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Basic information on the Soviet Psychic Sensor (Release 5 alpha, updated Release 8).

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Name: Psychic Sensor
Side: Soviet
ERA: Red Alert 2

The Psychic sensor is a support structure that provides a support power, as well as several passive defensive abilities.

Psychic Scan

As soon as you have placed the Psychic sensor, you will be able to use this support power.
It is in a similar style to the Scrin's 'Tiberium vibration scan', except the psychic scan will reveal all enemy units and static defences through the shroud.

It goes without saying that this is an immense intelligence gathering ability, and if you are facing the allies it is even more useful, because the psychic scan will reveal hidden Phase transports!

"I see you hiding!"

The length of time that the ability is active for is 20 seconds, and the actual ability recharges in 4 minutes.
So the Psychic Sensor is worth building for this free support power alone, however it has a few other abilities which I will list, then discuss.

  1. Detects stealth.
  2. Deflects enemy missiles and rockets!
  3. Guides Flame tower fireballs to their target (requires that the Flame tower is within a reasonable range of the Psychic sensor).

Stealth detection (1) is a bigger deal then it should be, this is because none of the Soviet defences can detect stealth! The detection radius of the Psychic sensor is very large!

The faint double white circle indicates the stealth detection radius!

Obviously this is only used when facing the allies, it helps immensely in preventing Phase transport infiltration.

The ability to deflect missiles and rockets (2) is also something which will cause more issues for the allies then the Soviets.
The large deflection radius (in the next release there will be a visible indicator for the radius), will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the allied rocket and missile based units.

Useful vs the allies!

Placement of the Psychic sensor is key (remember that the large stealth detection is the main early warning system from Spy infiltrations, as well as the Phase Transport).

The final... strange ability, is that the Psychic sensor will guide any fireballs that have been launched from Flame towers (3), that are within a reasonable radius of it. This essentially gives the Flame tower's fireballs a limited amount of homing ability (including the ability to slow down or speed up in order to hit a target!).

When placing the structure, the white circle indicates the effective radius of the missile deflect and fireball guide ability

This obviously counters the biggest flaw of the Flame tower; how often it misses moving targets.
As with all of the Psychic sensors passive abilities, your Psychic sensor must have power, for this to work.

The electrical fx mean that the sensor is using its 'Psychic scan' ability, it cannot deflect missiles while this ability is active!

jfpoliveira12 - - 3,725 comments

Guiding fireballs seems like magic.:)
Communist mysticism has gone too far, damn satanist warlocks! :D

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nerozzero - - 188 comments

make it have the ability to mind control attacking units with limited 3 control units

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