"Big Demon" is an independent video game development studio focused on the creation of extremely fun, high fidelity, story driven games. Every game we make is focused on a distinct type of fun, with unique visuals, immersible gameplay, and strict design philosophies (super strict). We take passion and commitment seriously, and don't try to cut corners to make the absolute best piece of work we humanly can. We are not a conventional independent development group. Most games we develop are largely in 2D with minimal 3D usage, focusing on artistry over polygon count. In addition, we have our very own voice over cast for ALL projects. "Big Demon" is, and will always be about fun, memorable experiences. We hope we can make our experiences worthwhile for everyone to enjoy! <3

"Big Demon" was founded on February 26th, 2010. Having already developed large assets to VHEL, the group's first commercial game, "Big Demon" was created to identify just what type of developer Mr.12 and his horde of fleshies are.

The Team

Founder, Lead Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Animator, Lead Writer, Producer, Director: Mr. 12
Composer: Inverness
Lead Programmer: Tiji

Our Games

VHEL is a 2.5D, story based, stealth focused, real-time tactics game (Stealth RTT) set in a science fiction world known as Nor Prime. It follows the exploits of a young Bhacrio girl named Khana Faust, a courier in the southern region of Ivara, who undergoes strange metaphysical changes from a parasite known as VHEL, originally used as a means to power a destructive anomaly known as Skull over 13 years ago and also a parasitic commodity amongst mammoth-like hydrozoans known as Ragnic. As Khana, the player will explore the continent of Ivara in a rudimentary day to day simulation of her life as a courier while also engaging in confrontations with Ragnic -- usually within an evasive fashion -- during company-given contracts (missions), using alien tactics and strategies unique to this world alone.

Due to release: No flippin' clue

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VHEL - Courier

VHEL - Courier

Real Time Strategy

VHEL is a 2-D, story based, stealth focused, real-time tactics game set in a science fiction world known as Nor Prime. It follows the exploits of a young...


<3 I have waited for this ever since you made VHEL - Congratulations with finally making the studio! =]

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Mr.12 Creator


I am nowhere near done with this page, though, so I'll try and update everything as much as possible. =P

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