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PR:Z list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. It will be updated regularly based on the feedback we receive.

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PR:Z - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why can't I run this/spawn on local?
A - This minimod is to be played on Multiplayer CO-OP only. If you start it on local, you will not be able to spawn and even if you would spawn, you would have no loot spawning either way.

Q - Why can't I spawn with the admin kit?
A - Really? I think that is quite obvious... And if you see someone actually playing (shooting survivors) with an admin kit, please report it.

Q - Why can't I find any loot?
A - Loot has to be spawned/activated by an admin at this moment and it is only active during the event days/times (18h30 to 02h30 GMT). If other players have weapons and you can't find any, you're not looking hard enough.

Q - Why don't I have a minimap?
A - The minimap is disabled if you're playing the Survival gamemode since you will be playing against other survivors that are in the same team, you would be able to see their locations on the minimap.

Q - Why can't I use the common rose and the scroll to select other items on my kit?
A - Since you do not have a minimap on the Survival gamemode, when you click the minimap key, it will open the minimap area but nothing will appear so you won't notice that you left it open. That disables the scroll and common rose so you will need to click the same key for it to be closed.

Q - Why do I get a black screen every time I pickup a kit?
A - You have to select the "Grab Item" weapon in your kit and click the Common Rose (Q) button that says "Allow Kit Pickup" each time you want to pickup a new kit. You don't have to do it for a kit you just dropped (less than 2 minutes ago).

Q - Why do I have to click for permission to pickup a kit?
A - That is implemented to prevent players from spamming the kit pickup key to pickup kits without having to actually find/see them.

Q - Why can't I resupply from an ammo bag?
A - Currently the ammo kit and the ammo bag have the same geometry. Make sure it's not the kit because if it is, you will need to drop the ammo bag from it to resupply.

Q - Why can't I fire my weapon?
A - Some weapons spawn jammed and you won't be able to fix them. They just click as if they have no ammo even if they do have it. Jammed weapons are not fixable.

Q - Why can't I stop going down the ladder?
A - We have disabled the fast sliding down the ladder but if you double tap to go down, it still does the sliding down animation even if you're going down slowly and so it won't stop until you're down. Don't double tap and you'll be fine.

Q - Why was I switched to the zombie team?
A - You are switched to the zombie team whenever you get killed by a zombie, suicide or team-killed too many survivors. If you have 0 points or minus points and die, you will get switched to the zombie team. If you reach -100 points you will get automatically switched to the zombie team.

Q - How can I get back to the survivors team?
A - You will have to either kill 1 survivor as a zombie or you will have to wait 20 minutes. You will get a notification when you are allowed to switch team.

Q - Why use zombie bots?
A - We use zombies because we needed an extra opposition for the survivors as well as to serve as a distraction. The AI is there for when there is a lack of players on the server or at least on the zombie side.

Q - Why do zombie bots stop chasing you on certain areas of the map?
A - The bots follow network of pathways called Navmesh which is created by the mapper. Unfortunately this network is/has to be limited to less than 1km so if the map is bigger, certain areas won't be useable by the AI.

This FAQ will be updated on a regular basis.

List of currently known bugs:

- Double clicking down the ladder causes you not to be able to stop going down the ladder as if you were sliding down very slowly.
- Not able to spawn as zombie if no survivor is within one of the zombie zones. Need to add some spawn points that aren't only activated by survivors proximity.
- Not able to command AI. Bots don't follow orders.
- Zombie sounds play after the bots are dead
- It is nearly impossible to leave the vent room of the Radar Station Building. The table needs to be removed.
- Some vehicles look too bright

Have a question that is not answered here? Found a Bug that is not on this list?
Feel free to make a post here or PM Onil.

illicitSoul - - 6,278 comments

Does survivor will spawn with pitol + some extra ammo ?

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Onil Author
Onil - - 37 comments

Survivors always spawn unarmed as it is mentioned on the main page info. So no, you do not get a pistol... that would be too easy.

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