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New info, art and GIFs! These two pairs of super-powered undies are all about using speed to get up close and personal.

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The Underpants of Brief Battles Part 2 is here! We're sharing more art, info and GIFs about two dash and bash pairs of Brief Battles underpants.

Don't know much about Brief Battles? It's all about the fighting your friends with super-powered underpants! Players equip underpants during battle to be granted absurd combat powers!

Let’s get right to it! These two pairs of super-powered undies are all about using speed to get up close and personal.

Underpants of Protection

Underpants of Protection main ability:

Unleash the energy of your shield, sacrificing your protection and thrusting you across the arena to escape peril or charge at your foes, damaging and stunning them on impact.

The extras:

  • Protective shield of energy to absorb damage from projectiles.
  • Stun any opponents who come into contact with the surface of your shield.

Underpants of Protection GIF

Leopard Print

Leopard Print main ability:

Lunge at targets with a swift but lethal slash of your claws.

The extras:

  • Speedily leap and weave around obstacles and foes!
  • You get razor-sharp claws, fluffy ears and a cute tail!

Leopard Print GIF

That’s all for part 2! We’ll be posting part 3 soon, so keep a lookout or follow our Indie DB / Greenlight announcements. Missed part 1? You can check it out here:

If you haven’t already voted for Brief Battles on Greenlight and you think it's worthy of your judgment, please head over to the main page, vote and tell your friends!

You can find the greenlight right here:

Thank you to everyone who's supported our Greenlight campaign so far! We’ve had amazing feedback and we can’t wait to bring underpant battling action to PC! <3

Looking to see more? Check out our latest Alpha Classic Battle gameplay video or new screenshots below:

Brief Battles - Alpha Classic Battle Gameplay:

Latest Screenshots:

Brief Battles Ice

Brief Battles Mountains

Brief Battles Cave


- Andrew & Tim


Looking great guys!! Jeep uo the good work!
Much Love.

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JuicyCupcake Author

:D Cheers for the feedback! Much appreciated!

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JuicyCupcake Author

Hey Wylie, it's been a while but wanted to let you know that we now have a Demo available and we're smack bang in the middle of running a Kickstarter! If you want to check it out the Demo is the first link on the KS page

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