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Releasing a brand new track and insights into the lore of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Secrets are given in this update!

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Releasing a brand new track and insights into the lore of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Secrets are given in this update!

Game Design Document Lore Excerpt

Important: At this time, we do not intend to make any mission maps and or in-game campaigns of any kind. (The story/ lore is for world building and holistic planning purposes only. Neither will there be any original faction in- game additions, until the new factions are concluded. The only possibility of any kind of mission maps, would be only for selected points and specific locations, if we ever had the time, personnel and resources.

The backstory of Tiberium Secrets ~35 minutes

This sequence is an attempt by the lead writer to piece together FMVs from TT, C&C Arena, the Tiberium FPS and the Tiberium Eclipse mod, into a singular continuous campaign. Such acts as a backdrop of potential events, motivations, and adjusted backstories that can introduce the new factions, and show where the original factions stand.(All original credit remains with their respective creators)

Check the video description for the missions/ story, character/ faction affiliation break downs.


Following contact and conflict with the Scrin harvesting force, GDI forces have found themselves stretched thin. Significant assets and funding are seeing cuts, with civilians and military personnel alike uncertain of what tomorrow may bring.

In contrast, the Brotherhood of Nod has seen its strength and manpower swell to that of a world power. However, with their leader Kane and the chosen having ascended, what remains of Nod is fractured. War between Nod’s own demons and followers questioning Kane’s departure will lead them down divergent paths, this time, without Kane’s direct influence.

After Scrin harvesting forces met their demise, the civilization intended to bring its full might to Earth. The desire was to reclaim the remaining Threshold Tower, which acted as an interstellar gateway, and more.... However, it is soon realized an invasion would not come as swift nor as simple as hoped, due to the independent efforts of Kane in addition to their ancient foe catching up to them.

Mutants (Forgotten) will remain as they were in CnC3 to a large extent. However, their influence and story will play key roles in the actions and politics of all the other factions.

Idris Corporation: Mediating organization between GDI & Nod, charged with constructing and maintaining the Sonic Tiberium Containment and Neutralization program (STCN). Partial precursor of Dream Army.

Due to their anti Tiberium stance, and them being forced against the wall in the final apocalyptic death throes of earth, caused by Tiberium,GDI have been forced to take an anti mutant stance. Mutants can in theory and in practice spread Tiberium weather they like it or not. (Physical manifestation of chaos) This propaganda serves to both unify and divide much of the world's population.

Tiberium: (Section censored): ***** ** ****** ***** ****** ****** ****** ******** ******** *** *** ***** *** ****** **** ***** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************

Global Territory Status

This section serves as zone designations, both in faction affiliation as well as documenting Tiberium Toxicity levels globally.

  • Unscared by any Tiberium outbreak, last habitable bastion for civilians. Under direct GDI protection

  • Moderate to medium Tiberium outbreak, majority of civilian populations located, indirect and limited GDI affiliation, neutral and or Nod affiliation

  • Critical Danger of medium turning into high toxicity if not abated soon

  • High Tiberium toxicity, majority of human technologies are inadequate for extended protection, despite advancements brought upon by the Tacitus artifact.

  • Extreme Tiberium toxicity, including underground and atmospheric, no conventional scanning technology can reliably map the geography nor determine accurate creature movements

  • Inhospitable to both Tiberium and human occupancy

New to C&C? Tiberium Universe Orientation:

Founding of GDI from red Alert:

Coming up next:

Initiation into The ASI::

We hope you enjoyed this article and all of our presented content!

For everyone here @ Tiberium Secrets: Jist

(Project Coordinator, PR Manager, Lead Writer)

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narcoutic. - - 128 comments

The story lines... Can I ask whose making and thinking or whoever the hell is writing the story lines? Man! You can make movies out of this and go rich xD Haha well what I really mean is its really awesome...the twist, transitions from Tw to Ts universe... Its like an official expansion for Tw with an EPIC on its title xD"

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GeneralJist - - 474 comments

1. *Raises hand*
I would have thought my title of "Lead writer" might have given some clue, and I signed all the descriptions as well.
Of course, there have been a few other writers, along the way, but I'm the one who was in charge of it all, and making sure the new factions link to the originals in a sound way. I also discussed all of the major points with the core team way back.

2. Ya, I wish I could make money directly with this project.... you can donate when it comes time xd, or find someone to hire me to clean up their mess of a story xd

3. And ya, I'm really proud of how the entire story, and its individual lines turned out. I'm very glad you, and the rest of the vocal community like it.

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

So how much of C&C 4's ending applies to this? I was under the impression that the TCN worked and soaked up the Tiberium. One of the major gameplay conceits was that Tiberium was no longer as prevalent, thus the lack of harvesting mechanics. Am I to understand the TCN didn't factor into Kane's faithful departing through the threshold?

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GeneralJist - - 474 comments

It's complicated, but basically the STCN (our version of TCN) broke right after Kane and some of Nod Ascended.

It worked for a while, up until the activation of the tower, then stomped.

(There is a more detailed explanation, but that will need to wait until our canon is public.

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

Muchas gracias.

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