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New update make drastic improvements to balancing and easier difficulties.

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This update is most noticeable when playing, it's not something you'll really see, but the biggest notable improvements are better hit detection, especially with the shurikens, you'll also find a couple of platforms have been tinkered with in the labs and should feel vastly improved.

In addition easy and very easy should now be much easier, music has been added to Downtown Cybertropolis, and there are additional easter eggs. Hopefully this update makes gameplay feel much better. While on the surface the update doesn't look big, this is probably the most gameplay has changed since v0.0.0.2!

Here's the roadmap to v0.0.1:
+Finish new area and first boss fight
+Add bow and arrow with alternate 3 flaming arrow attack
+Add new side quests, and make all collectibles quest items
+Implement the Karma system

Here's the goal for 0.1:
+Implement Zen Attack System
+Campaign beatable and in a near completed state

And 1.0 final:
+Campaign in a completed state
+Co-op and PvP multiplayer modes implemented and completed

You can download the game here and on Steam, fight the power Kohai!

Retroninjacyberassassin v0.0.0.5

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