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Three complete 10-race conquest mods developed by a&A Collaborations for use with Activision/Taldren's SFC3. Each mod includes instructions and mod files for play. Compatible with Windows XP,7 & 10.

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Typhon Pact V 6.0 takes place in the TNG Universe following the aftermath of Star Trek: Nemesis and the Hobus Star collapse, resulting in the creation of the Typhon Pact by the Romulan Empire and its allies.

Typhon Pact: Borg Invasion V 1.5 is an overlay mod for our Typhon Pact mod and takes place approximately 5-years into the war between the Federation and the Typhon Pact. Species 8472 has nearly succeeded in defeating the Borg; however, the Borg are undeterred and have glimpsed a temporal outcome in the Mirror Universe that threatens to converge unless they act swiftly - there may be no stopping the Borg this time.

MirrorrorriM V 4.0 takes place in the Mirror Universe during the same time as our Typhon Pact mod and follows the events after the fall of Terok Nor. A shattered universe can unite or face defeat from Species 8472.

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