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Hello everyone this is some info on what I have planned on the gameplay. Please do give feedback on these ideas and plans because it will only make it better and increase its chances of working. Ok so firstly the mod is campaign oriented however the multiplayer will not be put aside, most likely the multiplayer will end up better...

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Anyways lets get started:

One big thing is that this total conversion will not have base building. It will be sort of like World in conflict and Sudden strike where you call in units. So that means you will not get factory buildings perhaps in special maps or missions. You will be able to build bunkers and such so technically you will be able to build bases. However I want to make it so that buildings can only be built on certain terrain only. IE they cant be built on beach sand or rocks or certain types of grass ect. Most missions you will not need to build a base, however defensive structures will be available like tank traps and bunkers.

The only real base building that will show up often is the dropship pad to call in reanforcements. However I want to make a way to position a reinforcment call in point. It will represented by a flag or something at the edge of a map. Thats where any unit that you buy will come from. This reminds me of resources but we can talk about that at another time. Ok so thats that for base building thing...for now. It will change as I refine it more and test it.

Ok next is the how the fighting will be like:

Don't let the cartoony-ness fool you it will be more realistic than you think. Ok so I'll do this in point form rather.

- Armoured units will be almost impervious to small arms so a tank will not get hurt by anything less than a grenade.
- Most Tank shells specially anti tank will hurt infantry units less than a sniper or flamer for example it will be like in tiberian sun. This is a unrealistic but its to balance things out a bit. I don't want infantry to be cannon fodder like in Sudden Strike.
- Artillery will be rather dangerous to infantry but will not hurt high level armoured units specially if its inacurate. Only a few types of artilery, usually very expensive will kill a tank it two shots as an example.
- The range and sight of units will be much more than in gen. It won't be life like but at least 3 or 4 times further than in Gen.
- Most air units that are not Hilicopters will be called in as astrike like with the carpet bomber. They won't stay on the battlefield. Dog fights will be hard to code, I hope I will be able to make it happen.

Ok so thats it for now. Please do give me some feedback and tell me what else you would like in terms of gameplay.

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This is obsolete do not pay it any attention.

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Glad I scrolled down before reading past the first paragraph ha. Might you be able to edit this with a line through all the text or something so as to not potentially waste one's time reading that which is obsolete?

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