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The classic series of cyberpunk RPGs makes its way to consoles, so here's five mods for the games that expand your options!

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Shadowrun's cyberpunk-meets-fantasy world has been fondly received on PC, tabletop, and classic consoles for many years, but now, the modern trilogy is going to console - allowing Playstation, Xbox, and Switch players to take part in the world themselves. The games have received their own nuggets of great UGC since release, so here's five mods PC players looking for a reason to celebrate too can get invested in!

Brothers to the End

By Brachra2055

Image 6

Brothers to the end is a prequel to the Sega Genesis version of Shadowrun, as well as a sequel to the SNES Shadowrun. It's an attempt to bridge the two games together, as well as tell a unique Shadowrun story. The game is a love letter to those games and those fond memories had as a GM on Friday nights with friends. Search everywhere, you never know what you'll find or who you'll run into. There is also no manual upgrading, instead the characters level up and gain new skills as they go.

Good Intentions

By Usagi9


Kairo, year 2056. Your ex-fixer ditched your team, and your lives have been hell ever since. A mysterious offer arrives that could pull you from the depths of all your struggles. But in all your years of experience as a Shadow Runner, you have never seen such an unconventional job! Drop in the middle of a thrilling and mysterious adventure, set in Kairo - Egypt, 2056, where Magic meets Technology.

Training Room and Testing Arena

By Firesnakearies

Image 10

In this mod, your character (either newly generated or imported) can receive the specific amount of Karma and Nuyen you desire, access your stash, eliminate any excess Karma/Nuyen if you wish, and shop at a variety of merchants for gear. Then you can enter the Arena, where numerous combat testing options are available. The vendors are very well-stocked with all levels of equipment, including all of the available guns modded with either smartlinks or silencers. They also carry a larger supply of grenades, medkits, and bound spirit fetishes than the normal merchants in game do. Combat drugs are for sale as well in large quantities. There is also a vendor who sells all of the weapons, cyberware, and outfits from the latest version of Tracker's Street Samurai Catalog pack.

The Hard Drive

By Lugoffo

Updated Reis

A quick mission from a corp offers you a large sum for what they are calling "a simple job". Clearly it can't be that simple, right? Features lots of extended dialogue for new characters, combat that tests you on the base game's mechanics, music from the game chosen selectively, new NPCs, a revised shop, missions with different outcomes, different areas, loot, flavour text and more!

Better Dayz

By CastorVega

Screens of Better Dayz

Your days as a Shadowrunner have come to an end. You have made it to retirement which few Runners ever do. You finally have the Uptown high class apartment you always dreamed of as well as a matching bank account. YET today of all days everything you have is taken away from you by an unknown hacker without any provocation. Mr. Kool he calls himself. He took from you and soon he won't be calling himself anything. It's time to get back in the game and take down this Mr. Kool! Here's to BETTER DAYZ! Recommendations: Invest Karma in pistols and rifles!

Running Darkly

Shadowrun is a franchise originating from tabletop RPGs a-la Dungeons and Dragons. Melding fantasy and cyberpunk together with high-tech societies and magic gone wrong, it has since been adapted in numerous formats and made into a few games on older consoles. The reboot, Shadowrun Returns, was one of the top-funded Kickstarter games ever, and began a trilogy of well-received titles published by Paradox Interactive. Originally releasing on PC, the games have now been ported to consoles to give more players a chance to engage with the games.


Shadowrun is an isometric-styled RPG where players eke
out clues in a murder mystery surrounding by Cyberpunk velour

The New Trio

The games are newly available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 as trilogy collections, nabbing you all three in one go. With a healthy UGC scene, console players will be missing out if a way to pursue UGC within the Shadowrun titles on console is not implemented.

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