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A new species is coming to Paradox's grand cosmic simulator, so here's five mods for Stellaris expanding its stellar reach!

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Stellaris is soon introducing a new species into the fold - the Toxoids! Offering a very different gameplay experience from basically any other race in the game at current, it's a new addon for dedicated fans, but those same fans have been doing the same kind of new content for a long time - so here's five mods expanding the reach of Stellaris' galactic sandbox!

Dalek Empire Mod

By Nyarlathotep42

Dalek Empire Mod

This mod adds 3 Playable Dalek races (having each one different portraits for each type of leader): the Classic Daleks, the Time War Daleks, and the New Dalek Paradigm. Three new traits follow as well, alongside new name lists for appropriate encounters, pre-made Dalek empires, and a system featuring the Dalek homeworld to produce another significant foe to stave off, or empire to run.

Master of Orion and Bonus SF Empires

By Alan9999

modMasterOfOrionEmpires 14

Master of Orion and Bonus SF Empires offers you possibility to play Empires from Master of Orion and some Bonus Empires\races from different SF themes (Babylon 5, Son of the Tree and etc). Eighteen new empires feature, mostly from Master of Orion, but The Shadows, Skynet, and even your classic fantasy orcs are all also here taking a crack at galactic domination. Live your own fantasy, in the mod creators' words, as you decide how to wage war in the cosmos!

Armies and Orbital Bombardment Enhancement

By Radspakr

Image 5

This mod makes changes to orbital bombardment scripting to reduce the chances of civilian casualties and devastation damage, but leaving an exception for the damage sustained by planetside armies. The flipside is that army upkeep is much cheaper and their collateral damage much higher, but more opportunities are presented to seize a planet without damage infrastructure and killing the population. These changes are all aimed at making orbital invasion more meaningful.

Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays

By Binary Helix

Mass Relay

Mass Effect: Beyond the Relays is a total conversion of Stellaris into a fully developed Mass Effect 4X game. Close to four hundred totally custom star systems are directly imported from the Mass Effect galaxy map, with a fully functional and detailed showcase of the Mass Relay network to travel from system to system. There's modes of plays for sandbox players or a canon playthrough of the story, and lots of additional features like shipsets, representation of more obscure races, and integration of other mods.

Aesthetic Cinematic Gameplay

By Ajey

Image 17

Graphics will be more realistic and cinematic with significant performance improvements included. Only added new content that the AI can use properly. High focus on a well-balanced and smooth gameplay progression. Nothing really overpowered is added with this mod. Far too many additions are made to count here, but almost no rock is left unturned in servicing Stellaris' progression from a 4X strategy into a cinematic space thriller of epic proportions.

Are You Gonna Eat That?...In Space?

Paradox's grand strategy games once again feature in one of our editorials - this time, it's Stellaris, their cosmic-scale galactic simulation game about managing the politics between alien species close and far from home. Xenophobes, xenophiles, dictatorships, religiously minded zealots and everything in-between feature as part of the sandbox Stellaris provides, in a deep, challenging game. New species have been added from time to time to keep the sandbox fresh, and the newest has just been announced.

Stellaris: Toxoids

The Toxoids - Stellaris' newest species - are as hardy as they are gross

Salting The Wound

The Toxoids are a species that survive no matter what, despite challenging environments and, more regularly, themselves. Playing as both an incredibly hardy but also incredibly self-damaging race that has difficulty allying with others due to their repulsive presence, the Toxoids also introduce a slew of new traits, origins, and civilisation presets that are par-for-the-course for a new Stellaris race. Toxoids will launch for free on September 20th, and also comes with other improvements for players of the game.

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