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Learn about the tools, abilities you can use in the heat of the moment, that are available to you in this tower defense game.

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wvd title2A handcrafted, 2d, retro, tower defense game


Overall there are 4 tools you can use. The image below is the Tools UI. Each button corresponds to a different tool and you click the button to activate it.

tools ui

Whitevale Defender - Tools UI

There's one important thing to note. If you've been following Whitevale Defender you know that resources are a huge factor to the game. There's 2 kinds of resources: minerals and crowns. All of your defenses cost minerals to build, but tools cost crowns. Which is a huge difference.

Now lets get on with the details.

1) Recycle

The Recycle tool is the most basic, and the first one you have access to. When you activate it you can click on any structure you've built to remove it from the game. You will also receive 100% of the minerals you spent on it.


Recycle tool

Use this tool if you don't like the placement of your towers, or if you need to replace a tower with a more powerful one.

2) Stasis

The Stasis tool is a trap you can place anywhere on the game screen. It will stay there until an enemy gets too close and triggers it. When triggered, it will explode and stun every enemy in that region. It's extremely useful for slowing down the enemies so you towers can get off a few extra hits. It can also be used to group enemies for more advanced tactics.


Stasis tool

3) Repair

The repair tool restores health back to your damaged castle. At times, It can mean the difference between winning and losing.

repairRepair tool

4) Explosive

The explosive tool is a fun one. You place a timed explosive anywhere on the map. After a few seconds the bomb will create a massive explosion. It's so powerful that it will destroy almost any enemy in the game in one blast.


Explosive tool

Those are the details on each tool. I hope you're getting excited to utilize them yourself when Whitevale Defender launches on May 25, 2018 (just 22 days away) on Steam, Itch, and Gamejolt. Stay tuned for an in-depth article on mining and the in-game economy.

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