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So, here’s something that folks may not know – I was once outrageously obsessed with The Sims. That life simulator/god game provided countless hours of gameplay as I forced Sims to bend to my will. Because of a taste for these types of experiences, it was impossible to skip past the TGL: ThanksGiving LIFE (hencefore referred to only as “TGL“) Kickstarter page without reading over every tidibt. Basically, TGL is a modern god game with focus on just one character. You select the character you’ll follow around, but basically it is your aim to get their life out of the doldrums and make them successful, or at least happy, individuals by completing their life goal.

It’s a simple concept with the potential for tons of replayability because different characters have different goals to achieve. In some ways this is a bit similar to more recent releases of The Sims, but still is a much narrower focus. With all that said, this is no Maxis-created work. DDT Games have a lovely idea but the current build of TGLdefinitely looks quite rough. Most of the English wonkiness is at least still understandable, but may not inspire confidence as far as potential backers are concerned.

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