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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.51

'Fall In!'

Launcher Changes:
* Players will no longer receive an odd message saying "Eastern Front Mod is up to date." if a certain error occurs when clicking "Play". Instead they get a proper error message.
* Launcher will no longer crash when it cannot reach the update server.
* You can now view your Eastern Front Version if you click "About" in settings.

Bug Fixes and Art Changes:
* Fixed Czech locale being Italian locale.
* Strelky now have the correct requirement description in the Italian translation.
* Fixed a small issue on all weapons' target tables.
* Fixed a bug where Pershing's Commander would not showing up for some players.
* Removed the 0 from Soviet MG Nest's badge.
* Fixed bug that could make the 76mm obr unkillable.
* Soviet tanks can no longer hull down while moving.
* Light Artillery and Charge Commissar abilities now show their proper requirement.

* Fortress Mode Only: Fixed pink portrait bug for Flak 43 if decrewed.
* Fortress Mode Only: Fixed missing Flak 43 icon.
* Fortress Mode Only: Soviet AA Guns now have the correct price.
* Fortress Mode Only: Fixed end of game crash.
* Fortress Mode Only: Fixed pink portrait for 37mm 61k if decrewed.

Balance Changes
Command Squad
* Added Mustering Tent as requirement.

Soviet Support Barracks
* Mark target recharge time lowered to 20 seconds.
* Artillery cost per use reduced to 100 munitions.

Heavy Mortar
Changed Heavy Mortar stats as follows (Short/Medium/Long -range):
Accuracy: 0.75 / 0.5 / 0.25
AoE damage: 1 / 0.7 / 0.5
Damage friendly: 0.65 / 0.65 / 0.5
AoE distance: 2 / 4 / 8
Range: 15-90
Scatter: same than Wehrmatch mortar
Target table:
vs infantry: Dmg 1, Acc 1
vs elite: Dmg 1, Acc 1
vs heroic: Dmg 1, Acc 1
vs soldier: Dmg 1, Acc 1
vs building_bunker_emplacement: Dmg 4
vs building_destructible: Dmg 1.8

* Heavy Mortar upgrade cost increased to 100 munitions 35 fuel.

* Tank Hunter's Anti-Tank grenade now deals 120/80 damage before Men against Tank upgrade, and 150/100 damage after.
* Guards' Anti-Tank grenade now deals 150/100 damage.
* PTRDs rifle deflection damage reduced from 0.5 to 0.2.

Additional Notes
There's a planned small OPTIONAL update to replace Traditional Chinese for Simplified Chinese. Stay tuned.

P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

Why does the mortar loose its damage over larger distances? Do all mortars loose damage over long distances? If so why? That doesn't make much sense.

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Packer - - 494 comments

Yeah I agree, I'd though it would be the opposite if anything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dave27 - - 262 comments

The mortar round would do the same damage regardless of range. If you want to prove me wrong try hitting one on the floor next to you :P

Also have you bothered to put in an extra easy mode yet so casual players who don't play it online get to play without being destroyed in first 6 minutes?

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blackbishop Author
blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

That's correct, in RL a clean shot of a mortar deals the same damage at any distance, however in CoH the physics rules don't apply(or at least not as strict as in RL :P).

About the "extra easy" mode, the difficult settings are more or less the same, have you tried the AI in 1.510?

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

So there is no way, reason or motive to make it like in real life?

Your answer is annoying to be honest :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LordDz - - 225 comments

It's a game and balanced around that fact.
If balancing mortars so they deal less damage over range and become less of a annoying factor, they're balancing it good.

Balance > realism :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
blargtroll - - 308 comments

same here, i prefer balance over realism. if you want realism, then make a mod that's more realistic.

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LethalDosage - - 312 comments

The Damage stats listed above are for the AoE (Area of Effect), that is the damage done around the mortar impact. It is not the damage done by the projectile based on the distance from the mortar team. It's from the mortar impact. Naturally the closer you stand to an exploding mortar shell, the more 'damage' you'll take from the explosive and fragmentation. I'd say it'd be pretty safe to assume that a guy standing next to an exploding mortar shell will be in a world of hurt compared to a guy standing 50m away.

All weapons ingame that fire a projectile (not MGs and infantry weapons) have the damage dealth from the projectile's impact. The actual weapons' Damage is dealt to the entity it hits, but does not decrease the further the target is from the shooter. The AoE Damage is dealt to the area surrounding the projectile when it strikes the entity, and the damage done to any surrounding entities decreases the further they are from the projectile.

It's not possible to have any projectile do less damage the further it is from the shooter, many factors like accuracy and penetration can be set to decrease the further the target is from the shooter (and it is the penetration decreasing that causes hits to a tank to simply bounce off, etc.) however mortars ingame are set to have 100% penetration over all distances. So no matter how far the target is from the mortar team, a direct hit to an entity will still deal full damage, doesn't matter if it hits a soldier or a King Tiger, its the AoE damage to nearby entities that make mortars and other forms of artillery useful, and that is what they've listed as being adjusted above.

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

If a mortar round lands 50m from the mortar, it would kill everybody within 10m.
If a mortar round lands 100m from the mortar, it would kill everybody within 10m.
If a mortar round lands 150m from the mortar, it would kill everybody within 10m.

That is the point that I am making, and your wall of text is rather confusing and useless(?)

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Broreale - - 1 comments

Uh, did you read? He just said it affected the distance from the explosion, not from the shooter. Why don't you pay attention to that wall of text instead of waiting for your turn to blather?

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GamesAreFunOk - - 132 comments

pretty please? :D

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dude3141 - - 108 comments

ok thanks

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