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This is a list of the tons of features Roleplay2 2.2 adds to the Renegade Game engine.

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Roleplay 2 2.2 Is a total conversion for the Renegade Game Engine, and as such it has tons of new features:

*New Vehicles: Roleplay 2 has probably about 50 new vehicles ranging from cars, tanks, mechs, hovercraft, boats, planes, VTOLS, helicopters, and trains.

*New Characters: All the old Renegade characters have been reskined, and several new character models have been added.

*New Weapons: Roleplay2 has over 70 new weapons, some of which are way more complex to use then others.

*A massive map to explore: Roleplay2 has a massive 10,000 x 15,000 meter map for your to explore, with all sorts of hidden secrets.

*New jobs: Roleplay 2 has 3 new main systems to make money in the game, ranging from fishing, train engineer, and store clerks.

*New gameplay: Roleplay 2 has a new to Renegade gameplay mode, which is free for all, (stock Renegade only has C&C mode). However, word has it that Roleplay 2 is currently having a new co-op gameplay mode being made, however this may just be a rumer.

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