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SFC:III TYPHON PACT + BONUS V 3.0 was recently uploaded. This version contains all the updates since our previous release and is formatted to allow play on both Windows 7 & 10. It contains the following fixes:

Omitted library vessel description for Species 8472 Fluidic Gate in Typhon Pact mod corrected.
Omitted library vessel descriptions for shuttles in Typhon Pact mod corrected.
Incorrect firing arcs for Federation Battleship Nairobi-class dorsal quantum torpedoes in Typhon Pact/Bonus mods corrected.
8472 Planet Killer model missing from Typhon Pact/Bonus added.
HullHP corrected for Dominion shuttle for Typhon Pact/Bonus mods.
Romulan Republic Talon model missing from Bonus added.
Romulan Republic Predator Class model missing from Bonus added.
Romulan Republic Valdore Cruiser model missing from Bonus added.
Romulan Republic D’deridex model missing from Bonus added.
Romulan Republic Predator model missing from Bonus added.
Defensive values of hexes inconsistent or does not change value when mission is a success or failure for Typhon Pact/Bonus fixed
2017 hex map replaced with updated 2018 for Typhon Pact/Bonus.

Our MirrorrorriM mod is our most audacious project, released August of 2017 and takes place in the Mirror Universe. A lot of work was put into this mod and we hope you enjoy it. For those of you wanting to play this game for Windows 10, you can download Jan_B's Windows 10 fix. Copy the .dll file to your MirrorrorriM directory and the .ini configuration file in the download. To make the new .ini file work for your MirrorrorriM mod, you will need to open the file and change the galactic map extension name. Scroll down to [Meta]. Locate the map name and change the line as follows: MapName=SFCMIRROR.mvm Save and close. If you have recently downloaded our Typhon Pact V3.0 mod, it is recommended that you transfer the .ini file from that mod and then change the MapName as instructed.

For those of you who updated to the new map which has since been archived, you'll need to save your MapName as: MapName=MIRROR2018.mvm

To see which version of the map you have open one of the campaigns, Borg, Federation...and look at the early, middle and late campaign names. You can access the file by going to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Sfc3Mirror\Assets\Scripts\Campaigns

For those of you more familiar with modding SFC:III, the fix corrected in our Typhon Pact mod for hex defensive values can also be corrected in this mod. Locate the following file:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Sfc3Typhon\MetaAssets\ServerProfiles\SinglePlayer and open the MetaMap. scroll down change the following values, careful not to add additional spacing/characters. Close and accept the changes. This will correct the defensive value errors for each race after a mission resolution.

MinVictoryPointsForPlayerVictory = 0.2
MinVictoryPointsForAIVictory = 0.1
HexHealthResetRatio = 0.5

Easy = 10
Med = 5
Hard = 1
PureAI = 0.05

Draw = 0.5
SuccessWin = 0.33
FailedWin = 0.66
SuccessDefend = 0.5
FailDefend = 1.0

Interval = 30 // Every "Interval" years the report is produced in the news

NumCumulativeOpp // Number of cumulative oppenent points to overcome to win
NumCumulativeOpp // Number of cumulative oppenent points to overcome to warn
CumulativeCoefficient = 1.0 // Coefficient to cumulative points for opponents

As far as game play, some mission may say that you have died or the mission is incomplete, ignore these as we had to modify some of the missions so they would accept new mission scripting. The true outcome of your mission will show in the mission exit screen once completed. Known mission issues have been posted with temporary solutions on the download page. At some future point we hope to have a remedy to those mission glitches along with any other overlooked details missed during mod build.

We welcome comments/suggestions and please let us know what you think of our mods.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Quick link to our mods:

Sra'xa'diin Shipyards

Sra'xa'diin Shipyards

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Windows 8 & 10 users: Your game may require you to set it to play using the Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Run the troubleshooting app by right-clicking on the SFC3 desk top icon and run the compatibility feature. More detailed 'how to' is in the comments sections of Jan_B's patch.

Full screen is achievable on Windows 10 PC's, however, weak IGPs or certain laptop drivers may not be able to run the game properly.

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