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This is a table of every type of Tiberian and their details.

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Scientific ID Colour Gross value Nucleic Code Nucleic type Rarity Zone
Riparius Green 700 RNA#T07GR01-H1NC-V1-C5 RNA Common B/Y/R
Vinifera Blue 1400 RNA#T14BV02-H1NC-V2-C4 RNA Uncommon B/Y/R/X
Arboreus Red 2100 RNA#T21RA03-H1NC-V4-C3 RNA Rare R/X
Cruentus Purple 2800 DNA#T28PC04-H1NC-V5-C2 DNA Super-Rare X
Morsatra Black N/A CLASSIFIED TNA Ultra-Rare X


I am sorry about the big random white bit, it was hard enough to get a table in. The headings are meant to be bold, but I couldn't do this as the parameters prevented me from doing so.

I would of made the background black and the text white, but the disabling of JAVA for this page in order to even make a table was hard enough.

Like this post if you think a 'Table' feature should be added to MODdb.

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