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This is a detailed description of the PR:Z Survival "Gamemode" and its features.

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The PR:Z Survival "Gamemode" is the base of the whole mini-mod as it was initially developed for the Survival Games Events and then further developed into PR:Z by adding zombies and specific features to better control the pvp.

Some of those features are obviously based on the DayZ mod, like the random spawn for the survivors with no gear and the random spawn of weapons and gear all over the map. However, we wanted to try to improve it and adapt it a bit, so you will find that it can be quite different from DayZ.

The loot is spawned randomly all over the map, in groups of weapons based on their importance/effectiveness. Each kit will be spawned in different amounts and with a different spawn delay/time. Currently on Dovre we have almost 400 kit locations placed from which a minimum of 85 and a maximum of 140 spawn.

Your objective is to survive against any threat, whether it is from other survivors within your team or from the zombies on the other team. However, not all survivors are a danger to you, some might actually be friendly. Your chances of survival increase if you find other survivors to play with and watch your back, it is however up to you to decide who you can trust.

To prevent the "shoot-on-sight" mentality, we implemented a humanity system that keeps track of what you do in game. Your humanity is tracked by a scoring system connected to a team-switcher, this means that if you reach a low value of points, you will get switched to the zombie team. The way this works is that you start with X positive points and you loose Y points for each team-kill you do while gaining points by killing X zombies and by having teamwork with other survivors.

Currently we're using the following settings:

- You start with 100 Points
- You get Team-Switched (to Zombies) if you die and have 0 Points or Negative Points
- You get Team-Switched Instantly (to Zombies) if you have -50 Points or if you get Killed by a Zombie, independently of your humanity values.
- You get -100 Points when you become a Zombie and need to reach 0 Points to be allowed to switch back to Survivor
- You get 50 Points when you return to the Survivors Team (All points gained as Zombie are removed)
- You have to wait 4 minutes before you are considered a unarmed survivor if you spawned/picked up one of these kits: Any of the Unarmed Kits on the Spawn Screen plus the Request-able Unarmed Drop Kit. The Ammo and Patches Kits are also considered unarmed.

* If you Team-Kill 1 Survivor = -25 Points
* If you get a TK Assist = -10 Points
* If you Team-Kill 1 Unarmed Survivor = -75 Points (Instead of -25) = 3 Normal Team-Kills
* If you get an Assist for an Unarmed Survivor being killed = -25 Points (Instead of -10)
* If you kill 1 Zombie = +1 Point (Only if you have less than 100 Points)
* If you get an Assist for a Zombie being killed = +1 Point (Only if you have less than 100 Points)

* If you kill 1 Survivor (Unarmed or not) as a Zombie = +100 Points (Usually enough to Allow the Team-Switch)
* If you get an Assist for a Survivor (Unarmed or not) being killed, as a Zombie = +25 Points

* Stay 4 Minutes Alive as Survivor = +2 Points (Only if you have less than 100 Points)
* Stay 4 Minutes Alive as Zombie = +20 Points (Meaning you can change to Survivor after a Max of 20 Minutes)
* Die as Survivor = -10 Points (Only if you have more than 60 Points)
* If you Suicide as Survivor = -200 Points (Enough to get you instantly switched if you didn't gain any extra points)

- This means that if you have 100 Points and you get:

* 4 Team-Kills = 4 X -25 = -100 Points = which = 0 Points = Team-Switched once dead
* 6 Team-Kills = 6 x -25 = -150 Points which = -50 Points = Team-Switched instantly
* 2 Unarmed Killed = 2 x -75 = -150 Points which = -50 Points = Team-Switched instantly

- But if you only have 50 Points (After returning to the Survivors Team) and you get:

* 2 Team-Kills = 2 X -25 = -50 Points = which = 0 Points = Team-Switched once dead
* 4 Team-Kills = 4 x -25 = -100 Points which = -50 Points = Team-Switched instantly
* 1 Unarmed Killed = 1 x -75 = -60 Points which = -25 Points = Team-Switched once dead
* 2 Unarmed Killed = 2 x -75 = -150 Points which = -100 Points = Team-Switched instantly

You can counter your Team-Kills by killing Zombies:
* 25 Zombie Kills/Assists = +25 Points = Minus 1 Team-Kill

- Reviving other survivors = +20 Points (Not limited to a Max amount)

The above features are already implemented in game, the below features are either a concept or work-in-progress at this time:

These features force you to interact with the players using local mumble instead of just shooting everyone on sight and trying to compensate/counter the team-kills later on. You will however be able to force unarmed players to do what you want by threatening to kill them with specific weapons which will infect them with the zombie virus. We will try and implement some funny things for you to do with your prisoners :)

Here's how the infection system will work:

- 0 Points as Survivor = Getting Infected
- Being killed by a knife, bayonet, machete or crossbow = Getting infected on next spawn
- Being infected = Dying after 60 minutes maximum
- Dying while infected = Getting switched to Zombie Team

In order to counter the infection, you will have to find an antidote (quite rare) and have another player inject you with it. However, the antidote will have a side-effect... it will put you in a coma and so you will need another player to revive you or you will have to give up and respawn again as survivor.

We might as well implement a random infection so that every player will get infected after a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours of playing as a survivor. If you play as zombie and then switch to survivor you will not be randomly targeted by the infection for the next 2 hours (you will still be subjected to the above rules of TK's and Deaths).

Please keep in mind that all of this is still a work-in-progress!! It is subject to change as it might not work out as intended. We will try to test everything as much as possible to guarantee that the game-play is both fun and challenging at the same time.

illicitSoul - - 6,277 comments

sounds interesting !

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Onil Author
Onil - - 37 comments

Updated the list of values based on our most recent score settings.

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ScarFace7454 - - 60 comments

i love the points system, it encourages players not to kill each other so much and maybe cooperate with one another. lol.

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Onil Author
Onil - - 37 comments

Yep, that's the idea. And I think it might work out or at least I hope so. We'll see how this week goes and figure out if the point system needs any adjustments.


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