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A full list of every AI and a very short summary of what they do.

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Offense and production, spends no money on defenses.

Likes Peacekeepers, a balanced AI.

Special Tactics AI.

A standard AI which will use a warfactory or airfield opening.

Spectrum obsession, only builds spectrum towers for defenses.

Variety AI.

An AI which likes to save up money and then spend it later.

Dolphin spam.

An AI with a love for air units and superweapons.

A standard Airforce focus AI.

Defense spam and superweapon AI.

Aggressive tier 2 AI.

A strange AI with no true focus, it uses Naomi's style of attack.

IFV Spam.

Standard allied AI with a higher preference for Javelins.

Lissette's twin sister, likes Mirage tanks.

Unorthodox unlogical AI.

A standard tech focus AI.

Double barracks infantry focus gameplay with unpredictable protocol usage.

Century bomber preference, may use infantry drops with them.

Defensive AI which rushes superweapons and like amphibious attacks.

An AI which likes to attack when he has the advantage.

Allied tank spam AI.

Allied navy focus.

Spy spam AI, likes keep spare cash so he can use bribe even more.

AI made by Gregory1001.

Limited infantry use.

Tier 1 vehicle focus.

Air obsession AI, fast dual airfield opening.

Standard allied AI with a larger preference to mix infantry with army.

Counter units.

Based on WalfTheWolf.

Balanced AI.

Cryocopter rusher, and cryocopter spammer.

Based on Yuiyui.

Based on Zokker13.


Limited infantry use.

Apoc spam and fast tier 3.

Variety AI.

Kirov rusher and spammer.

Based on Dankal.

Tesla troop spam with a crane opening.

Explosion lover, he spams v4, kirovs and dreadnoughts.

A standard AI which doesn't skip tier 1.

Air obsessed AI, rushes airfield before her 2nd refinery.

Fast warfactory opening, standard soviet AI.

Aggressive attack style, with a very defensive opening.

Avoids using soviet tanks.

Double barracks opening, conscript spam.

Hammer & Sickle.

Based on Kivi.

Tesla obsessed, only builds tesla coils for defense.

Standard soviet AI.

Special Tactics AI.

An AI which likes to save up money and then spend it later.

Defense spam and superweapon AI.

Tesla technology and terror drones, rusher AI.

Soviet Navy AI.

Balanced AI.

Triple Barracks opening, infantry focus.

Unorthodox unlogical AI.

Flak obsessed, only build flak turrets for defense.

Standard soviet AI with a lower preference for defensive structures.

Stingray rusher and spammer.

Terror drone spammer.

Based on Tingu.

An AI which likes to attack when he has the advantage.

A standard soviet AI which like to focus on tier 2 mid game.

Counter units.

A standard soviet AI which prefers to attack in large numbers.

A standard air focus AI.

Aggressive tier 2 AI.


An AI which likes to attack when he has the advantage.

Imperial warriors and Tengu's, opens with two dojo's.

Double mechabay opening.

Seawing spammer.

Standard Japan AI.

Based on Eminence.

Variety AI.

Aggressive tier 2 AI.

VX spammer.

Burst drone spammer.

Prefers to attack in large numbers.

Anti air focus.

Slight preference for anti air units.

Based on JuJu.

Defense spam and superweapon AI.

Transforming unit focus AI.

Limited infantry use.

Defensive Japan AI.

Shogun rusher.

Navy focus AI.

Based on o-80.

Triple dojo opening, Infantry spammer with a larg preference for rocket

Standard empire, with a dislike for defensive structures and a desire to quickly
expand and tech.

Double dojo opening, likes a bit of infantry spam but has a mixed

Wave force obsessed, spams wave force artillery and only builds wave force towers for

Tsunami tank spammer.

Balanced AI.

Shogun spammer.

Hates VX and avoids building them.

Standard Japan AI.

Unorthodox unlogical AI.

Counter units.

Shinobi spammer.

An AI which likes to save up money and then spend it later.

Yuriko rusher

Special Tactics AI.

vader333 - - 619 comments

What the... Ok... It would be good if you consolidated some and made the program able to pick one of the personalities in response to the players actions and environment variables.

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JonnyKnows Author
JonnyKnows - - 27 comments

Being able to switch personalities would lead to them not being unique. Some AI's like the Bogatir, don't start off as an obvious kirov rusher.

While other AI's will go right into their strategy like Maasaki. The AI's are more than just an opening and style, they have their own quirks. Some prefer to build more defenses than others, others will even adapt despite what they want to do. Takeda hates VX, but he will build them when he feels he has no other choice.

The AI with limited infantry use will not build more infantry if needed though. By playing with these AI's you can learn their styles and preferences.

Thus combining them would unite these strategies under 1 personality preference. This sort of AI does exist too, each AI with the "variety AI" description will open in many different ways and have a focus on using different tactics while maintaining efficiency.

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matthewlarah1111 - - 14 comments

Which AI's in your options are the best and why?

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