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An up to date list of all Tech Buildings currently in TSE.

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Tech Buildings are structures that originally belong to no particular faction and cannot be constructed by them but can be captured for various bonuses. Once captured, all Tech Buildings provide a build radius, which allows buildings to be placed around it.

Mutant Hovel
Mutant Hovel
Purpose: Mutant Recruitment

Mutant Hovel is a G-330X habitat module inhabited and customized by the Forgotten.
If an Engineer or Assimilator manages to enter the hovel, he can act as a middle man in a deal with the mutants and acquire support for their sides war effort. The commander concerned may then hire Mutants. Mutants may only emerge from a Mutant Hovel.

Mutant Marauder
Mutant Marauder
Prerequisite: Mutant Hovel
Weapon: Talon Tiberium Flechette Gun x2
Cost: $120
Veteran Bonus:
Increased hitpoints
Elite Bonus:
Moves faster
We'll fight for you!

More durable than Troopers or Devouts and effective against enemy infantry. This unit can also heal in Tiberium patches.

Mutant Fanatic
Mutant Fanatic
Prerequisite: Mutant Hovel + Command Post OR Operations Center
Weapon: Tiberium-based Explosives
Cost: $600
We will be remembered!

Suicide infantry dedicated to a commander's cause, Mutant Fanatics will rush without fear towards enemy units or structures before detonating their charges. Explosive charges are powerful against all targets and damage is randomised (sometimes some explosives may fail to detonate or the mixture was more potent then thought) This unit can also heal in Tiberium patches.

Mutant Hijacker
Mutant Hijacker
Prerequisite: Mutant Hovel + Tech Center OR Tech Assembler
Cost: $900
You talking to me?

The Mutant Hijacker is an exceptionally skilled mutant trained in carjackings. Equipped with no weapons except a knife when hijacking vehicles, Mutant Hijackers rely on their speed to reach a target. This unit can also heal in Tiberium patches.

Purpose: Promotes infantry
Old military facilities from The First Tiberium War. If an Engineer or Assimilator manages to enter the Armory, he can reactivate the Armory for a commanders use. The supplies and secure training barracks will promote any infantry unit which manually enters the structure to elite status.

Purposes: Heals infantry

Civilian facilities which provide medical care to infantry. If an Engineer or Assimilator manages to enter the Hospital, he can restore power to the facility for the commanders use. The expertise and supplies found in the hospital will heal any infantry unit which manually enters the structure. Even Enlightened cyborgs which have lost their legs are known to have been repaired.

blubb (Mutant Hovel structure, Mutant Fanatic infantry)
Bittah Commander (Armory structure editing)
EA/Westwood Studios (Mutant Marauder, Mutant Fanatic, Mutant Hijacker) base image for cameo
Starkku Image Editing

GrimSheeper - - 670 comments

Pretty cool stuff, imagine the AI will not always fully utilize them though?

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AlliedG Author
AlliedG - - 192 comments

The AI may attempt to siege control of the structures but unfortunately the logics cannot be utilised by the AI (in terms of ordering infantry into a structure)

However the campaign will feature elements from this feature e.g. mutant fanatics attacking a outpost or enemy forces have seized control of a important Armory/Hospital

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