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Eastern Front v2.0 is coming at last! Enjoy playing as Ostheer or against them!

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Eastern Front Patch 2.10

* Play as the amazing Ostheer!

* New and fancy gadgets for the Soviet faction, don't miss out!

* Check out all the breathtaking 15 new maps!

* Read it here.

Eastern Front Patch 2.10.2 Changelog

* Added watermarks to large reward pics.

* Removed Panzer Elite veterancy "Blinks" on the Marksman.
* Removed Panzer Elite veterancy "Blinks" on the Panzerwerfer.
* Fixed BLANK name for Medic Halftrack.
* Fixed BLANK name for Panzerwerfer.
* Fixed BLANK name for Wespe.
* Fixed wrong criticals being assigned to the Luchs gun.
* Added correct requirements to Elite Sprint so it disappears when the right doctrine is not chosen.
* Fixed texts for the veterancy upgrades descriptions.
* Fixed Brandenburger camouflage ability.
* Fixed Brandenburger not having weapon and helmet when using US variation.
* Repositioned Brandenburger camouflage ability to not overlap repair veterancy abilities.
* Added text to Brandenburger demo charges requirement when camouflaged.
* Fixed Famo not being able to resurrect T34s.
* Fixed Ostheer Panzerschrecks LODs so it is visible in the regular zoom distances.
* Correct Ostheer Panzerschrecks texture and dropped model added.
* Added Victory/Defeat music for Ostheer.
* Fixed wrong requirements on Panzer 38t and Wespe call-ins.
* Repositioned Medic Ace veterancy to fit the same spot as the previous abilities.
* Now using the proper texts for the medic-tree veterancy abilities.
* LMG team now needs 3 pop per squad.
* Sturmpios now have a model of a MP41 instead of the MP40.
* Tweaked scatter for Stuka cannons.
* Fixed Opel Maultier limit description.
* Panzer 38t now gives same amount of veterancy as the Panzer III when killed.
* Tweaked upkeep of the Ostheer Panzer IV to match the Wehrmacht Panzer IV, instead of Ostheer Panzer III.
* Increased the amount of expierence the Landser Squad Leader gives to match the rest of his squad.
* Ostheer Panzerschrecks now have the same drop rate as the Wehrmacht and PE ones.

* Fixed incorrect text code for the NKVD Commissar.
* Fixed Partisans requirement message for demolition charges when camouflaged.
* Fixed incorrect text code for KV limit.
* Restored textures for the obr.1927 nest.
* Removed Sniper Team paradrop reinforcement.
* Added correct origin coordinates for DP28.
* Lowered Sniper HP to 40.
* Lowered Sniper Ace HP to 120.

Panzer Elite
* Fixed Jagdtiger missing entity.
* Fixed missing rgm for the rebuilt Jagdpanzer IV.
* Fixed Jagdpanzer IV firing animation.

Eastern Front Patch 2.10.3 Changelog

* Fixed wrong tooltip for leFH18 crew.
* Fixed blue box on the leFH18.
* Fixed blue box on Brandenburgers.

* Command squad is a much higher priority for the AI now
* Ai will try to have at least one conscript squad on the field at a time.

* Now with Korean Translation!
* Improved Russian Translation, it's still not complete for all of Ostheer.


took you guys f-ing long enough ;P

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How can this mod be so awesome and CoH2 be so "Meh"?!

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CoH2 is not 'meh'. It is 'YUCK'

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CoH2 is 'different'. The new engine and features have a lot of potential, despite the mediocre faction elements.

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CoH2 generally has less units than CoH1, however, due to the engine changes and bits of new gameplay elements like abandoned vehicles and ice breaking, the game has potential to be better than the first game IF they expand it like they did the first. (Adding new factions, reward units, etc)

Only time will tell with what they choose to do with it. Here's me hoping Relic will say "**** SEGA" and do their own thing but I doubt that will happen. This isn't the first time SEGA has ****** with franchises. (Aliens vs. Predator 2010 anyone?)

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I noticed after this patch that Brandenburger units models completely broke. I was playing on a standard level, not an EF level, if that makes a difference.

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I'll test this asap

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Confirmed: Brandernburgers now show up as missing texture boxes. Dammit - no guns before, no men now!

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