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Update with some general info about the mod. Unit-lists and other will be posted later.

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General features of the mod:
1) Added three new generals: USA Rocketry General (General Marcus Stealman), China Artillery General (General "Hammer" Lee Rong) and GLA Terror Leader (Leader Halif Fahrid)
2) Vanilla sides are removed.
3) All generals will have unique superweapons
4) More than 50 new units are added and more than 100 will be added later.
5) Added rank-system, now Strategy Center, Propaganda Center and GLA Palace will be available only after third rank, superweapons will available from 4 rank.
6) Added new type of units, I call them Uber-Units (possibly you usually call them epic units, but I prefer word "Uber" because they are the absolute of general's specialization), every general have it's unique uber-unit.7) Unique infantry Hero-unit for each general
8) Added new Generals abilities and upgrades featuring generals' specialization.
9) Added engenearing units. Their primary function is deploying mines/demotraps/etc and detecting and disarming anemies' mines/demotraps/etc (Dosers' and workers' "disarm mines" ability is removed).
10) Added new feature: heroic units (units with third experience or veterancy level) will gain additional bonuses (not only red bulets or missile trails).11) In the later version one more special unit-type will be added, the "trophy units".
They are special units that will be available only if you capture other general's technology.
For example: remember chrono-Ivans from RA2?

Now some general information about upgrades:
1) TOW-missiles upgrade removed. Third-level (heroic) Humvees will gain it for free (excepting laser general's humvees, they will gain laser and AA (anti-air) capability).
2) Sentry drone gun upgrade is removed, the Sentry drones are armed with machineguns by default (simply because this upgrade was useless and game engine have a limitation of 128 upgrades).
3) Chainguns and Black Napalm upgrades are moved to propaganda center.
4) Removed Autoloaders upgrade, Tank General's heroic Battlemasters will gain it for free.
5) Removed Helix addons (the only addon now is napalm or nuclear bombs). Helix is now armed with two gattling guns and two auto-cannons by default which give it high AG (anti-ground) capability.
6) Added new Overlord Addons: radar system, tank cannons and flamethrower. I've added some more overlord-based tanks (and all china Uber-units are capable of creating addons), the ability to install particular addon depends on the tank itself.

In later updates I will post unit-lists and other important information about mod.


New upgrades for Overlords will be good. How will Overlord with additional tank cannons look: will it be 4 barreled tank? OMG!

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ok this is realy a great mod
but dont you think it leans to contra a little bit to much?
yeah i like this mod so far but its a little to... contra-ish

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