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SFC3 Typhon Pact + Bonus SINGLEPLAYER V 6.0.2 HD ENHANCEMENT MOD. A fully integrated and re-balanced 10-race (8 playable) conquest campaign mod on a 50 x 30 hex map. For use with Windows XP, 7 & 10. Multiplayer files are complete and ready for use with your own server. This version includes visual and mission updates with updated UI and starship/starbase re-balance. Play as the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Typhon Pact Alliance, Cardassian-Dominion Confederacy, Rakellian Consortium, Romulan Republic, the Borg and Species 8472. Forge alliances with your AI's or human teammates and expand your influence or force the galaxy to its knees through conquest. Mod requires SFC3 Game disc or a complete digital copy to play.

SFC3 TYPHON PACT + BONUS V6.0.2 Singleplayer


Having the black window issue, it works in windowed mode, but not in non window mod. I followed the instructions, though I could have missed something?

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AlDaja Author

Try setting up the compatibility for your game to run on Windows XP Service Pack 3. Set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768. Then if you followed the install instructions, run it for the first time through the launcher. If game plays in windowed, you should be able to click: Alt+Return and it will switch to full screen.

Also, when using the SFC Launcher make sure to check the "Windowed mode" option to correct the screen resolution. This will resize and correct for the blackscreen issue on Windows 10.

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AlDaja Author

Warp Bug update:


If you experience a warp bug issue, you can correct this by running the disc cleaner for your Windows 10 configuration. Check the "DirectX Shade Cache" and perform the task. Relaunch your game and your ship warp feature should return to normal.

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So I have 3 folders. SFC3 Orig, SFC3Tyhpon and SFC3TyphonBonusV6. So the game and the HUD in SFC3 Orignal und SFCTyphoneBonusV6 works well but in SFC3Typhon in the HUD there is missing the upper top and lower bottom, so that you cant play, seems like an 16:9 error?

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AlDaja Author

That is strange. I might attempt a reinstall to see if it corrects the problem. It's possible you missed a step or something got copied wrong. If you are able to play the Taldren game with the updated dgVoodoo + reShade and the Typhon Pact Bonus, you should be able to play the first part of the mod also (Typhon Pact). As a tip, be sure not to mix the two sections of the mod up when transferring to their directories; be sure you didn't accidentally transfer any part of the Bonus mod into the Typhon mod as this can cause major issues. Most likely, it sounds like a visual glitch on your system though. Try a reinstall of the Typhon Pact (prime) mod with a fresh copy from the Taldren directory that you made and let me know. If using the SFC Launcher, be sure to point the "client" to the Typhon Pact SFC3.EXE in your directory folder to play and NOT the Typhon Pact Bonus SFC3.EXE.

If it helps, send me a screenshot or video link to the H&S Forums page for this mod:

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AlDaja Author

Important update:

The 2019 SFC.EXE application was omitted by accident from the download. I will have a patch up here soon. However, you can find the 2019 SFC.EXE in the MirrorrorriM 3.5.1 mod. Download the mod and copy the EXE to your Typhon Pact + Bonus mod and into the Borg Invasion (If you have it installed). You will need this executable to activate mod/game changes and enhancements.

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