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The full explanation of the story - from beginning to present day. Enjoy.

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Since their was no battle of Yavin, I've changed the year system from BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) and ABY (After the battle of Yavin) to:

BRV (Before the reign of Vader) (basically BBY)

ARV (After the reign of Vader) (basically ABY)

15 BRV:
-Vader takes Acris (only 5 years old) as his secret apprentice

-Alderaan destroyed by Death Star

-Vader and Caezar overthrow Palpatine, Vader sways nearly the entire Empire to support him, including important leaders like Tarkin, Thrawn, and Isard, and immediately campaigns against the Rebel Alliance once more

-Acris and Mara Jade are wed

-Rebels defeated and Imperial victory at Yavin IV, Rebels flee and establish base on Hoth

-Darth Maul escapes in the confusion of the coup and ends up with Black Sun

0.5 ARV
-Jerec declares himself Emperor and establishes the Grand Imperium with his capital at Bastion, many Imperial commanders swear allegiance to him and part of the Empire breaks away with the usurper

-Imperial victory led by Vader over Imperium at Fondor, Imperial victory led by Acris over Rebel Alliance at Rendili

-Imperial Military buildup expanded on a larger scale, Vader dedicates a large amount of the budget to military research

-Imperium defeats Imperial forces at Bilbringi

-Imperial victory over the Rebels at Korriban

-Rebel victory over the Empire at Bespin

-Jabba the Hutt named First Archon of the Hutt Cartel in which he begins recruiting famous bounty hunters and mercenaries to lead a growing Cartel Mercenary Army and Navy but still continues the Cartel's numerous illegal activities, reestablishment of the Hutt Empire

-Fenn Shysa, with his title of Mand'alor and the memory of his great warrior ancestors, begins to rebuild the Mandalorian military and calls out to all Mandalorians to rally to his side to fight the Empire and unworthy pirate scum. He also persuades several members of the former Cuy'val Dar to join his cause, including Kal Skirata and Walon Vau.

-Grand Admiral Zaarin declares his own Empire and takes a several sectors under his control with his capital at Corellia, other ambitious Imperial commanders break away from Vader as well

-Imperium attacks Fondor, defeated by the Empire

-Rebel Alliance takes Vergesso Asteroids

1.5 ARV
-Imperial xeno policies changed, first AARC's opened

-Mandalorians enter the war as allies of the Rebel Alliance

-Mandalorian victories over Empire at Wayland and Myrkr

-Alliance defeats Empire at Atzerri

-Imperial victory over Mandalorians at Taris

-Prince Xizor and the Black Sun enter the war and ally with the Imperium (yet not on a huge scale, you must decide Black Sun's amount of involvement) and illegally sell arms to any enemy of the Empire, including the Alliance

-The "New" Hutt Empire enters the war (same as Black sun, only on a small scale compared to the Alliance or Jerec, you must decide how involved the Hutts will be) led by Jabba

-Imperial forces defeat the Alliance at Bothawui but abandon the planet, occupied by the Black Sun

-Hutts defeat Black Sun at Hypori, but Xizor's counter-offensive drives them off world

-Empire defeats allied Black Sun and Imperium forces on Ord Mantell, Black Sun capital moved to Hypori, a few months later Imperium recaptures Ord Mantell from Empire

-Major Imperial victory on Balmorra, Rebel Alliance devastated, Major Imperial victory over Alliance over Boz Pity, Rebel fleet decimated, Vader and Kenobi dual - in which Kenobi is defeated and killed.

-On the verge of destruction, the Alliance appeals to the Hutt Empire and Black Sun for aid, the two crime organizations launch multiple attacks on the Empire and distract the Imperial military away from the Alliance

2.5 ARV
-Alliance between the Black Sun and Imperium is broken after Darth Maul and Silri fight with Sedriss QL and Tremayne, in which Silri is nearly killed and Sedriss badly injured - open war between the two factions begins

-Rebel Alliance, with Hutt and Black Sun money and aid, gets back on its feet and rebuilds a substantial amount of forces, begins once more attacking the Empire reestablishes itself as major contender for winning the war and freeing the galaxy, but Rebel holdouts are still spread out

-Empire defeats Imperium at Thyferra

-Mandalorian victory over Imperium at Muunilinst but leave the planet to regroup their forces

-Black Sun forces defeat Hutts over Rothana, Black Sun headquarters moved to Falleen.

-Empire defeats Mandalorian forces over Alderaan, devastating the Mandalorian Navy, Mandalorians now forced on the defensive

-Rebel victory over Empire at Trandosha

-Yoda passes away

2.7 ARV - Present Day (Start of Campaign)
-Luke, Leia, Han, and Rebel commandos infiltrate the Death Star and sabotage its several weapons systems, including the super laser, sent to the Maw for repairs - but Rebel fleet led by Ackbar destroys the first Death Star.

-Hutts besiege Hypori, but are turned back by the Black Sun

-Alliance recaptures Yavin IV

-Start of campaign


Great time lije, great work!

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DarthCaesar Author


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Awesome timeline you got here!!! Cant wait to play the finished product. So will there be alliance making in the mod? Also in you 1 ARV slot it seems like you forgot to say what the rebels took.

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DarthCaesar Author

Haha just realized that thanks. And I'm not sure, I thought about making some factions allies and you won't be required to attack them or they won't attack you. It's something I'm considering.

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No problem, and I think you should. It would be the first mod for the EaW game that I've seen to have such a features.

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this is an awesome idea

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Love this timeline more than George Lucas's.

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