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Basic information on the Soviet Yak (Release 5 alpha).

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Name: Yak
Side: Soviet
ERA: Red Alert
Base Asset: Black_Drakon

This is very similar to the P51 support power. Indeed so many things are near identical, that there is only really a need for a refresh, and to discuss things that are different.

The Yak machine guns can also hit both ground based and aerial targets.

Useful against Helicopters!

NS-45 Upgrade

Instead of rockets, the Yak can upgrade with a nose cannon. This functionally serves the same purpose as the P51's rocket upgrade, it allows the Yak to do good damage vs vehicles and structures.
It is even more useful for the Soviets, because while the allies have the Longbow to attack vehicles from the air, the Soviets have to wait until tier 3 so that they can build MIGs.

This will not go well!


The Soviets can basically do the same rush as the allies, except that they obviously cannot have Longbows backing up the reinforcement aircraft.

  1. Rush build to an airfield.
  2. Use the Spy plane support power to reveal the harvesting area of your enemy, and send the Yak drop in that direction.
  3. As soon as the Yaks are selectable, select all of them and then purchase the NS-45 cannon for the entire group.
  4. Sell the Radar and airfield.
  5. Once the Yaks reach the Harvesting area they should have the nose cannons already, begin pounding the enemy harvesters, hopefully destroying a few before adequate counters can be built and deployed.

A useful, but predictable rush


Usage is the same as the P51s, but as stated earlier, the Soviets should get more use from an upgraded Yak, due to the fact that it is their only tier 2 air unit that can do good damage to vehicles and structures.


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