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Frequently Asked Questions. Also some info for the budding modder!

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Temple+ FAQ

Temple+ 1.0.63


Q. What is Temple+?
A. Temple+ is an engine enhancement & bugfixes mod for ToEE. It includes many quality of life improvements, bugfixes, and new features, such as:

  • New feats, races & classes
  • New combat actions & monster abilities
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • UI improvements
  • "House Rules" customization options

See full changelog here:

Q. Is Temple+ Compatible with Co8?
A. Yes.
Q. Will my savegame be compatible?
A. Yes, you can continue with your current savegame. You can't go back to normal Co8 with Temple+ saves however.
Q. Does the order of installation matter? Do I need to reinstall anything?
A. There is no need for either. Temple+ installs independently of Co8.
Q. Do I use the Co8 Front-End?
Only once, just to activate the Co8 module. (don't forget the Activate button!)
Afterwards, Temple+ must run from its shortcut rather than the Co8 Front-End.
Q. Does Temple+ contain all the fixes from Co8? Is it redundant to install both?
A. There many fixes in Co8 that are not present in Temple+. In that regard it is recommended to install both.

Q. Where do I get the latest version?
A. Usually the ModDB download page has the most recent version. Temple+ also has an automatic updater that will ensure you have the latest version when you run it. You can also find it at the Github releases.
Q. How does the auto-update process work?
A. When you run Temple+, the bottom right corner should give an indication of whether you are running the latest version, and if not, it will fetch the latest from the github page. When an update is available, it will get downloaded, and then upon completion it will indicate that you should restart your game - you'll need to exit and relaunch Temple+ for the update to manifest.
Q. What if I don't want automatic updates?
A. In that case tick the 'Disable Auto-updates' box in the Temple+ configurator.

Q. How do I enable Prestige Classes?
A. After installing Temple+, it will bring up the Configuration utility. There, click on 'House Rules' and tick the Prestige Classes checkbox.

Q. Are you going to add new content / adventures?
A. Temple+ is focused on engine enhancement. New content such as maps, quests, and adventures are out of scope.

Q. Will you add multiplayer?
A. Not in the near term.

Q. Will you add zoom-in?
A. Likewise.

Q. How to speed up character movement animation speed?
A. Open the console (shift + ~), open the Cheats menu-> Speedup.

Bugs & Common Issues

Q. Where do I report bugs?
A. Preferably Here. You can also send an email to or post it over the Co8 forum.

Please describe the problem as fully as possible, what your game version is, and provide a savegame to help us reproduce the issue.

Sending savegames:
<ToEE folder>\modules\ToEE\Save\
Make sure to include all the relevant files! Example:

slot0002[save name].gsi (where [save name] is replaced with the name of your save game)

Log file & crash dumps:
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\TemplePlus

You can zip the files and send via email, attach on forum post, or upload to a free filesharing site (e.g.

Q. Temple+ ran fine, and then suddenly it stopped working.
A. Delete templeplus.ini file in the folder:
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\TemplePlus

Modding & Tweaking

Q. Where can I find info on modding Temple+?
A. You'll find most of the necessary info on Temple+ modding wiki. If something's not in there, just ask!
For more info on modding, check out the following threads:
Making New Spells for ToEE
Temple+ Modding Discussion

Q. The fonts are very small in high resolution!
A. You can tweak font sizes. Go to

quoteContainer wrote: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\TemplePlus\app-1.x.xx\tpdata\

Copy the fonts folder to

quoteContainer wrote: [TOEE FOLDER]\overrides\

And tweak the file mapping.json.
There's an example file newfonts_mapping.json that replaces all the fonts. You can copy its contents to mapping.json and play around with it.
Be aware that some text might spill over if you enlarge it too much.
Also, the Co8 mod already replaces a lot of fonts with size 12 fonts, so it's recommended to play with it.

Q. Can I bring in my own fonts using this method?
A. Yes :)

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