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Come and check our new series about the making of FEUDUMS, with insider topics about techie dilemmas, good or bad choices, in-progress and feature videos, screenshots, and all that stuff! The first piece is about the animals of the world of FEUDUMS.

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The Making Of Feudums

I. Of Birds and Herds

As we intend to give you insight into the project, Derek has just started a somewhat technical topic about The Making of FEUDUMS. If you're interested to learn about techie black magic and fascinating technical dilemmas, you may want to follow it!

Hi all,

so the task is to show something about what we are doing. The basic map of the game is nearly done, we have beautiful tile graphics (thanks to our graphic artist, who worked on the Might and Magic: Heroes 6 previously), an endless map for 160.000 players (you are aware that this is an MMO, right?) and we want to add a touch of liveliness to the map. Nothing that would affect the scene or the play, but makes it animated.

We are using a few different creature on the scene, like domesticated farm animals and wild games or even birds above the cities.

The problem with the standard way that creates and uses a few different animations is that after a while the whole thing will be too plastic, too artificial.

To avoid this we created then a generic herd class, which does not control the unique animals that run their underlying animations (like the flapping of the birds) but gives them clues where the whole herd will be moving. In this way the herd can move together and the animals still independently find their own way. The result, I hope, will be satisfying while you are going to watch the screen and browse the battleground. :)

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