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Ultimate Universe 1.5 Readme

You can select which directory to install the mod into, although It has been set to the default Legacy directory. This installer puts all the files in the proper places inside your Legacy Game. You must have a brand new unmodded install of Legacy for this mod. Ultimate Universe is Not compatible with any other mods. If you wish to see the correct chucking of nacelles and such things when they are blown off your ship, you must not install the Bethesda Softworks Legacy 1.1 or 1.2 patches (people with Direct to Drive versions of Legacy unfortunately start out with the 1.1 or 1.2 patch). Note that this mod DOES work with either patched or unpatched versions of Legacy.

There are 6 playable races in Single Player and Multiplayer Modes. Dominion Alliance (includes Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen) and Vulcan are selectable in addition to the original four (Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Borg).

Note the various game modes added by the Ultimate Universe, Battlefest Mode by Maxloef, Exploration Mode by Chris Jones, Target Practice by Jc2006, and new for 1.5 is the Vs Battle Mode by Muldrf, 1.5 also includes the other modes from 1.0 by Tjoz including Armada, Survival, System Conquest, Evolution, and One on One in their 1.0 states.

The Ultimate Universe is fully Multiplayer capable when properly installed on an Windows XP system. Multiplayer will Not work on Vista. We have found that using a program called Hamachi helps when connecting for Multiplayer - use the LAN setting even when using Unpatched Legacy.

The Ultimate Universe Tools utility is included to allow for any combination of the six races in the Ultimate Universe to be selectable in Multiplayer. Just remember all players that join the game will need to have the same 4 races selected so they don't get the "different version" error when trying to join.

The Ultimate Universe Tools utility also allows for switching the default race in the Various Singleplayer Mode Maps - default is Federation. Just be careful with trying to play missions as the Borg, they don't play well with other races (they could cause the game to crash). The Ultimate Universe Tools utility is created and maintained by Muldrf.

The Legacy Upgrade system from UU 1.0 is still here of course. Upgrade/Refit your ships in the ship selection area. The upgrade system was put in by Maxloef, Phoenix, and Tjoz who also setup the upgrade system odf templates.

The Main Menu Interface from UU1.0 was done by Mindwipe and has received some modifications for UU1.5 by Moonraker and Muldrf. The menus designed to be less laggy compared to the stock menus.

More features of this mod..
1. Originally the game had a max player limit of 4 players in Multiplayer and Skirmish modes, we have extended that 6 and 8 through Trickster's Community Mod and new maps.
2. More dramatic Explosions & Effects (by Miri's Hot/Max Loef/Mindwipe) - New Explosion Audio as well.
3. We have a ton of maps added of every type over the stock game.
4. AI Ships More aggressive. Smaller ships, when in numbers, may fly in formation.
5. Lots of new ships ranging from ENT, TOS, TMP, and TNG era's and some future Era ships.
6. New Repair interface & Faster repair rates
7. Enemy Ships repair themselves in game.

Changes from Ultimate Universe 1.0 to Ultimate Universe 1.5

Menu Modifications:
a. Fleet Selection Ship Selection System Bars modified -Muldrf
b. Fleet Selection Stopped Spinning of 3d Ship previews -Muldrf
c. Fleet Selection Selected ships changed back to Ship Icons -Muldrf
d. Skirmish/Multiplayer Setup Menu Selections Contrast improved (It was hard to tell # of "Players" and # of Teams) -Muldrf
e. Sorted Single Player Mission Menus -Muldrf
f. Hud Toggle Added to the Ingame Options Menu. Good for Screenshots and Videos. -Muldrf with tips from Remore
g. Mission Menu Layout improved, Scrollbars stand out and Mission Images fit on screen properly. -Moonraker
h. When you Host a Multiplayer game it now places "Ultimate Universe" on the end of the game name. -Moonraker
i. Menu Font Textures updated to keep fonts crisp at all graphic settings. (Due to certain ATI Drivers) -Moonraker
j. Various other minor changes -Moonraker & Muldrf

Somewhat improved order on Ships in the Fleet Selection Screen. It's not exactly what it should be yet. First the Scout, Destroyer, Cruiser and Battleship Classes are listed, then it starts listing the "New" Classifications after the Battleships. Also some of the "Mission Specific" ships have been removed from Fleet Selection. Other ships that had improper service dates have been corrected and are now only listed in the proper eras.

Achilles -Updated textures -Phoenix
Aegean -Updated Model -Captain Star Knight
Ambassador -Re-Ported, textures -Maxloef
Ares TMP -New Model -Phoenix
Constellation -New Model, breaking nacelles -Moonraker
Constitution -has breaking nacelles now -Moonraker
Constitution Refit -has breaking nacelles now -Moonraker
Defiant Class -Re-Ported -Captain Star Knight
Excalibur Class -Updated Model -Captain Star Knight
Galaxy Venture Refit -Updated Model -Maxloef
Miranda TOS -New Model, breaking nacelles -Moonraker
Mnemosyne -added breaking nacelles -Captain Star Knight
Nebula Class -Updated Model -Moonraker
NX_01 -Updated Model -Maxloef
NX_02 -Updated Model -Maxloef
NX_04 -Updated Model -Maxloef
NX_05 -Updated Model -Maxloef
Oberth Guardian Variant -New Ship -Phoenix
Oberth Medical Variant -New Ship -Phoenix
Oberth TMP -New Model -Phoenix
Oberth TOS -New Ship -Phoenix
Poseidon -Updated Model -Maxloef
Shelly -Fixed textures -Phoenix
Sovereign -Re-Ported, textures, animated bussards -Maxloef
Starleague -New Ship, breaking nacelles -Moonraker
Starstalker -New Ship, breaking nacelles -Moonraker
Tetryon -Updated Model -Moonraker
Workbee -New Ship -Ported -Captain Star Knight (Mission only)
Yorktown -New Model -Maxloef
Federation Starbases (Ent, TMP, TNG)-Updated -Ported -Captain Star Knight -Based on -Moonraker's Meshes
Cordanilus Fed Drydocks -Ported -Captain Star Knight
Vanguard Station Starbase 47 -Ported -Captain Star Knight

BOP Wked -New Ship - Model by Wicked Zombie -Ported -Captain Star Knight
D7 TOS "BLUE" -New Ship, replaces TOS D7 - Stock D7 modified textures -Ganondorf

Stock Singleplayer Campaign:
Assimilated D7 -based on Gan's D7 TOS "Blue" textures -Ganondorf

Romulan Bird of Prey TOS -New Model -Phoenix
Romulan Battlebird -New Model -Phoenix
Griffin -Updated -Maxloef
Valdore -Re-Ported -Maxloef

Section 31 - Ganondorf
S31 Constitution -New for 1.5 -Based on Moonraker's Model
S31 Excelsior Class -New for 1.5 -textures by Ganondorf -Based on Moonraker's Model
S31 Galaxy -textures by Ganondorf
S31 NX Class -textures by Ganondorf

Terran Empire - Phoenix
TE Akula TMP -textures by Phoenix -Based on Moonraker's Model
TE Constitution Refit -textures by Phoenix -Based on Moonraker's Model
TE Defiant -textures by Phoenix -Based on LC's Model Ported by Maxloef
TE NX Class -textures by Phoenix -Based on Maxloef's NX01 port
TE TMP Miranda -textures by Phoenix -Based on Moonraker's Model
TE TOS Miranda -textures by Phoenix -Based on Moonraker's Model
TE Yorktown -textures by Phoenix -Based on Maxloef's Yorktown

Vulcan Bird of Prey -New Ship -Coolguy

Archon Class -New Ship -Coolguy
Monac Class -New Ship -Coolguy
Orias Class -New Ship -Coolguy

Ship Destruction Chunks:
by Chris Jones, Ganondorf, Miri's Hot

All "ported and duplicated" ships now produce chunking when blown up, rather than just disappearing.

Bug fixes:
a. Breen Shield Bug fixed
b. Bioship limit spinning wildly in Scorpion Mission, Shield Bug & Damage Icon corrected.
c. All Ships now have Tractorbeams (some didn't have them)
d. Fixed Self-destruct, Tractorbeams, and Long Range Sensors on all Vulcan ships
e. Runabout without Weapons pod Self-destruct and Warp fixed.
f. Cardassian & Dominion Custom Shield Coloration.

Missions Scripting:

Scripting -by Maxloef (and Remore):
Wrath of Kahn - "As Kirk" (Same script from UU1.0)

Historical Missions & Original Battles -Scripted by Muldrf
All Historical Battles and Original Missions now all have atleast Basic Mission Scripting. Some have received lighting modifications from Chris Jones and others.

Vs Battle Mode -Script & Concedpt by Muldrf
Vs Battle Mode is a unique Skirmish like Singleplayer mode that currently has 15 flyable maps (3 era specific) and around 350 possible enemy & allied ships to pick from. This includes all of the Flyable Ships from all races Plus various Mission specific variants and space stations. Such as the Enterprise J, the USS Reliant, Ncc-1701 with Cloak from "The Enterprise Incident", as well as the USS Lexington from "The Ultimate Computer" mission and other classic starships. The Enemies and Allies are picked by use of the Ultimate Universe Tools utility. Vs Battle Mode has received script updates to improve AI function since its initial Demo release last year. Nagrul Assault is an original map created by Muldrf. The nine additional maps are conversions of UU1.0 and Stock maps that Chris Jones setup, plus there are 7 new maps for 1.5 created by Jc2006.

VS Battle Mode Maps -by Jc2006
Assimilated Earth Enterprise Era
Assimilated Earth The Original Series Era
Assimilated Earth The Next Generation Era
Inner Sol (All)
Outer Sol (All)
Genesis ST2 (TOS/TMP)
Genesis ST3 (TOS/TMP)

Original Missions -Scripted by Chris Jones
1. Dominion Earth
2. Dominion Earth (Big Earth)

Exploration Maps -Scripted by Chris Jones

These scripts for these maps are basic - and are not finished. The idea is to give you a preview of what Stage 2 will contain. Unlike UU 1.0 in 1.5 you will see some Exploration can be a little dangerous from time to time.

Enterprise Era - Starfleet's newest Starbase has attracted some attention. Basic Scripting with an enemy kill to end the map. There's a Vulcan in here.. It will expand for Stage 2
TOS era - Exploration expanded, lol. Pretty map - deadly in places - things to do. You'll start out with a bang in this one..
TMP era - Exploration expanded again, haha. things to do. You'll start out with a bang in this one as well. TMP like TOS, but not entirely..
TMP era Utopia Planitia with actual workbees flying around - in work mode.. This may expand for Stage 2..
TNG Era - Jupiter Station (the same map from Mindwipe's 1.5 trailer) - basic scripting - have a look around, but beware. This is a work in progress for Stage 2
TNG Era - Utopia Planitia with Workbees (like the TMP one, TNG ships duh). This may expand for Stage 2..
TNG - two different Badlands interpretations - with things to do in the sea of nebulas and storms - basic scripting
TNG - 'To Breen or Not To Breen' - 90% complete - needs audio - scripts work nicely - map environment changes during the mission. You'll like this one.

The Bajor Initiative - all eras. ALL Bajor Exploration maps are works in progress and may or may not end properly. ALL Bajor maps have functional wormholes!
ENT - This has voices from Sunshine, Myself, and Duckdodgers - Objectives to follow - this is the most complete of the bunch
TOS - basic, but fun - there's a version featuring the Romulans as the player race - also TOS era
TMP - Voices from Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru - basic scripting for now..
DS9 - This one will feature full blown DS9 scenarios - it's bare bones and VERY basic for 1.5 - but you'll see the possibilities.

Exploration map Voiceover talent:
Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru
Duck Dodgers
Chris Jones

There will be some Exploration maps based on the 'Formation of a Star' - One with the NX-01 and 3 from TOS.

The TOS ones are fun..
1. NCC-1701 as the player (Rom bop as enemy)
2. Nix's Rom Bird of Prey as the player - with Rom audio and music (Gan's blue D7 as enemy)
3. Gan's Retextured D7 (blue) as the player - with Klingon audio and music..(Rom bop enemy).

I may get to TMP and TNG for this scenario for 1.5.

In the 'Formation of a Star' scenarios the map will look like a Star is forming with all the orange and yellow all over, in addition to various types of Asteroids.

All the Exploration missions (as well as Historical and Original missions) will end properly based on a certain set of conditions happening. The Exploration maps in 1.5 will, for the most part, feature a 'kill the enemy to end the map' type of situation - this is to get them out there for a preview - and in 2.0 we polish them up in to full blown exploration scenarios. ALL of them.

Star Trek was originally for Exploration - designed to provoke your imagination.

There's another TOS Exploration map I did a video for that involves a search for clues as to why the Romulans are interested in a certain system - there's a big (to scale) planet in there and much to do. This is in 1.5 - but not fully complete. I may not finish it in time for 1.5, but you will get a preview for sure.

There's a TMP version.. also WIP
You are the Captain of a ship (TMP era - you'll choose the ship) assigned to investigate why asteroid chunks and the like are coming dangerously close to an inhabited Class M Planet. Starfleet Command has set up some science stations in the area to assist in this investigation. A mysterious third party is making an appearance along with these asteroid chunks, and they seem interested in activities here, although they are non-violent, for now.. This is the second time Starfleet Command has had to look into this.. The first attempt to solve this mystery went flat..

TOS lends itself to Exploration more than any other era, even Ent, as that is the core of Star Trek, and the beginning of it all. I also want these TOS Exploration scenarios around when JJ Abrams screws up Star Trek in May 2009, to show what things really ought to look like.

A few of our 1.5 missions, 'To Breen or Not to Breen' (Exploration TNG) and 'Cardassian Cubelands' (Original) for starters, will feature a dramatic opening cinematic where the Enemy on the map obliterates a ship from the 'good' side, or the 'player' side, if you will.

Note also that not all missions are Federation based.

The very nature of scripting these Exploration maps almost turns them into original missions - but so what - You are still exploring - as well as dealing with whatever comes up.
I, Chris Jones, am personally am doing all of these - with assistance from Muldrf as needed. I guarantee you a fun and engaging experience.


Maps are closer to being Alphabetically sorted. There are some exceptions, but it should be in general easier to find a map by it's name.

New Maps -by Maxloef

Orion Nebula

New/Map Replacements -by Jc2006

Assimilated Earth Enterprise Era (Completely New)
Assimilated Earth The Original Series Era (Completely New)
Assimilated Earth The Next Generation Era (Completely New)
Inner Sol (Completely New)
Outer Sol (Completely New)

Various other maps have had improvements and or corrections.

Target Practice -Script by Muldrf -Maps & Concept by Jc2006 -Map Changes done by Chris Jones

Updated Maps to replace the 1.0 Target Practice Maps:

Target Practice Maps are listed at the top of the the One on One menus.

Various Updated Maps: by Maxloef , Jc2006, Ebak, ChrisJones

Replaced/Revamped some original UUM 1.0 maps with better ones.
Various maps have received improved lighting (work in progress)

Stock Campaign Changes
Mission 1 -Balance and Cinematic Tweaks -Muldrf
Revelations -Script Adjustment -Muldrf

Graphical & Visual Enhancements: by Miri's Hot

Adjusted Art.cfg.h file -(Maxloef/Miri's Hot)
Adjusted camera angles for all ships
Adjusted Config.cfg -(Maxloef/Miri's Hot)
Adjusted phaser proportion sizes for all ships
Adjusted RTS_CFG.h
Asteroid Changes: textures & more exploding asteroids
Damage explosions and effects on all ships
Enhanced map backgrounds for UUM maps (merged star fields)
Modified Ship push on torpedo impacts for disabled ships.
New "Lite Explosions" feature for lower end graphic cards (UUTools Feature)
Phaser contact against shield effects (correct colors)
Pulse weapons effects and explosions for certain ships
Specialized Explosions for larger capital ships.
Updated explosion textures -(Maxloef/Miri's Hot)
Updated explosions and sub-system explosions for all ships.

Ultimate Universe Tools -Game Play Enhancement tools: by Muldrf

The UUTools is an All-in-One interface for managing of your Legacy Installs (UU or Otherwise) with additional specialized settings for Ultimate Universe.

1. Supports configuration/management of multiple Legacy installations. For Non UU Installs you have the basic Launch and Map Editor features. For UU Installs it will have the additional functions.
2. Race selection option to choose your "Singleplayer Mission" race for the Ultimate Universe Legacy Mod. Changing your Race changes your race for all Singleplayer Missions that you choose a fleet for, and also in the main campaign except for your Hero ship. (Be careful with trying to play as Borg) Some maps are setup to only be playbable as a certain race so the Singplayer Race Selection won't override them, currently there are very few maps like that I can think of only 1 in particular in the 1.0.
3. There are also Multiplayer Race selections to allow you to choose 4 of the 6 Races to use for Multiplayer Matches. All members of a match must be using the same 4 Multiplayer Races or they will get Version Match Errors.
4. There is a Readme File Library Viewer for all Ultimate Universe Related Readme Files.
5. A direct interface to the UU Chat Server to help setup Multiplayer matches with other people.
6. Drh1589's UU Controls/Hotkey screen (with modifications by Muldrf)
7. There is a Map Database for some info on most Playable maps in The Ultimate Universe including the Stock Maps.
8. Vs Battle Mode Ship and Station Selections interface to allow you to setup singleplayer "Skirmish" Type matches against specific ships of any race mixture. (Be Careful with Borg, Borg can be mixed into the Enemy team but if you place them on your Allied team they can cause a crash, unless your Singleplayer Race is Borg)
9. Launch Legacy in Windowed mode via the new "Windowed" Toggle button.
10. The “Legacy1.exe” button that is only active/visible if you have the file in your install. This enables launching of the original 1.0 Legacy.exe if you rename it and put it into your Legacy folder. That can allow you to play both Legacy 1.0 and Legacy 1.2 exes in the same install. The Legacy1.exe is NOT provided by CJG you must have it yourself. Only the original Legacy.exe from the DVD allows breaking nacelles etc to be viewed ingame, but the Legacy 1.2 exe works better for Multiplayer.
11. There is now a Map Editor Frontend built in. It will list all the maps you have in your current selected install. It supports both the Legacy1.exe and Windowed Launch features. I suggest editing maps in Windowed Mode so the various dialog boxes don’t get behind Legacy. The map editor also supports 1 level of sub folders below the \sol folder to allow you to organize your maps if you like (Ex: "\sol\Deathmatch" is good but "\sol\Deathmatch\Ent" won't be seen).
12. Explosions Toggle for "Full" to "Lite" Explosions. Lite Explosions are setup for Lower End PCs or less lag in Multiplayer. All people joining a multiplayer game Must have Same Explosion Setting.
13. Various function improvements over prior releases.

Also includes fully installed Legacy Mission Editor version 1.004. You just need to install Microsoft C++ 2008 to compile missions.

See the included \Readme folder for more features..

Team Members (1.5 Team)

Director of Ultimate Universe
-Chris Jones - USA

-Victor1st - - Scotland
-Writeall - USA

Assistant Director
-Mindwipe - England

Quality Assurance Director
-Muldrf - USA

PR Dept
-Mindwipe - England
-Phoenix - England

Director Of Cinematography
-Mindwipe - England

-Laserdisc - USA

-Chris Jones - USA
-Remore - USA

-Maxloef - The Netherlands
-Jc2006 - England
-Ebak - England
-Chris Jones - USA
-Phoenix - England

Modelers / Model Porters (from 1 game to another)
-Moonraker - USA
-Maxloef - The Netherlands
-Phoenix - UK
-Captain Star Knight (formally known as Grunt) - USA
-Achilles - Raw Models & New Models - England
-Remore - USA
-Enigma - USA
-Modelplease - Outlance Shipyard - USA

-Phoenix - England
-Ganondorf - USA
-Aircav - USA
-MeteoraFallen - USA

-Remore - USA

Mission Scripting
-Chris Jones - USA
-Max Loef - USA
-Muldrf - USA USA
-Remore - USA

-Exporter - Moonraker - USA
-UUTools & MissionEditor - Muldrf - USA

GFX Artist / Explosion packs
-Explosions - Miri's Hot - USA

ODF Files
-Chris Jones - USA
-Capt Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-JC2006 - England
-Phoenix - England
-Remore - USA
-Muldrf - USA

XML Scripters
-Moonraker - USA
-Muldrf - USA

Audio/Video Tech
-Audio/Video - Mindwipe - England
-Audio - Chris Jones - USA

Mission Voice Talent
-Sunshine - USA
-Mindwipe - England
-Capt. Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-Duck Dodgers
-Chris Jones - USA
-JC2006 - England
-Captain Star Knight - USA

Stress Testing / Beta Testers
-Captain Ryugi Kazamaru - USA
-Laserdisc -USA
-Miri's Hot -USA

Beta Testers
-Laserdisc - USA
-Captain Wirges - USA
-Riker E - USA
-Chris Martin - USA
-Capt. Jon - USA

Moral Support
-Sunshine - USA
-Vixen Bondi - England
-The Nagging Bitch - England
-Briana - USA
-Duck - USA (Some beta testing)
-Becki7 - England
-Vashavi - USA

The content of this mod cannot be used in any other mod without permissions from the original authors -

Primary contacts are Chris Jones, Mindwipe, Moonraker, Writeall, Maxloef, Muldrf, Phoenix, Captain Star Knight. If unsure contact Chris Jones

Obviously if you wish to use use something from this mod that is authored by someone outside the CJG Team you also need the original author's permission. Some Mods included in UU are authored by good folk on the Official Bethsoft Forums and Legacy Files. There will be a separate folder for Readmes and credits in your game folder after install. This mod and these files are not supported by Maddoc or Bethesda Softworks and they are not responsible for any damages to your game directory. As with all mods you are using them at your own risk. The Ultimate Universe does not come with an uninstaller. /


The Ultimate Universe Mod Team

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