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Everything about everyone in Nor Prime! There are 3 unique races that make up Nor Prime: Humari, Bhacrio, and Hecoy. Though relatively similar in characteristics and mannerisms, they all originate from various species indigenous to Nor Prime.

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The Races

HumariUser Posted Image

Similar to humans visually, Humari are very intelligent sentient beings that see the best form of living through democratic cooperation and decisive majority rule. Strangely, the stronger gender to the Humari -- also the most predominate -- are the females, who not only make up a large majority of the race, but all share a considerable amount of beauty along with their strong mental strengths. Thanks to the Humari, EDOC became a well fortified pillar in Ivara and the old ways in which Ragnic ruled over the world became a less crucial matter. Most Humari are fascinated by the science of the world, biomurrology, how Ragnic have come to be, VHEL, and Ho‘vas (near equivalent to Christianity). Over the years however, many Humari have lost their natural connection with nature and most can hardly defend themselves properly against Ragnic. This issue in itself is partly in thanks to their dependency on Towers and MPA related technology.

  • Male - Male Humari are noble and patient to a fault. They rely on their wits and ability to manipulate their surroundings as opposed to blunt actions. Regarded as the weaker of the two sexes, Humari males are least likely to be in a situation for moral reasons or just plain fear itself. Some break this mold, while others basically follow the stereotype.
  • Female - Female Humari are considered, by many, to be the most headstrong women there are in Nor Prime. Neither patient nor hasty, female Humari have a tendency to act when they’re prompted to do so. The Reaver Society -- during the time of it’s prosperity -- was almost predominately formed of Humari women (54% to be exact). For some reason, however, Humari and Bhacrio women don’t seem to get along by nature. This may have to do with the two races’ conflictive mindsets, or it could deal with the attention grabbing ways of the Humari that irks the Bhacrio; nobody really knows.


A very diverse race, Hecoy have very tall bodies, with heads similar to dogs, and rival the genius of the Humari. The Hecoy also believe in the same dominate, idealistic lifestyles as the Humari. Primarily found in areas within Ivara or Marlu, most Hecoy try to live life in peace and serenity. Some can live up to 150 years old without showing much difference in their appearance even beyond the age of 90. Although some have adapted other habits like the Hecoy Scouts in EDOC have, they believe in upholding peace above all with a dramatic focus on enduring hardships. The typical life of a Hecoy is generally enveloped in the premise of being humble vs. being self-righteous, or in more extreme circumstances, living a sinless life vs. living a life based on self-righteous morality. With a focus on helping their community under the burdening circumstances of strife, they often look highly towards those who overcome incredibly strenuous situations -- idealizing ones own journey to exultation. This, of course, leads on to two different resulting mindsets: one that circumstantially exploits his or her own ego and another that denies their exultant nature with a continued focus on self mortifying conduct even towards the end of his or her own life. Needless to say, thanks to the Hecoy and their peaceful but meticulous culture, their ways helped create EDOC from the ground up so many millennia’s ago.

  • Male - Huge in size and girth, male Hecoy are the tallest of all the races. Although this is fact, they are considerably “friendly giants”, as some like to say. They exercise mind over matter and use their great intellect to get through almost every situation presented to them. The males are more inclined to be very stark in personality and very responsible. With this, questioning a Hecoy males own mindset would be the same as questioning his own approach and journey through life, itself. None are without their flaws, but what flaws that can be seen -- especially from the viewpoints of Bhacrio and Humari -- cannot even be classified as sinful in nature, but rather “personality flaws“.
  • Female - Female Hecoy greatly vary from the other two female races. Unlike the Humari women, Hecoy women are extremely low in numbers, although this is almost made up for with the distinguished traits that a single Hecoy woman bares. With flowing white hair and beauty quite uncommon to many, female Hecoy are in a class of their own. Just like their male counterparts, female Hecoy exercise peaceful mannerisms with an extreme focus on being morally and constitutionally -- in terms of the laws of civil obedience -- obedient. It’s needless to say that they are highly sought after.

BhacrioUser Posted Image

Not a peaceful race like the Humari or the Hecoy, Bhacrio are nomadic people known for their strength and individuality. They laugh at the sight of death and enjoy the looming threat of Ragnic, but they aren't well known for their achievements since they're considered thieves, brutes, and good for nothings, by many. Bhacrio are also known for their ways around the Trade, their immediate affiliation. They’re responsible for the economic developments within Ivara and Marlu since such jobs as couriering and marauding were things Bhacrio had formed as a culture. Both male and female Bhacrio are relatively similar to Humari anatomy wise. In contrast, however, all Bhacrio have very tanned skin, unkempt brown hair, sharp black nails, patchy scales on their back (after the age of 25), emerald eyes, and a noticeably bigger body build in comparison to the other races. The most fascinating feature to the Bhacrio deals with their eyes. Strangely, the iris of a Bhacrio’s eyes can fade into a grayish color from witnessing very emotionally scaring sights. In rare cases, their iris can change into a blood red color. Bhacrio are most commonly found in the mountains of Kastinova and many other regions in Ivara and Darmus although there has been a shift in locations. They specialize in the fighting art of Tomo'Ye, a type of wrestler/brawler style of combat that works well on huge opponents, especially Ragnic. Its not a surprise that the other races have adopted this art style as a means of self-defense. The Bhacrio are the only race to develop their own language outside of the formally accepted language Humos, called Numa.

  • Male - Male Bhacrio are known to be a very dominate gender. They wage full out war with others and never back down from a challenge. To many, male Bhacrio are walking weapons capable of independent and social dominance. They adapt to situations quickly and realize that their own hindrances can ultimately lead to their own downfall. In union with female Bhacrio, males usually show authority and ownership over their spouses, but because of the independent nature of female Bhacrio, neither are known to get along very well unless both have some goal in mind while in union.
  • Female - Female Bhacrio are very independent as a gender and rarely, if ever, rely on their male counterparts. Many female Bhacrio are encouraged to live out their own lives without being in a settled company of others, but such nomadic principles and beliefs haven’t been status quo for Bhacrio since the fall of the Ban‘Tiens. One interesting fact is that all female Bhacrio grow their hair to extraordinary lengths, often extending below their torso. Now a full blown tradition, female Bhacrio justify this ritual as an act of maturity; the hair’s length symbolizing self perseverance and determination, while the bands on their arms, various scars, and tattoos represent experience and livelihood.


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Are you asking if the game is free, or...?

If you are, then no. The game won't be free outside of the free open beta coming next year. =P

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i realy like how you present all your stuff
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keep that work up ;)

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