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All starships are classified according to these systems for ease of use. Rock-paper-scissors just got upgraded.

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Standard Starship Classifications (by hull length in meters)

Light 20-90
Medium 90-700
Heavy 700-2000
Superheavy 2000+

Standard Warship Classifications (by hull length in meters)

Corvette 100-200
Frigate 200-500
Destroyer 500-700
Cruiser 700-1200
Capital 1200-2000
Battlecruiser 2000-8000
Dreadnought 8000+

Starship Role Classifications

Name: Role --- Group type

Fighter: anti-starfighter --- snubcraft
Strike fighter: anti-starfigher/capital ship --- snubcraft
Bomber: anti-capital ship --- snubcraft

Transport: light freighter, shuttle, starliner, armed escort, tactical troop transport, boarding craft --- independent
Freighter: cargo ship, support ship, operates mostly in convoys --- support, convoy
Auxiliary: armed supply ship, repair ship, minelayer, minesweeper --- support
Carrier: starfighter wing support carrier --- support

Patrol: anti-starfighter/transport/raider, customs ship, light-medium guard ship --- system
Raider: anti-starfighter/gunship/transport/freighter, commerce raider, corvette hunter, long distance scout, picket duty light-medium warship --- independent
Cruiser: general purpose medium-heavy warship --- independent

Gunship: anti-starfighter light warship --- independent, convoy, battlegroup
Torpedo Boat: anti-capital ship, light warship --- battlegroup

Troopship: medium-heavy transport --- convoy, battlegroup
Interdictor: anti-transport/freighter/raider, interdiction warship --- battlegroup
Missile ship: anti-capital ship/station, long range fire support warship, surface bombardment --- battlegroup

Escort: anti-raider/escort/destroyer, escort and fire support medium warship --- convoy, battlegroup
Destroyer: anti-starfighter/gunship/torpedo boat/transport, corvette hunter, medium warship --- battlegroup
Star destroyer: general purpose heavy warship, carrier, troopship, surface bombardment --- battlegroup
Battleship: anti-capital heavy warship, built around its heavy turbolaser cannons, surface bombardment --- battlegroup
Star dreadnought: super star destroyer --- battlegroup

Group types

Name: description --- capability of unsupported hyperspace jumps (+) or (-)

System: inter-system craft, complement to space stations --- (-)
Independent: does not need support or other ships to operate --- (+)
Convoy: group of ships, independent as a group, requirement for building space stations --- (+)
Snubcraft: complement squadron or starfighter wing, needs carrier --- (-)
Battlegroup: task force of warships dependent on supplies from support ships to operate --- (-)
Support: needed for long hyperspace jumps by snubcraft and battlegroups --- (+)

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This is pretty cool.

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Looking forward to seeing how this works! I like the idea of gathering convoy ships to make starbases! Less base-spamming, more strategic, I hope

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