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This is a list of online servers for Battlefield 2 HARDCORE.

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This article is outdated! Currently there are no active servers running Battlefield 2 Hardcore mod. So if you are server owner and intrested in launching a server with this mod, contact me to get necessary server files.

As you may have noticed — BF2 Hardcore is multiplayer-focused modification. This means that it was designed for online experience, and you can feel all it's advantages only in a battle with real players. So it's highly reccomended to try out our servers ;)
At this moment there are two servers for BF2HC.

This is Co-op server so you can join it any time and play while waiting for other players. It has almost all classic co-op maps in rotation, so I hope you all gonna like it. Located in Ukraine.
Server runs large co-op maps, so you need to download Co-op MapPack to play here.

[762]RANKED Hardcore
This server runs large Conquest maps. You must use BF2ModLauncher in order to play on this server and earn points which will be saved in [762]Ranking data base. Located in Germany.

Frosty98B - - 1,339 comments

Great! Will join one if them as soon as possible. :)

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Reanimator[UA] Author
Reanimator[UA] - - 72 comments

Hope to see you in my squad ;)

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Reanimator[UA] Author
Reanimator[UA] - - 72 comments

UPD: seems like [762] clan has stopped supporting BF2HC, so join VBIOS #7.

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GermanSoldat - - 14 comments

I tested the IP from the 762 Server and i doesn't use the BF2ModLauncher, i just test it on the Revi Launcher. It bring me to a Forgotten Hope 2 Server. xD

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Guest - - 689,280 comments

Are you shure that info s correct and could you rite down how to join then

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Reanimator[UA] Author
Reanimator[UA] - - 72 comments

Sadly all servers are closed at this moment.

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