Basic information on agent Tanya ( Release 5 alpha, updated Release 8 ).

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Name: Tanya
Side: Allies
ERA: Red Alert
Base Asset: EA ( Plus additional XML edits by me)

Tanya is the allied commando unit.
This Tanya is a composite of Tanya's various appearances across the Red alert series.

At the most basic level she still primarily has the dual colts which allows her to massacre enemy infantry at alarming rates.

"Body count rising!"

As usual though, Tanya has to get within range of enemy fire, and because this is a squad based game, it is possible for Tanya to be overwhelmed by mass enemy infantry (especially cheap gun based infantry).
Important: do not attempt to engage a large number of Tesla troopers, they will quickly kill Tanya!

Tanya's C4 charges are similar to the Yuri's Revenge version, in that they can destroy both vehicles and structures. Of course there are quite a few vehicles that are too fast for Tanya, and also there are certain gun based vehicles that have no reason to flee, but if the vehicles are slow enough and if they have trouble doing damage to Tanya, she can destroy them very quickly.

"Vehicles or structures? no problem!"

Temporal belt

Tanya has a different version of her temporal belt from RA3. This version houses a couple of abilities which are designed to make Tanya's life easier.

Speed boost

The first ability is a simple speed boost. This doubles Tanya's speed for 10 seconds. This has obvious offensive and defensive uses.
Offensively you can use the speed boost once you are inside an enemy base. The extra speed will mean that you will be able to destroy more targets. Or you could use the speed boost has a last ditch tactic, to reach a key enemy structure before you are killed.

Tanya has a blue trail when moving with the speed boost

Defensively, it is simply about using the speed boost to get out of trouble. The extra speed will allow you to get a good distance away from average speed enemies, and allow you to recover any lost health away from combat.
This ability reloads in 30 seconds.


The belt's EMP ability was added for release 5. It is deployed in a similar manner to the Nod buggy's EMP ability, and also has a similar effect and effect radius.
Use this to EMP groups of enemy vehicles to make them easier to destroy safely. Or use it on enemy structure (ie static defences), to cut enemy power, or halt production.

EMP enemy harvesters...

Which makes them easier to destroy!

You can even use the speed boost to close in quickly on enemy vehicles, then use the EMP whilst you are amongst them!
This ability reloads in 60 seconds.

Self heal

As of release 5, Tanya no longer needs to get the Medic upgrade in order to be able to self heal. This makes things a lot easier when it comes to defensive use of the speed boost (attack enemy, speed boost out of trouble, recover health, repeat).


A large factor in covert commando usage is denying your opponent the 'enemy commando detected' EVA announcement for as long as possible. One of the simpler ways of doing this is to place Tanya in one of the transports which the allies have.
The IFV is obviously not an option here because Tanya is a unique unit with her own IFV variant. As such it is obvious if Tanya is in an IFV, so there can be no element of surprise.

On the ground the stealthed nature of the Phase transport makes it aperfect option.
Avoid enemy detectors, get inside their base... and then the fun begins!
Remember that as a balance measure, Tanya will be slow and very vulnerable for the first few seconds after exiting the transport, this is to give your opponent a small window of opportunity to react.

Avoid enemy stealth detectors!

If you have an Airforce Command, then from release 8 onwards, Tanya is able to call a personal Nighthawk transport (for a very small price $200), although it should be noted that this version of the Nighthawk is unarmed, and also will appear on enemy a radar.

Sneak along the edge of a map, and find an undefended spot to land, and let the chaos begin!

If you chose to use a Nighthawk purchased from Airforce Command, not only will it not appear on your enemies radar, and be armed, but you will also have the option to upgrade it with long range bombardment, which you can use to clear anti-infantry defences (at the cost of the element of surprise).
The air transport option becomes very powerful when natural obstacles such as large bodies of water, or mountain ranges, can be used to the air transports advantage to evade ground units.

However once Tanya has surprised an opponent in their base, they are in serious trouble! use the speed boost, and prioritise your targets. A well placed EMP can work wonders!

"Kiss it bye bye!"


For the Allies, a Sniper will kill Tanya in 1 hit (an upgraded Sniper will easily deal with Tanya even if she uses her speed boost to close in). An upgraded Longbow can use its gun to deal with Tanya without response. At the lowest level, any gun based vehicle can deal with her cost effectively, or at least send her into retreat.

For the Soviets, the Hind is the preferred option (less than a second, job done). Obviously Tanya has to avoid the Kirov MkII (although the slow speed of the Kirov should make this simple). A couple of Half-tracks will easily deal with Tanya, and cost less to purchase then she does. Finally a couple of Terror drones (1 even), can make short work of Tanya because her guns do no damage to them!

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