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I have published a long expected guide that describes majority of mod unique features, how it all works, and also brings some information on factions, and their lore in a context of the mod.

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The Elder Scrolls Guide of Features
(Unofficial Patch)
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The guide by no means serve as a full list of mod features of the Unofficial Patch for TES:TW, for that see the official lengthy release article/changelog, but rather as a guide to provide you with more information about specific unique features of the mod and how they work, overview of the events, and also a deeper knowledge of the factional features, i.e., what maks each faction/race different towards the other factions and also of the lore of the factions within the context of the mod.

As the the guide is pretty long, go and see it on Total War Center, where it was also possible to format it nicely in its whole entirety


The contents of the TES guide:

(even if you are not fan of UP, you might want to read VIII. to know how to get all the mercenary armies)

I. Units and Recruitment

II. Buildings and Settlements

III. Lore Guilds, Missions and Dungeons

IV. Traits and Ancillaries

V. Alchemy Crafting

VI. Necromancy - Raising the Dead

VII. Forts as Minor Settlements

VIII. Recruitment Events - "Mercenary Armies"

IX. Game Lore Events

X. Army Upkeep Script

XI. Difficulty Settings

XII. Natural Disasters

XIII. Dragon Raids

XIV. Map and Campaign Overhaul

XV. Shadow, Horde, Emergent, and Re-Emergent Factions

XVI. Custom Campaigns

XVII. General Tips

XVIII. Factional Features and their brief lore

XIX. The Art of War and Magic - How to Win a War

Dont forget to check the newly released HOTFIX for 2.0.3 (29h Octoberl 2021)!


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Very awesome read, great to have a lengthy recap in one place. Thanks for the writeup and all your hard work

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