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Here's a list of the planned features. Feel free to comment!

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Combine Overwatch

USP Match
Colt Python 357

MK3A2 Grenade
Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle AR2 (OSIPR)

Overwatch Sniper Rifle

Combine APC
Combine Helicopter
Kamaz Typhoon


Muscle car
Dune Buggy
Dune Buggy Armored
DPV Buggy Armed and unarmed


Combine Overwatch Soldiers
Combine Overwatch Elites
Combine Metropolice units
Combine Nova Prospekt security service


Rebel regoular
-A rebel armed with generic combine weaponry and equipment such as military vests or helmets-

Rebel civilian refugee
-A civilian, with generic metropolice weapons-

Rebel heavy troops
-A rebel heavily armed with automatic rifles and combine recicled vests-

Scientist, researchers
Rouge Metropolice


Gravity gun?
My god.

Maybe if things go well, you could try implementing the combine gunship and that flying worm thing that killed eli.

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Lehy Author

Well yes, the Gravity Gun is for sure. But the Gunship, Striders etc are gonna be a pain in the *** for it's animations.

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as for animations Id recommend ripping the original HL2 versions and building / improving upon those. Cuts the overall workload in general. At bare minimum id use them as place holders.

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Honestly, they don't have to be perfect. You could do a simple walking animation and maybe a slight sway when the Strider is standing, and just do "simple" bending animations for the Gunship. Even if it doesn't look absolutely perfect, it would be enough. I mean, the Halo mod thats out right now definitely isn't perfect, but it's still good enough. As far as the Advisor that the other guy was talking about, probably not a good idea. I mean you COULD remodel the Pawnee and just completely redo the weapons. And by redo, I mean make it's only ranged weapon the unused Particle Sheilding system. If you COULD, find and rip the texture thing (or remake it) and use that as the model, but it's like an instant rocket that instantly kills anyone and anything inside it, leaving no body / wreck / rubble left behind from the destruction, and make the sound a sort of warping, electric noise, and melee weapon be it's arms. You can see the particle system on it's Half-Life Wiki Page. Hope I helped a little!

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And I hope you don't give up on this. If you do, keep it available for download or hand the project over to someone you trust, cause i REALLY wanna see this mod happen. And maybe you could try to contact the mod author for the WAP mod (Believe thats the WanderPanzer Mod, He did the animations for them walking. Doesn't look the best, but he MIGHT help you.)

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Can we add combine dropship??

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Lehy Author

The dropship is a living being with a cargo attached on it. I don't think it will work properly, Arma can't handle animations verywell.
And it will need a custom AI, that's like, 6 months of working. And it's probably going to be really cheesy thanks for Arma's engine.
So, it's a no, sorry.

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Do you think it's possible this could be used in the future to create an advanced HL2RP server like the ones in Gmod? I'd love to have a like 100-200 person server where there are rebels that escaped cities Combine units and such. The possibilities are really exciting. If you think about that you could add walls and stuff that could be placed where wanted on a map.

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