutants - Bio-Cult Shamans.

Wow I never knew this mod had so much depth. I'm going to try it out, thanks for the article.

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