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Christmas Patch! :D It contains many fixes after the feedback provided by the EF community and Balancer's feedback.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.71

'Red Snow'

* Rifles now have the correct reload animation.

- Fixed snow pile bugs
- New loading screen
- Fixed owner state of some objects.
- New loading screen
- Added two additional passages across the river.
- Updated mini-map

Soviet Army
* Mosin Nagant rifles are now always visible.
* SVT40 rifles are now always visible.
* Fixed dummy build ability for Sturmovies.
* Set max damage modifier of VPGS vs target tables to 1.
* Fixed an incorrect texture for a Soviet Rocket.
* Fixed a rare occuring bug that could cause a Firebase to be unresponsive.
* Fixed the squad size issue when capturing an own ZiS-2.
* Fixed Team Color related issues for the following models:
- T34/76
- T34/85
- ZiS5
- Katyusha
* Set IL2 PTAB damage to 32.
* Fixed small arms textures(DP28, Mosin Nagant, SVT40, PPSH41).
* Set IL2 to 200 munitions and with a recharge time of 340 seconds.
* Set rear damage from T34/76 against Panzer IV to 3.7.
* Set rear damage from T34/76 against skirted Panzer IV to 3.7.
* Set sturmovie damage vs wehr ht to 0.35.
* Set strelky damage vs wehr ht to 0.5.

* Fixed Pershing call-in.

Royal Marine Commandos
* SAS Kangaroo health set to 350.
* SAS Kangaroo max speed set to 5.
* Crusader tank now costs 400 manpower 60 fuel.
* Removed flank speed from Crusader.
* Set Field Support upgrade cost to 150 manpower 35 fuel.
* Set Heavy Support upgrade cost to 200 manpower 60 fuel.

* Removed the new HMG42 model and restored Relic's HMG 42 one.
* Fixed an incorrect texture for Tiger Ace.
* Set Tiger Ace health to 1400.
* Set damage mod from Stug IV against IS3 to 1.5.
* Set damage from Stug IV against IS2 to 1.5
* set Panzer IV gun to 0.6225 pen against T34s.

Panzer Elite
* Fixed Fallschirmjager animations when capturing LMGs.
* Fixed JP missing gun.



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Anyone think the Soviet Tank Hunters are a bit...squishy? Whenever I throw 2 or 4 of them against a Stug and I flank it, the lone Stug always manages to kill all of them. The Strelky survive longer against a Stug than the Tank Hunters

I also find the Tank Hunters extremely ineffective against tanks. All the other nations have some form of RPG or shaped-charge weapon, which is much more effective versus armor than the PTRD.

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Tank hunters work well with AT guns. Also the camoflage ability buffs their first shot. When you add squad veterancy and Major's buffs things can get ugly. I believe a small chance of damaging vehichle tracks would be nice, since this was their main role after the german heavy armour roled in =) But even now, they are OK to me.

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there are some fail with the wounded sniper (almost dead, lying on the ground)that when they got killed (by mortar) during the camo time, they still appear to be invisible. About the operation: save chirsmast , i think the enemy is out numbered our forces, you should add atleast 1 sniper or anti tank group.

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