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The time has come, announcing the best Mobile Games of 2015 as selected by you.

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Welcome all to the 2015 App of the Year. After 20 days of very close voting, the results are in. Without further adieu, we are delighted to present your Top 5 Mobile Games. Also announcing the Top Mods and Indie Games, you're invited to check them out!

5th DeadRiot

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Fight, shoot & blast your way through the zombie apocalypse. Can you survive Dead Riot? You are the last hope for a city under siege by the undead. Destroy the zombie hordes and restore order to a world plunged into chaos. Use devastating weapons, killer combos to dispatch the undead!

Show how much you know about the people you follow on Twitter (Twitter account required!). Following is a trivia game for Twitter where you try to discover who are the authors of the tweets posted by the people you follow in two game modes.

Dodge enemies, circle around and blast them, collect points, unlock modes! Get ready for the (round) trip of your life! Set in the mysterious Photonia Universe, Cyclos is a new kind of game. Flow around your enemies to destroy them and survive in this sharp and spiked world. Cyclos features a unique tap-based control system, so simple that anyone can pick it up right away. But don’t be relieved just yet! Cyclos is a challenging game, offering countless hours of replay value and a worldwide arena for competition.

2nd Place
Asgard Run

Asgard Run brings several RPG elements into the mix that allow you to customize your characters with weapons and armor that will impact your gameplay and your looks.

Sprint into a high-speed adventure with your chosen hero on a quest to save Asgard! Use speedy reflexes to avoid hazards and grab awesome power-ups. Time epic attacks against gruesome mythological foes in high-speed running battles. Jump, slide, turn, and even fly across the stunning fantasy landscape in your quest to stand proud among the gods of Asgard!

The rotating world of the Ashen Bridge that links Asgard to the land of the dead, Helheim, is full of peril and monsters such as warlocks, zombies and exploding skeletons forcing you to take split second decisions in order to maximize your high score.

Welcome to Brave & Little Adventure – a charming, colorful medieval adventure of Little Red Riding Hood!

  • Wonderful sense of humor and a great adventure;
  • Mysterious riddles and attentive enemies;
  • Over 30 unique characters;
  • 23 fully interactive, hand-painted and unique locations;
  • Over 50 hidden artifacts, objects, goodies and gifts;
  • More than 1,500 different types of animation that make the story incredibly alive;
  • Fairytale about Little Red Riding Hood, which you have never heard before.

With courage at heart, Molly is ready for a fabulous, fun and mysterious adventure, and you?

Congratulations to all, We wish you a happy new year and all your developments the best in 2016!

amusic - - 4 comments

Asgard run is really cool..congrats

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amusedsloth - - 12 comments

Thank you!

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NigiriGames - - 1 comments

Congratulations to all Top 50!

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DeadRiot - - 5 comments

Thanks a million for voting for DeadRiot! Congrats to all!

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Eageron - - 50 comments

Congratulations to all! Dead Riot looks amazing!

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DagazProductions - - 1 comments

I really like the art style of Brave & Little Adventure. It looks really nice :)

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