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Project Reality v1.6.4 brings 3 new maps, increased map faction variety, 1 new vehicle as well as the usual assortment of bug fixes.

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Hello and welcome to the highlight for the upcoming Project Reality v1.6.4.0 update! This update revolves around 3 new maps and adding new varied map layers to existing maps. With this update we want to provide our community some new content during the holiday period. We wish everyone happy holidays and hope you all enjoy this update.

ModDB - 2020 Mod of the Year Awards

Every year ModDB holds a competition to get the best mods of the year highlighted. We have already won this competition in the past but are always happy to see all your votes each year to get it in the honorable mentions or top 100.

This year has seen many small and large releases for PR:BF2 and we are proud of what we were able to accomplish this year.
And thanks to your vote we have already reached the final 100 mods this year. You can now vote once again in the BF2 category for PR:BF2 to see us going further to the top of the list here! Thank you for your vote and continued support this year. We already are looking forward to what we can do in 2021.


With Adak we bring a new theatre of war to PR: This time the USA has to fight on their own soil. Based on the real island and military base, [R-DEV]Rusty42 created this 4km map with the intention of having China as the invading force. Now with the addition of the PLANMC faction and their helicopter carrier, we can bring this scenario to life.

Icebound & Hiberna - Seasonal maps

These two new winter maps will feature a wide variety of all our factions that have snow skins set up.
In the past we created optional winter map packs for everyone to install. This made it difficult for server admins to run these maps as they could never know how many players had them installed. That is why we decided to include these seasonal winter maps into this patch. We plan to remove them again some time in early 2021.

Map variety

With 1.6.3 we added support to have map layers with different factions using different languages. In this patch we now make full use of this by adding and changing a lot of map layers. This will allow you to play some of your favorite maps in a new way as well as giving bringing previously unused vehicles to the field.

For example, you can now play on Fools Road with 1982 British Forces against Milita, or as modern British Forces against Russia. On Burning Sands, the Germans get to fight MEC for the first time; while on Hades Peak, there is a new layer fielding the US Army against Russian Forces. And entering a new theater, the PLA can now be played on Sahel against the French.

Check out these all other new layers in the map gallery.


After the BMP-2M and BTR-82M upgrades it was time to also bring the BMP-3 to the 21st century. Thanks to Hokunin we added the SODEMA gunner sights which add thermal imaging to this fearsome beast.


  • Zoom: 1x, 2.5x, 12x
  • Thermals: Black/white

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- The Project Reality Team

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