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Instead of the Imladris Showcase I'm releasing the all new Rivendell Tech Tree. Updated tech tree for recent changes.

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Return of Shadow



Imladris Orchard
Produces resources, makes Cavalry cheaper
Imladris Forge
Produces resources, provides upgrades at level 2 and makes upgrades cheaper

  • Basic Training
  • Heavy Armour
  • Forged Blades
  • White Fire Arrows
  • Horse Shields

Imladris Barracks
Trains Infantry units

  • Imladris Doeg
  • Imladris Cûthyrtha
  • Imladris Callyn

Imladris Stables
Trains Cavalry Units

  • Imladris Rochon
  • Imladris Cûrochyn
  • Noldorin Loborheroyn: Heavy Cavalry unlocked from Lore of the Refuge
  • Mithlond Aphrachir: Heavy Cavalry unlocked from the Lore of the Sea

Noldor Library
Unlocked via Loremasters of Imladris Spell, Trains Galcylls and their upgrades

  • Galcylls
  • Parf-en-Galnaur
  • Parf-en-Galnesta
  • Parf-en-Galberia

Imladris Brook
Heals nearby allies and replenishes their battalions

Imladris Statue
Provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies

Noldor Ward
Requires Lore of the Refuge - Trains Noldor elite units.

  • Noldor Thelyn
  • Noldor Halltirith

Mithlond Refuge
Requires Lore of the Sea - Trains Mithlond units

  • Mithlond Tirn
  • Mithlond Daer Thaind

Imladris Workshop
Builds Siege weapons

  • Imladris Cûbeleg
  • Imladris Ramrada

Imladris Sentry Tower
Fires on nearby enemies

Imladris Battle Tower
Fires on nearby enemies

Imladris Watch Tower
Fires on nearby enemies, provides Territory bonus


Home Hero

  • Ballad of Imladris: Nearby Galcyll gain an armour boost
  • Study: Unlocks the Scroll of High Lore: Which can upgrade Galcyll spell damage
  • Masters of Lore: Unlocks the Istheron a Galcyll like unit

Requires Loremasters of Imladris Spell

  • Hîth Crist: An attack that creates an illusion of Erestor for a short time
  • Gal Hartha: Nearby allies gain extra experience and fear immunity


  • Toggle Weapon
  • Dagnir-en-Duath: Strong melee attack deals heavy damage to Monsters
  • Imrada :Speed boost for a short time
  • Perechor Criss : AOE melee attack


  • Toggle Weapon
  • Cûnaur:Fires an arrow that deals damage to enemies as it passes on its way to its target
  • Imrada: Elladan gains a speed boost for a short time
  • Breithapilin: Fires off 3 arrows at once


  • Undómiel Galu: Heals nearby allies
  • Galadleg: Nearby enemies are stunned in fear
  • Estel-en-Undómiel: Speeds up the recharge times of the targeted hero
  • Rinnon nin Bruinen: Summons a blast of water damaging and knocking back enemies
  • Mount

Requires Lore of the Refuge

  • Aglar-en-Pennas: Leadership-+Experience, Damage
  • Gail-en-Valinor: Glorfindel becomes cloaked in light gaining more power for a short time
  • Orchal Hathol: An attack that deals strong damage to evil
  • Gl&n talf:
  • Starlight:
  • Mount
  • Noro Lim:While mounted Glorfindel gains a speed boost for a short time is triggered automatically when mounted and health becomes critical

Requires Lore of the Refuge

  • Tiria:All allies gain double sight for a short time
  • Doltha-en-Quendi:
  • Galhathol: Double attack that deals bonus damage to dark enemies.
  • Light of Lindon: Nearby enemies are stunned by the light

Requires Loremasters of Imladris Spell

  • Quendi Envinyata: Heals nearby allies and provides an armour boost for a short time
  • Esta Randa Nolwë:Leadership:Elrond's Wisdom grows over time gain additional leadership skills
    Nearby units gain +50% armour, Double Exp as well as Fear immunity
    Level 3: Heroes gain +50% armour, Double Exp and faster spell recharge
    Level 5 Enemies lose armour and fear resistance Enemy heroes have slower recharge times
  • Nólë Ecet:An attack that boosts the damage of surrounding allies
  • Vilya Raumo: Elrond is surrounded by a powerful gust for a short time his attacks are also enhanced
  • Maur Noldorinwa: Summons 2 Battalions of Noldor Elites
  • Mount:Requires Armour of the Peredhel

Requires:Lore of the Sea Specialisation

  • Gwinghast: Powerful attack that knocks back enemies
  • Cirionist: Galdor's attacks gain a knockback for a short time
  • Feles Echor: Summons a whirlpool that slows and draws in enemies
  • Callon-en-Mithlond: Nearby Mithlond units gain +50% armour

Requires:Lore of the Sea Specialisation

War Upgrades

Great Keep Upgrade
Upgrades the Citadel into a Great Keep which has more health and armour
Murder Holes
Improves the armour and range of Towers and removes the range limitation
White Fire Tower Arrows
Upgrades Towers to use White Fire Arrows
Armour of the Peredhel
Upgrades Elrond's armour and allows him to use his horse
Bolster Army
Increases the CPL limit by 200 as long as your Home Hero is alive.
Valar's Blessing
Improves various spells for Imladris
Spar Training
Improves the defence of Infantry against Infantry units
Improves the range of Archers
Improves the health of Cavalry


  • Heal
    Heals and replenishes targeted allies
  • Relics of the Past
    Summons a relic that provides an armour boost and heal to nearby allies
  • Repair
    Instantly repairs targeted structure
  • Morning Mist
    Targeted Orchards produce additional resource
  • Shroud
    Targeted enemies are slowed and blinded for a time
  • Loremasters of Imladris
    Unlocks Elrond, Erestor and the Library
  • Cloud Break
    Stuns all enemies in fear and wipes leaderships
  • TBA (was fortitude)
  • Hope
    All allies gain knockback and fear immunity as well as a speed increase
  • Eagle Allies
    Summons 3 Eagles for a short time
  • Last Alliance
    Summons Gil Galad along with Noldorin Elves of the Last Alliance for a short time


Lore of the Sea
Imladris gains access to Mithlond units

  • Unlocks Cirdan
  • Unlocks Galdor
  • Mithlond Tirn
  • Mithlond Daer Thaind
  • Mithlond Alphrochi

Lore of the Refuge
Imladris gains access to Noldorin units

  • Unlocks Glorfindel
  • Unlocks Gildor
  • Noldorin Thelyn
  • Noldorin Halltirith
  • Noldorin Loborheroyn


Damn these updates of yours is just making me more and more exited for the realease :)

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Pretty please for videos about the mod? :D

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Continue you sexy beast! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Excellent progress! I trust this will be updated in full at a later date?

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And may I suggest a Sindarin name for Elladan's Arrow Burst? Breithapilin: breitha- (Sindarin: break out suddenly), pilin (Sindarin: arrow). Don't necessarily need to use it, but I figured since Elrohir's fourth power is in Sindarin, his bro ought to have his in Sindar as well.

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Radspakr Author

I'm considering using more Sindarin names for the Elven factions going forward.

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Radspakr Author

I actually looked that up and it's not Sindarin it's Quenyan.
There is no Sindarin word for Arrow which sucks.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Thrax999 Of all the words that Sindarin doesn't have, it's arrow. That's kind of sad.

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Radspakr Author

Yet have 3 words for Axe.

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Radspakr Author

Yeah still ironing out some details with Rivendell stuff like Elrond.

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Dude!! you have been busy hey!! like it a lot, this makes the faction awesome!!, can't wait to see all this in action.

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Radspakr Author

Updated tech tree with new information.

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