The Story So Far... Part 1: StarCraft and part 2: Brood War

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Terrans first journeyed to the far edge of the galaxy when a navigational malfunction sent their automated colony vessels hurtling off course. Bypassing their intended target, the ships crash-landed on three worlds scattered across the Koprulu sector.

Over several decades the terrans established colonies, spread to other planets, and came into conflict with one another. In the decade after the end of the Guild Wars, the Terran Confederacy stood unchallenged in its supremacy over colonial space.

The terran colonies first became aware they were not alone in the universe when a gleaming fleet of protoss warships suddenly emerged over the Confederate world of Chau Sara. The advanced alien ships incinerated the planet's surface without warning.

Reeling from the unprovoked attack, the Confederacy sent a fleet led by Colonel Edmund Duke, to protect the nearby colony of Mar Sara. Surprisingly the protoss retreated, and Colonel Duke proudly declared the retreat a Confederate victory.


Back on Mar Sara, Marshal Jim Raynor responded to a distress call out in the wastelands. He found a terran outpost that had been infested by unknown alien organisms. Realizing there could be no survivors, he and his men destroyed it.

The Confederacy reacted by imprisoning Raynor and his men. Further alien attacks broke out on the planet. It took the arrival of an anti-Confederacy rebel group called the Sons of Korhal to begin any sort of organized resistance to the aliens, which had become known as the zerg.

The bestial zerg spread too swiftly to be stopped. Freed by the rebels, Raynor uncovered proof that the Confederacy had anticipated the zerg's arrival. He and the rebel leader, Arcturus Mengsk, evacuated everyone they could from Mar Sara before the protoss fleet reappeared and incinerated the planet.


Thoroughly disillusioned, Raynor joined the Sons of Korhal. On the planet of Antiga Prime he worked with Mengsk's second-in-command, Sarah Kerrigan--formerly a ghost, one of the Confederacy's elite psionic assassins--whom Mengsk had liberated from the government's neural conditioning. Raynor and Kerrigan developed into a formidable team.

Mengsk quickly stirred up a full-scale revolt against Confederate forces on Antiga Prime. Now a general, Duke tried to intervene, but his ship fell victim to a zerg attack. In a stunning coup Mengsk persuaded the general to join the Sons of Korhal in exchange for saving Duke's command and his life from the rampaging aliens.

Hastily the Confederacy sent reinforcement troops to the planet. However, Kerrigan and Mengsk discovered a terrible secret: Confederate scientists had constructed a "psi emitter", a device that acted as a beacon for the zerg. Tests of this new doomsday weapon had drawn the zerg to Mar Sara and other colonies.

Mengsk ordered a psi emitter to be planted in the Confederate base on Antiga Prime, and the zerg swarmed in to destroy the Confederate forces. Soon afterwards the protoss incinerated the planet from orbit, just as they had Chau Sara and Mar Sara.


"Jimmy, drop the knight-in-shining-armor routine. It suits you sometimes. Just not... not now. I don't need to be rescued. I know what I'm doing. The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg. I know that because... well I just know it. I am a Ghost, remember? Once we've dealt with the Protoss, we can do something about the Zerg. Arcturus will come around. I know he will."

Next Mengsk struck at the ultimate prize, the world of Tarsonis, capital of the Confederacy. He overrode his lieutenants' misgivings and had General Duke place psi emitters on the unblemished and densely populated world. As the zerg descended on Tarsonis, Raynor began to question Mengsk's sanity: no measure seemed too extreme for Mengsk if it achieved his goals. Even so, Raynor did not fully understand the depths of Mengsk's malice.

This time the leader of the protoss fleet, Executor Tassadar, deployed ground forces in an effort to save the planet. There was every chance the protoss could succeed, and so Mengsk ordered Kerrigan to vanquish the protoss on Tarsonis. Despite her concerns Kerrigan obeyed and ensured that the planet would fall to the zerg.

Surrounded by zerg, she called for evac from the doomed planet. However, in a shocking betrayal, Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan and her troops to their fate. Furious, Raynor departed Mengsk's flagship, the Hyperion, and returned to Tarsonis, but he arrived too late to prevent Kerrigan's capture by the zerg.


"I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me."
Arcturus Mengsk

Despite this minor setback Arcturus Mengsk's victory was all but complete. With Tarsonis destroyed the Confederacy collapsed. Most Confederate survivors quickly joined the Sons of Korhal, which became the primary military force opposing the alien invaders. The former rebels saved many terran lives. They only hesitated when a planet did not welcome their intervention. After all, as Mengsk remarked sadly, a planet's local government had ultimate authority on that planet. Besides, the Sons of Korhal had limited resources, and it was a time of war.

As planet after planet appealed to the Sons of Korhal for aid, Mengsk announced that a new government, the Terran Dominion, was necessary to keep watch over these worlds. He declared himself emperor of the Dominion, and he promised victory over the aliens.

Meanwhile, Raynor realized too late that he had begun to fall in love with Sarah Kerrigan. Unable to save her now, he resolved to seek justice in her name.


Terrans mistakenly believed that the zerg were an instinct-driven hive society, but in fact a supreme sentience, the Overmind, controlled the zerg via intermediaries called cerebrates. Moreover, the Overmind had acquired a promising creature on Tarsonis, a creature that would serve the Swarm in new ways.

This creature was wrapped in a protective chrysalis and transported to the remote ash world of Char, where it awaited its rebirth into the Swarm. The creature's powerful psionic emanations drew terran and protoss forces to Char, but the zerg fought off the interlopers and protected the chrysalis until it opened. A new being emerged: someone who would alter the future of the entire Koprulu sector forever.

Sarah Kerrigan emerged from the chrysalis a loyal servant of the Overmind. Her evolution had unlocked the fantastic potential of her psionic powers and incredible strength. Stripped of human ethics and morality, she was ruthlessly dedicated to the Swarm's survival.

During her time in the chrysalis, Kerrigan had been confused and distressed. She had reached out telepathically to her former comrades, Arcturus Mengsk and Jim Raynor. Raynor had come to Char to save her. Mengsk had sent General Duke, perhaps hoping to regain Kerrigan as an ally, perhaps simply wanting to capture and study whatever remained of her. Whatever their hopes, both men arrived too late. Her confusion was gone, and she easily drove the terrans away.

Yet the Overmind also suffered a terrible blow. Protoss led by Executor Tassadar kept the Queen of Blades and a number of other zerg busy while a dark templar named Zeratul assassinated one of the Overmind's cerebrates. The zerg formerly controlled by the slain lieutenant ran amok, turning on the rest of the Swarm, which were forced to destroy them.
"Well spoken, Concubine of the Zerg. But though we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light."

Yet all was not lost for the zerg. When Zeratul had killed the cerebrate, he had made a fleeting telepathic contact with the Overmind. In that moment, the Overmind had discovered the secret location of the protoss homeworld, Aiur.

Long had the Overmind sought the protoss homeworld. With the location of Aiur and the terrans to serve as the zerg's newest servants, the Overmind was confident that the Swarm could finally defeat and assimilate the protoss. Using protoss DNA, the Overmind would produce the perfect killing machines: a new strain of zerg that would conquer the rest of creation.


The Queen of Blades hunted down the protoss on Char while the main force of the zerg departed to assault Aiur. Although Aiur's inhabitants resisted valiantly, the zerg established a foothold among the planet's lush jungles, and the Overmind embedded itself in the planet's surface.

As the ruling caste of the protoss, the Judicator caste held authority over all protoss on Aiur. The caste's governing body, the Conclave, was in furor. Executor Tassadar, leader of the protoss warrior caste, was fighting on distant Char and defying the Conclave's orders to incinerate any terran world infested by the zerg. Now the zerg threatened to overrun Aiur.

A new executor, Artanis, was chosen and sent into battle, winning a crucial victory in the province of Antioch. Soon afterward Tassadar contacted Artanis and spoke of the battles upon Char, the discovery of the dark templar, and Zeratul's victory against the cerebrate.


The dark templar had been banished from Aiur long ago for refusing to become part of the Khala, a deep telepathic connection that had linked all protoss in ancient times. Most protoss believed that the reestablishment of the Khala had ended millennia of civil war and saved their race from extinction.

Thus, Tassadar's decision to work alongside the dark templar, even against the zerg, was heresy in the eyes of the Conclave. The horrified protoss demanded that he return to Aiur, but Tassadar refused, saying he would return when the time was right.

At Tassadar's recommendation, Artanis shifted tactics on Aiur, targeting a cerebrate with a small detachment while his main force kept the zerg occupied. The cerebrate's death threw its minions into disarray, but they recovered when the Overmind reincarnated the slain leader. Only the potent energies wielded by the dark templar could ensure a cerebrate's permanent destruction. The Conclave directed Artanis to return to traditional tactics, and he won another battle in the province of Scion, albeit at great cost.


"Stay thy hand, Judicator. The stewards of Tassadar shall not fall while the Dark Templar live. Call off your guards and stand aside, and you may yet live to see another moonrise."

Confident of their final victory, the Conclave dispatched Executor Artanis to bring Tassadar back to Aiur for judgment. Artanis journeyed to Char and regretfully informed his predecessor of the Conclave's wishes. Tassadar agreed to return peacefully if the executor helped him free Zeratul and the other dark templar from a terran installation where they had been trapped by the zerg.

Artanis agreed, and Jim Raynor and his crew also joined the fight. Raynor and the dark templar then accompanied Tassadar back to Aiur, where they planned to help fight the invasion. Unfortunately the Conclave proved intractable in refusing to work with the dark templar. The Judicator caste came to blows with Tassadar's loyal followers and their allies.

Unable to bear the sight of his people destroying themselves, Tassadar surrendered himself to Judicator justice. Even so, his allies swiftly liberated him from imprisonment to face the approaching crisis.


The Conclave had seriously underestimated the zerg. The protoss military was almost exhausted, whereas the zerg seemed more numerous than ever. Whole continents were being overrun, and Zeratul had worse news to impart. When he had slain the cerebrate on Char, a telepathic link had briefly connected him with the Overmind. He had seen that the evolution of the zerg, like that of the protoss, had been directed and speeded by a race known as the xel'naga.
"Remember us, Executor. Remember what was done here today. May Adun watch over you."
TassadarUltimately the Overmind had outgrown the xel'naga's control and devoured that ancient race. Now the Overmind intended to consume the protoss as well. If it succeeded, no one would be able to stand against the zerg.

Tassadar rallied the flagging protoss for one last push against their foes, making peace with the failing Conclave shortly before the battle. He and the other heroes only weakened the zerg while sustaining heavy losses themselves. In a last desperate gamble, Tassadar channeled the energy of the dark templar through the hull of his ship, the Gantrithor, and steered it on a collision course with the monstrous Overmind.

The resulting massive explosion killed the Overmind and threw its minions on Aiur into disarray. The protoss had little cause to rejoice, though, for much of Aiur was left in ruins. Furthermore, the zerg race itself was undefeated. Far away on the planet Char, Kerrigan felt the death of the Overmind and finally grasped the true purpose of her creation. The reign of the Queen of Blades was about to begin.



Tassadar's brave sacrifice had destroyed the Overmind, but countless rampaging zerg remained on Aiur and would surely overrun the surviving protoss. Zeratul offered sanctuary on Shakuras, the adopted home of the dark templar. Although the decision was difficult, Executor Artanis and the surviving members of the shattered Conclave agreed that their first duty was to save as many lives as possible.

Jim Raynor's forces and the protoss cut a path through the zerg to reach an ancient xel'naga warp gate, the relic of an earlier age. Using the gate, Zeratul opened a connection to a second gate on Shakuras. During the battle, Raynor and some of the protoss were cut off, but Artanis and Zeratul led many other protoss through the gate to safety on Shakuras.

To their horror, they found that the zerg were following them through the gate. The evacuees joined forces with their dark brethren and fought the invasion. Meanwhile, Raynor's forces and a handful of protoss chose to remain on Aiur and shut down its warp gate, ensuring that no further zerg reinforcements could reach Shakuras. With no means of escape, this brave band seemed doomed.


"Very well, Kerrigan. We shall hear what you have to say. But be warned: We will not suffer your treachery here."

Sorrowfully the dark templar led their visitors to meet Raszagal, the ancient matriarch who ruled Shakuras. The protoss' first priority was to battle the spreading zerg infestation of Shakuras. Raszagal declared that a xel'naga temple on Shakuras could cleanse the planet, but its activation required two crystals--the Khalis and the Uraj--that had been lost long ago.

Kerrigan arrived unexpectedly and told the wary protoss that with the Overmind slain, she was no longer the merciless killer she had been. However, the surviving cerebrates had merged to create a new Overmind that would soon control the Swarm and transform Kerrigan back into the Overmind's pawn.

Kerrigan offered to help retrieve the Khalis and Uraj, and Raszagal accepted, overriding the objections of Artanis and Zeratul. The protoss heroes and Kerrigan departed for the planet Braxis, where they secured the Uraj. In the process they encountered an unfamiliar terran force identifying itself as the United Earth Directorate (UED). Ordered to surrender, the protoss refused and eluded capture.

Their next destination was Char, where the protoss located the Khalis, dangerously near the developing Overmind. Pitting themselves against the zerg and the young Overmind, Kerrigan and the protoss retrieved Khalis and returned to Shakuras.


"There is something amiss here. The Matriarch has always been a wise and gentle soul. Though there is some merit in her decision, this is very unlike her."
"That may well be... But right now we have a friend to kill. May Adun forgive us."

There they found that some of the Aiur evacuees had turned against their dark templar allies. Already in the midst of a crisis, Raszagal was in no mood to negotiate and ordered the dark templar to vanquish the dissenters. Zeratul found the command troubling, but he and his allies obeyed. As the traitors' resistance crumbled, the dark templar demanded that the rebel leader surrender. He refused, claiming that the other protoss were doomed and Raszagal was hiding a loathsome secret.

Before the traitor could explain his accusation, Kerrigan and her zerg minions slew him. Zeratul angrily ordered Kerrigan to leave Shakuras. She left willingly, telling him that their alliance had already achieved her goal. The cerebrates had refused to follow her leadership, and now with the dark templar's assistance, they were all but destroyed.

The zerg would overwhelm Shakuras unless the protoss unleashed the xel'naga temple's power. Thus, the desperate protoss carried out their plan despite knowing that they were further aiding Kerrigan by doing so. Artanis and Zeratul carried the crystals to the temple's summit, channeled the temple's vast energies, and obliterated all zerg on Shakuras.


For some time the UED had kept a close watch over the terran colonies in the Koprulu sector. With the discovery of the protoss and zerg, the Directorate's ruling council decided it was time to reestablish control over their distant cousins.

The UED dispatched an expeditionary fleet led by Admiral DuGalle. His orders were to overthrow the Terran Dominion and capture the young Overmind. First, with the assistance of Samir Duran and his Confederate resistance forces, the UED fleet secured the planet Braxis as a staging point. Vice Admiral Stukov, DuGalle's tactical advisor, recruited Duran's group into the UED.

Next, DuGalle launched a surprise attack on the Dylarian shipyards, commandeering many of the Dominion's battlecruisers docked there. Dominion reinforcements arrived, led by General Edmund Duke, but they were outgunned and ultimately retreated. The triumphant UED laid waste to the shipyards and conscripted the remaining Dylarian defenders.

UED forces learned of a mysterious weapon on the planet Tarsonis: the psi disrupter, which could block zerg communications. If the Dominion secured the weapon, the UED would be unable to use the zerg as planned. Thus, Duran recommended destroying the weapon, and DuGalle agreed despite Stukov's objections.

Duran and other UED forces captured the psi disrupter, but several UED ghosts quickly arrived and announced that Stukov had ordered them to dismantle the device. Duran had little choice but to relinquish the weapon.


"Hah! The man who crowns himself 'Emperor' speaks to me of daring? You have far outlived your reputation citizen Mengsk. Captain, prepare to take the Emperor into custody."

The UED fleet headed to the planet Korhal IV, capital of the Dominion. Attacking Korhal's capital city, Augustgrad, DuGalle's fleet eventually surrounded the remainder of Mengsk's forces. UED forces prepared to take the deposed emperor into custody, but Jim Raynor arrived in Mengsk's old battlecruiser, the Hyperion, along with a small protoss fleet. Moments later, Raynor, his protoss allies, and Mengsk had escaped, and the UED fleet was in hot pursuit.

The UED tracked Raynor and Mengsk to Aiur, where the fugitives activated a warp gate in preparation for an escape. The gate's energies incited the surrounding zerg to attack, and to Stukov's shock, Duran's forces moved out of position, leaving UED forces on the planet open to attack by the Swarm. Unable to hold off the zerg and recapture Mengsk at the same time, Stukov withdrew his forces to rejoin the fleet. Stukov himself abruptly departed for Braxis.

DuGalle was puzzled to hear that Raynor and Mengsk had escaped, and Stukov had abandoned the battle on Aiur. When the UED detected a psi disrupter on Braxis, Duran concluded that Stukov had rebuilt the Tarsonis device to sabotage the UED's goals. Unable to deny the evidence, DuGalle ordered Duran to find and kill Stukov.
"I can't believe it. Yet the evidence is incontrovertible. Alexei, what have you done?"

Duran shot Stukov and then slipped away. Mortally wounded, Stukov told DuGalle that Duran was the real traitor and had likely been infested by the zerg. Duran had allowed Mengsk and Raynor to escape. Furthermore, Duran had suggested destroying the psi disrupter, which Stukov had reassembled because he was certain it was critical to saving humanity from the zerg.

Stukov's message convinced DuGalle, who established a garrison on Braxis before he led the UED fleet to Char. UED forces overcame the young Overmind's defenses and administered powerful neurostims so that the UED could control the Overmind.


As the drugs started taking effect, Duran and the Queen of Blades suddenly appeared in the UED's midst. Kerrigan introduced herself as the leader of the zerg. It was clear that Duran was indeed infested. DuGalle threatened to disrupt her control over the zerg with the psi disrupter, but Kerrigan said that she intended to destroy the weapon. She thanked DuGalle for executing Stukov and departed.

Establishing a base on Char, the UED took control of the Overmind's minions, who made up the vast majority of the Swarm. This control gave the UED a decisive advantage over Kerrigan, for the psi disrupter prevented her from controlling zerg that were not yet under the young Overmind's control.

"The only thing I can assure you of, Arcturus, is that without my help, you'll be the Emperor of your own little eight by eight cell for the rest of your life.

She contacted Shakuras and convinced Jim Raynor and the protoss to rescue the remains of the Dominion fleet from the UED. Raynor and the protoss remained distrustful, but she informed them that controlling the zerg was only the first step in the Directorate's plan. Earth would inevitably lock down the whole sector.

Furthermore, Kerrigan claimed that she bore Mengsk no ill will. She needed Mengsk's psi emitters to reclaim additional zerg minions, destroy the psi disrupter, and vanquish the Directorate fleet. In return, she offered to help Mengsk reclaim Korhal IV. With no acceptable alternatives, Mengsk agreed. Kerrigan's plan worked perfectly, and she destroyed the psi disrupter.
Breaking alliances

Kerrigan honored her side of the bargain, bolstering the ranks of her zerg minions and helping Mengsk retake Korhal from the UED. Then, without warning, she sent her zerg against the Dominion and protoss encampments. General Duke fell in battle, but Kerrigan spared Mengsk's life because she wanted to savor his suffering as he watched her ascend to power. As for Jim Raynor, he escaped, swearing that one day he would kill her.
"You're right, Fenix. I used you to get the job done, and you played along just like I knew you would. You Protoss are all so headstrong and predictable, you are your own worst enemies. "
"That's ironic. I can remember Tassadar teaching you a very similar lesson on Char."

Next Kerrigan had Raszagal kidnapped and taken to Char. Predictably Zeratul tracked down the protoss matriarch and demanded her safe return. Kerrigan proposed a trade: if Zeratul and his compatriots destroyed the young Overmind, Kerrigan would permit Raszagal to return to her people. Because the Overmind was indisputably the protoss' enemy as well as Kerrigan's, Zeratul reluctantly agreed.

Only after he and his compatriots had destroyed the Overmind did Zeratul learn that Kerrigan had long ago enslaved and corrupted the dark templar's matriarch. The Queen of Blades had brilliantly outmaneuvered the protoss. With the Overmind and its cerebrates dead, all zerg in the Koprulu sector reverted to Kerrigan's control.

Yet the dark templar refused to give up. They stole Raszagal from the zerg, but Kerrigan's minions surrounded Zeratul's base before the dark templar could escape with their matriarch. As Kerrigan and her minions drew near, Zeratul mortally wounded Raszagal rather than let her be recaptured. In her last moments, Raszagal thanked him for freeing her from Kerrigan's influence. Kerrigan decided to spare Zeratul's life rather than allow him the peace of death. Ravaged by grief and guilt, Zeratul vowed that he would avenge Raszagal.
A far greater power
"This creature is the completion of a cycle. Its role in the cosmic order was preordained when the stars were young. Behold the culmination of your history."

As Zeratul and his people left Char, they detected protoss power signatures on an uncharted moon nearby. Zeratul and several other protoss investigated and found that someone had been using gene splicing to create hybrids with mixed zerg and protoss DNA.

In at least one case, the attempt had proven successful. Staring the abomination in horror, Zeratul was surprised when a male terran suddenly uncloaked in front of the stasis cell. The terran introduced himself as Samir Duran.

Zeratul recognized the name and asked if Kerrigan had instigated the hybridization project. Duran denied the accusation and said that he served a far greater power. The zerg-protoss hybrid were the last step in a vast cycle that was approaching its end. Scattered on a thousand different worlds, the hybrid would presently awaken, and the universe would change forever. Deeply troubled, Zeratul and the other protoss returned to their ship and continued on their way to Shakuras.


The Queen of Blades soon faced another threat, and she was not pleased to discover that Duran had inconveniently disappeared. Apparently Arcturus Mengsk had called in a few favors and scraped together a new fleet. Artanis had also warped into the area with a fleet of protoss ships from Shakuras. Last but not least, Admiral DuGalle was stubbornly determined to defeat the woman who had masterminded Stukov's death.
"You vastly underestimate me, my dear. "
"I don't think so, Admiral. You see, at this point... I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. And not all of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way again."

Kerrigan taught the three fleets better than to underestimate the Swarm. Facing imminent defeat, Mengsk and Artanis were forced to withdraw from the battle. At last it became clear that the UED fleet could not hope to succeed where the other two fleets had failed. DuGalle offered to surrender if Kerrigan would spare the lives of his soldiers. The Queen of Blades, however, had no interest in taking prisoners. Instead, she told DuGalle to turn his ships in the direction of Earth and flee. She would give him a reasonable head start before she sent the Swarm after him.DuGalle and his battered ships obeyed, for they had no other choice. Onboard the flagship Aleksander, DuGalle composed a last letter to his wife. His mission was a failure. The zerg remained untamed; the colony worlds, unconquered. His pride had killed Stukov and brought the Directorate fleet to this desperate pass.The admiral killed himself not long before Kerrigan's forces overtook the UED fleet and devastated it. Not one Directorate ship reached Earth to report the events that had taken place in the Koprulu sector.



The Queen of Blades did not become complacent in the wake of her victory. She kept watch over the Swarm from her core hive on Char. The Brood War left her the dominant force in Koprulu sector. The initial explosive expansion of the zerg has been replaced with a foreboding silence for four years, but no scouting expeditions to Swarm-controlled worlds have lived to tell what they saw there.

Thus, outsiders can only speculate about what she has been doing--or what she has been seeking--these past four years. Many believe that the zerg are building their strength and engineering new organisms before going on the offensive again. Some contend that Kerrigan is staying her hand due to some small shred of humanity buried deep inside the creature she has become. Those who have encountered her savage fury know this to be merely wishful thinking.


Mengsk and his forces have regrouped on Korhal IV. His first order of business was to rebuild the Terran Dominion. In Kerrigan he had found a new target for revenge, and he'd always been happier with a goal to work toward anyway. The Dominion has since become the most powerful force among the terran factions, having taken over many of the original Confederate worlds.

The Kel-Morian Combine and the Umojan Protectorate have been preparing for the inevitable war with either the zerg or Mengsk. The UED task force was almost completely destroyed in Brood War; only a few isolated pockets of survivors remain hidden in the Koprulu sector.

Jim Raynor has led a resistance movement against the Dominion, but that has been a losing battle. Arcturus Mengsk has used his greatest weapons--the media and propaganda--to marginalize Jim's efforts. Raynor seems to be losing faith, drinking heavily and haunted by the ghosts of his past. He has never forgiven himself for letting Kerrigan be taken by the zerg.


The protoss evacuees from Aiur have been struggling to recover from the loss of their home planet while finding ways to mesh their society with that of the dark templar who call Shakuras home. The transition has been difficult for both sides, and the name of Raszagal has been invoked more than once to keep the peace.

The old Conclave has been swept away, and in its absence many protoss have begun looking to their ancient tribal affiliations for leadership and a sense of identity. With the protoss people working together as they did in ancient times and studying the xel'naga technology on Shakuras, the protoss have made many technological developments for continuing the war with the zerg.

Memories of Raszagal have plagued Zeratul, who was further disturbed by his encounter with Samir Duran and the zerg-protoss hybrid Duran had apparently been creating. Shortly after bidding Raynor farewell on Shakuras, Zeratul departed the planet, and he has not been heard from in years. To this day he seeks to understand what Duran and the hybrid he was creating might portend. Lately he has uncovered something that may be related to the xel'naga, creators of both protoss and zerg, and he seeks new clues to unravel the mystery.


Where'd those you tube vids come from? I don't remember seeing them in the game...

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I'm pretty sure I do...

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Oddly enough, I don't remember these videos at all.. and I have beaten both SC and SC:BW several times.. strange. Thinking about reloading SC just to see.. that's IF it will work that is.

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I do remember some of those videos from SC and BW, but I'm sure that I've seen some of those on SC's homepage, there I've seen similar post.

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You played a pirated version of the game didn't you?

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ElderPredator Author

I seen those videos in homepage,and yes i don't seen those in game, maybe when you buy the game.

I like that video when Tassadar sacrifice to destroy the Overmind!! EN TARO TASSADAR!!

And the video the Xel'naga temple Zeratul and Artanis look like are "brothers"???,anyway where's Artanis in Starcraft 2???

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I don't think anyone knows, Zeratul was out looking for him in a secret mission at the end of Brood War, but came across Duran creating Zerg/Toss hybrids instead.

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To tnk_x5000, considering I still have the boxes from the store and the cds with their cds.. So, no not a pirated copy. I think these videos ( if made by blizzard ) where on the homepage, and never actually in the game. However I plan on replaying through to make sure..

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I've licensed version of Starcraft. Damn, I've been playing it since I've been, let me think, yes, 6 years old.. I still remember how I lost with terran against 1 zerg AI trying to spam bunkers everywhere ) hmm, 2 defilers and ultra/ling spam crashed 8! bunkers in a single minute.. I've been so nooby.

Damn, how I want to be a kid!

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Thats not what i heard. I heard that the terrans that originally landed on Mar Sara and all those other planets where criminals. they spent most of there time fighting agienst each other then the confederate began and most of the people united. at laeast thats what ive heard. According to, i think they were, rumors Kerrigan had some "dirt" on Mengsk about him trying to take complete control over the system at any costs or something... wich is why he just left her there to get killed by the zerg. In doing so, he created his own enemies. The queen of Blades, and Jim Raynor. When you say Artanis, don't you mean Aldaris? Artanis is in brood war, not starcraft. Artanis is the guy that was "recently apointed Preator" according to the first brood war protoss missions breifing. I havn't read the whole thing yet so I don't know what else at least i think is wrong. One other thing, who the hell reported the videos for copyright infringdment!?!

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So according to this StarCraft book I have that was printed in 1998 The original Terrans that are in the Korpulu system are people that had genetic and cybernetic mutations and modifications and were "purified" by a one world origination on Earth called the United Powers League, they were then used by Doran Routhe as an experiment to find new minerals and resources on other planets to make himself famous on earth. these people where put on four ships and were suppose to go to a planet called Gantris VI. the four ships where the Nagglfar, which was the one that ATLAS was implanted into, the Argo, the Sarengo and the Reagan. The Sarengo crashed on Umoja killing everyone on it and the Reagan was able to safely land on the same planet. The Argo landed on Moria, and the Nagglfar landed on Tarsonis. That is how the terrans got in the korpulu sector.

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Blizzard seriously either needs to make an animated series or a long chain of movies. I have been a die hard star wars fan my entire life, and I know this would easily rival star wars, even the much more awesome stories from the old republic

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