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Timeline for Red March game universe. At the moment, has the WIP status. Will be updated as progress.

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Red March Timeline (Work In Progress)

1931 - [TOP SECRET]
From here begin large-scale changes in history.

1930s - Rise of the Soviet State
The USSR gradually minimizes NEP and moves to a new industrialization program, whose success surprises the whole world and leads to severe anxiety regarding growing Soviet power. Soviet science and technology develop well due to the influx of new technology as well as the pirating of skilled engineers and scientists from other countries, facilitated by the Great Depression.

December 1, 1934 - The failed attempt to murder of Kirov
Kirov survives an assasination attempt and continues his activities. In the future, he goes on to strengthen the Leningrad group and becomes an important member of it.

Second half of 1930s - Great Stalinist purge
WIP, but in the RM universe, more limited than in real life.

July 1936 - April 1939 - Civil War in Spain
The Civil war in Spain. The Soviet Union secretly helps the Republicans. In this war for the first time interests of the Soviet Union clash with those of the emerging fascist bloc, the future Axis powers. Western countries strictly adhere to neutrality. Despite efforts by International brigades as well as the USSR, the Republicans lose the war and General Franco takes power. Several Soviet commanders gain valuable experience fighting with the Republicans and return home alive.

End of 1930s
Japan sees the sharply intensified industrialisation of the Soviet Union and change their future war plans. The Japanese understand that they are not able to attack the continental USSR, as there is too large a difference in troop numbers. As a result, they release their reserves for use in the Pacific war. The Soviets later support Chiang Kai-shek in his battle with the Japanese in exchange for Port Arthur, with the Russian fleet returning once it is captured. In the future this will be a second and very important port and military base for the Soviet fleet, playing a great role in the Last War.

1939-1940 - The Winter War
The Winter War occurs, with the USSR eventually winning. Finland becomes the Finnish Socialist Republic.

End of 1930s\First half of 1940s - WWII
War with Nazi Germany. The British Empire, the Soviet Union, the United States act as the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition. France survives the war with her infrastructure largely intact.

1941-1945 - Pacific War
Japanese uses their reserves to reach India, land in Australia, and even in Alaska. Yamamoto survives several assasination attempts by the USA, and procures additional victories over the United States and her allies. However, the Japanese military cannot attempt to cope with America's overwhelming industrial power, and soon the only question is the date of surrender.

1945 (end of the war in Europe) - USSR-Allies crisis
The Soviet Union, prevents the rise of an independent united China (even a communist one), creates the Manchurian Socialist Republic in lands taken from Japan during the final days of the Pacific War. Chiang Kai Shek interprets this as an example of Soviet imperialism and thus enlists the help of the United States in the fight against Soviet expansionism. Exacerbated by the growing political conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States, the Americans become involved, and even give small concessions to the Japanese, with American forces assisting to reorganise and reform the Japanese military. However, the delay in the arrival of combined Japanese and American forces allows the Soviet Union to liberate the Northern Part of the Korean peninsula. This lays the prerequisites for the Korean War.

First half of 1950s - Korean War
The conflict finally divided the former allies of anti-Hitler coalition...

August 29, 1945 - First atomic bomb
A Soviet atomic bomb test occurs at Semipalatinsk. The first nuclear bomb in human history.

1948 - Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
An unknown assailant kills Mahatma Gandhi shortly after the declaration of Indian independence. Following much deliberation, India is led to believe that the assailant was a memeber of the NKGB and blame the USSR for his death, growing closer to the United States and, reluctantly, the United Kingdom as well.

1949 - Creation of Federal Republic of Germany
Because of the crisis in relations between the USSR and the Allies, the Allies create a new state based on the three integrated occupation zones, the Federal Republic of Germany. This immediately forms a new round of political conflict and serves as one of the causes of growing hostility between the USSR and the other Allied nations.

1949 - United Nations foundation
The United Nations was founded in 1949. Originally Prime Minister Winston Churchill planned to create a military-political bloc called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from western anti-nazi and anti-soviet countries, but after lengthy consultation and analysis of the Soviet threat, the leadership of the founders of the future bloc decided to create a roadmap for the global integration of their countries into one supranational super-state (a multinational confederation or federation) known as the United Nations, for mutual defense. After the creation of the UN, the exact purpose of this organization was not clear, and though the USSR asks to participate, it is refused to do so by the UN founders.

1948 - Trinity nuclear test
Following considerable Soviet tampering with the Manhatten project, as well as other severe setbacks, the Trinity nuclear test occurs in the United States. The first western atomic bombs are built, and British and French nuclear tests quickly follow.

1949 - Creation of German Democratic Republic
As a response to the creation of the FRG, the USSR creates the German Democratic Republic.

1955 - Warsaw Pact foundation
Due to the separation of Germany through the creation of FRG by the former Allies and the announcements anti-soviet purpose of UN, the Soviet Union decides to create the Warsaw Pact - their own military bloc. Foundation of this pact, while largely political, is hurried by discovery of the formation of the Bundeswehr, the military of West Germany. The Warsaw Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance is signed at the Warsaw meeting of European states to promote peace and security in Europe.

In reality, Port Arthur and Manchuko were transferred to the Chinese Communist Party.
Post-war Japan controlled much weaker than in reality, but there too the US bases.

Dead|Wing Er... Why didn't the USSR just nuke the USA and her allies in the five years between the first Soviet test and the first US test?

Could be a dumb question... But, it seems an obvious decision to me.

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Put yourself in the shoes of someone who's been through 5 years of war. Do you think anyone would want another world war when the last one just ended?

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Watchdream Author

It takes time to create a sufficient number of atomic bombs, as well as a lot of time to create a means of delivering nuclear warheads (ICBM and intercontinental strategic bombers). IRL Soviet Union a lot of time had no reliable means of delivery nuclear weapons to destroy the United States.
In addition, the soviet people survived in WWII needs time to recover. A new war, self-initiated by own state, would cause people to overthrow their government.

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Yeah, I guess I was just thinking of Churchill's Operation Unthinkable, and then thinking of the fictional universe this is set in, and the possible earlier acquirement of fairly capable ballistic missiles. Of course, assuming there were still those willing to be morally realistic, this makes sense. Just thought this could be an overlooked loophole.

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Soviet-wank. I don't see how Soviet spies would be able to tamper with the Manhattan project considering they didn't even know about it until after Trinity. And how was Japan defeated without nukes? Operation Downfall? It seems this timeline would need some holes filled in to be more... 'realistic', even though this universe is supposedly not supposed to be taken as one.

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Here's your answer to Japan.

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Watchdream Author

"You've heard about these rumors, agent Carter? The CIA did not believe, but the Bureau believe that these dirty commies have created a time machine, or have implemented a bunch of agents in our echelons of power that even McCarthy could not smoke them out. Yes, the time machine. Do not look at me like that, Carter, I also do not believe it, but I heard with my own ears, that our chief discussed this at a meeting with the senator and does not look like he was joking."

Because of the need to avoid spoilers we have hide certain things from you. It would be foolish to immediately open the campaign script and plot, besides it is assumed that many of the secrets of this setting will be revealed during the passage of the campaign.
But I can say that something happened in 1931 and it had an impact on the whole world. Although ... And if there was any weirdness and strange events before?

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