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Summary of the newest S:TW Patch. Please see article for additional information.

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In what can only be described as a yearlong slog of Orcish proportions, the Silmarillion: Total War team presents our latest multiplayer patch! As you will soon see, many things have changed since the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

Five new factions. Dozens of new units. Multiple new maps. Multitudes of new Battle Editor assets for your mapmaking enjoyment. The beginning of an offline, Risk-style RP campaign. Most everything we endeavored to add or change we have successfully done so! Below are some of the major changes in our last patch before work begins full steam on campaign.

Avari of Taur im Duinath
Hidden deep within the Forest of Southern Silence, the Avari are removed from most of the tumults of the North. The Elves of this region were at one point a prosperous and numerous people, not so distinct from their cousins to the east in Ossiriand. Long before the return of the Noldor, Ungoliant made her dreadful flight from the Balrogs of Melkor and passed slowly through this region. Most fled from her reek to West in the Falas or the East in Ossiriand. Those that remained became reclusive, mistrusting, and unlike the rest of their kin. Rather than see the degradation of her people, Yavanna the Vala gifted the Avari an unusual connection to the land. Many spirits have taken up residence among the wild trees, ready to be called upon if the Forest of Southern Silence is disturbed.
The Avari are scantily armored with barely more than wood and bone to protect themselves. As such, they are master ambushers and monster-hunters. The thick forests are a tough place to breed horses of substantial size, but the forest is home to other creatures just as fast as the steeds of the North. They are a terrifying sight for all those unaccustomed to the wild lands of the South.

Realm of Valinor
Disconnected from the pains of Beleriand, the remaining Noldor and Vanyar of Valinor no doubt still feel the horrors of that land in the shades of their kin residing in the Halls of Mandos. Home to the Powers of the World, the Valar, Valinor also boasts the community of the High Elves and the Teleri of Alqualonde. Being in the presence of such lofty people inherently gifts the warriors of this land skill unparalleled by even the greatest of Beleriand. Only once has the full might of Valar been assembled against Melkor. In the far distant past, the Valar made war upon their brother and imprisoned him within their sight. The results of that war were the devastation of world, devastation that never been fully healed. One can only imagine the consequences of another clash among giants in the land of Beleriand.
The hosts of Valinor are compromised of three main groups: the Vanyar, the Noldor, and the Teleri. The Vaynar are the High Elves, most beautiful and skilled of all Elves. The Noldor are natural fighters and craftsman, boasting the best armor and arms. The Teleri are the most numerous of the clans, calling the Swan Havens their seaward home. There are few that can stand the combined might of the remaining Calaquendi.

Nan Dungortheb
Amongst the sharp cliffs and rugged terrain of Dorthonion, sits the Valley of Dreadful Death. It is here that Ungoliant first made her abode after fleeing from the Balrogs. First came darkness, then came terror. Multitudes of nameless creatures infested these lands and effectively barred any from entering, even the bravest of the captains of Morgoth. Combined with the bewilderment of the Girdle of Melian to the South, the Valley is a twisted land. Not even Beren the Great would speak of what he encountered, lest the memory itself take his life.
The creatures of Nan Dungortheb are fast, powerful, and resilient. They hold a form of control over the numerous Orcs despite lacking control themselves. Without the industry of Angband at their disposal, the Orcs can be slaughtered in droves, but can just as easily dish it out. Be wary of the speed and ferocity of most of this roster.

Nestled safely behind the walls of the Realm of Fingolfin, Lake Mithrim is home to a splintered people. The Sindar of Mithrim belong neither to the people of Doriath, nor the seafarers of the Falas. In this way, they are closer to their neighbors, the Noldor. They delight in the delving of stone and the art of mining. Despite their relative safety, the Sindar of Mithrim are keenly aware of the closeness of Morgoth in his Iron Fortress. News reaches their ears faster than most about the dealings of the High King, especially concerning the arrival of a new group of men.

Strong-armed and powerful warriors, the Sindar are a deadly foe. What they lack in armor they make up for in pure strength and brutality. They are able to carry massive shields, even to the youngest elf. They also boast the ability to craft special arrows, found deep within the hills of that land. These arrows are perfect deterrents to the invaders who close in from all sides.

The Dwarves of Ered Luin have a long and tumultuous history with the other races of Beleriand. First called upon to aid in the building of King Thingol’s halls of Menegroth, the Naugrim have come to distrust most Elven kind. Even so, they revile the Dark Lord and his servants and have faithfully fought to end his reign at every turn. The two mansions of Nogrod and Belegost hold the populace of the Firebeards and the Broadbeams, two distinct clans. As opposed to their kin to the far east in the halls of Khazad-dum, the Naugrim of Ered Luin are more open and less static. They regularly remove from their halls to do battle on the open plain, though it may be to their peril.

Typical of all Dwarves, the Naugrim of Ered Luin are doughty, resilient, and valiant. These Dwarves have had to adapt to a changing war. They can’t simply rest peacefully within their halls but must be offensive in nature. Mobile artillery is one of these innovations.

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